Innocent Photos of Chemtrailing over the Netherlands, May 2014

Although the phenomenon known as “chemtrails” remains a taboo for a large portion of the general public, due to censorship by the governments and the establishment press, the fact is that chemtrails nevertheless are real. Unfortunately, as it is the case with every other taboo multiple fabrications and false explanations surround the actual facts, further blurring the real agenda behind the taboo.

Chemtrails, following a certain agenda that is linked to Agenda 21 and geo-engineering (engineering of the climate on Earth), are used to alter the climate regionally in certain parts of the world. Of course, since the climate anywhere on Earth is interconnected with the climate anywhere else on the planet these chemtrails have an impact on the global climate and environment.

It is documented that the US army sprayed “radioactive particles” over St. Louis and Corpus Christi during the 1950s and ’60s, it is documented that global chemtrail secrets have already been revealed, it is documented that thorium oxide is at least mentioned in patents for geo-engineering and it is documented that Greenpeace completely refuses to discuss chemtrails – even when it has been proven that chemtrails are a hazard for the environment and the human health. All of this can therefore, without any doubt or exceptions, be categorized under “global weather manipulation for profits and power.”

So it is certainly worth it to take a look at some innocent photos whenever these come along because then we have an unbiased cameraman who is taking pictures without the intention to use them for any other purpose than recording an innocent event.

One such event is the 2014 Woodlands Festival in Schoorl, the Netherlands. It’s an annual festival organized by and for the youth, this year’s edition took place on May 31.

schoorl, the netherlands, chemtrails, festival

The following pictures were taken on May 31, during that festival in the Netherlands for the sole purpose of documenting the kids their fun and pleasant day. Blowing bubbles and playing around, things that all normal and healthy kids do, or at least should be doing.

Unfortunately, the pictures also captured an environmental hazard, chemtrails. You can see that most of the chemtrails have already turned into a haze. Although the festival was a success and the kids were quite happy, they were unaware what had been developing in the air far above their heads. All the more reason to document this for them so they can consult this information in the future, as they grow up in an engineered climate and society.

schoorl, the netherlands, chemtrails, festival

schoorl, the netherlands, chemtrails, festival

schoorl, the netherlands, chemtrails, festival

schoorl, the netherlands, chemtrails, festival

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