Shooting at Jewish Museum: Belgian Political Vultures Unfold Real Agenda

To no surprise at all and right on schedule the political vultures in the Belgian and EU governments are opening the curtains that once kept hidden their real agenda. Whether or not the shooting in the Brussels jewish museum was triggered on purpose is yet to be proven but for now that is not really important because the vultures have descended and are currently feeding of the carcass.

We have discussed this matter previously in our earlier update(s) that the Belgian government, under intense pressure of the Belgian Israel lobby, was using the terms “antisemitic” and “terrorism” on purpose and without any valid evidence to back up such claims, solely to further the long awaited unfolding of their dark agenda. Also in Belgium, amongst the vulture politicians in all parties, the saying goes “don’t let a crisis go to waste.” And so it is the case in Belgium, the heart of the fascist EU.

It’s been only a week since the shooting occurred but all registers have been opened up already to finally fully implement their US-Israeli like prison state. Belgium was one of the very last countries in Europe that until a while ago was still quite hospitable to its own and the foreign population. But all that has now changed for ever and there’s no sign that it will ever become any better.

Most people in Belgium have now to blame no one but themselves, they have chosen this path and they have constantly accepted the corruption and deception in their country. Now that the prison state is further unfolding the Belgians should not be complaining at all. They’ve got what they wanted. Enough time has passed and plenty of opportunities have come along that allowed the turning around of the situation but time and again the Belgians were too busy shopping for junk they don’t need and too busy pointing fingers at foreigners for the mess that was created domestically. All that has served the political vultures pretty well. After all, their agenda is further unfolding and the Belgians their freedom is further melting away and they even applaud it too, that is the absolute insanity about this all.

The mayor of Antwerp has requested that, since Belgium is allegedly from now on under permanent terror threat, paramilitary commando units be deployed in his city to protect the jewish community. Not the other citizens living in Antwerp, no they obviously don’t deserve extra protection it seems, only the jewish community does. It’s not that this is actually necessary to go commando in Belgium. After all, the alleged shooter at the jewish museum in Brussels was trained by and fought in the ranks of the ISIL, an Al Qaeda faction that is sponsored and steered by the UNEI-Saudi (US/NATO/EU/Israel) alliance of which Belgium is certainly a central member. The only ones that actually should be put under commando surveillance are the governments of the UNEI-Saudi alliance because it is they who are the real terrorists and high-level criminals and thugs. The UNEI-Saudi alliance is the real threat to the world, not the muslim extremists because most of those people merely fight this band of war criminals. They merely oppose the imperial expansion of the US, the EU, NATO and Israel.

A week after the shooting also the Belgian minister of internal affairs, Joëlle Milquet, has already come out stating that a European passengers information database will be further developed to monitor departing and arriving Syria fighters who come from or live in Europe. She claims this is necessary to guarantee more security in Europe and this database should be created following the US’ lead and example in their war on terror. She states that she “understands the nice ideas concerning privacy protection” but according to the Belgian minister of internal affairs “things have changed” now.

Damn right that things have changed! Never before in modern times has this world seen such a terror alliance like the UNEI. Never before in modern times have national governments openly joined forces to commit terrorism themselves all over the world. Never before in modern times were there so many rogue governments united in efforts to dominate the world by murdering and terrorizing the people that they should be serving. Never before in modern times have the people of the entire world been subjected to an iron murdering fist of an imperialistic band of high-level criminals and thugs. Yes, things have indeed changed Milquet! You are now officially the UNEI’s geisha and political mouthpiece prostitute. You literally love it both ways now don’t you? Your actions and words obviously make it appear you do. Damn you and your male counterparts in office! Damn all of you!

Of course, the envisaged and soon to be implemented security measures in Belgium and the rest of Europe will not apply to the band of UNEI thugs and their geisha, no these will only apply to the people. The ones who pay taxes. You see, the UNEI criminals are above the law now. They get away with anything, even murder and in the case of the Belgian prime minister Elio di Rupo they also get away with having sex with minors. Sexual interaction with 15-year-old boys. That is called pedophilia my man but it doesn’t matter because the dirt bags are in power and they rule the world now. That is the current state of affairs, also in Belgium.

In stead of implementing all these silly and useless “security measures” against terrorists that by the way the UNEI alliance has created themselves on purpose, why not choose the easy way out? Why not just bring to justice the UNEI alliance? Why not just put on trial Netanyahu for the murdering in and occupying of Palestine? Why not just bring to justice Bush and Blair for war crimes in Iraq and the rest of the Middle East? Why not bring to justice Elio di Rupo for having sex with 15-year-old gay boys [1, 2]? Why not bring to justice mister peace prize Barry Soetoro Obama for drone bombing innocent people to death in Afghanistan and Pakistan? Why not bring to justice the UN and their crooks for pedophilia, war crimes, genocide, forced prostitution and human trafficking? Why not bring to justice the Israeli government for its part in government-sponsored acts of terror and their involvement in 9/11 and 3/11? Why not? Why not bring to justice the catholic church for running pedophile rings all over the world? Why not bring to justice the US, the EU and NATO for the 1.5 million deaths at their hands? What is there to fear but justice?

So, if you have not left Belgium yet you may want to consider this option very seriously while you still can. Get out of there, leave it behind and start a new life far away from the EU and US mainlands. Those places are doomed and the walls of the prison state are closing in on the people fast. If you have property in the west, sell it now. Have money in the bank there? Withdraw it all today. Leave hell while you can or be doomed for ever. And should you really want to stay in Belgium, Europe or even the US then better throw out the political vultures right now. Tomorrow may be already too late.