Chemtrails and Your Health: The Implications of Trimethyl Aluminum (TMA)

In response to our article “Innocent Photos of Chemtrailing over the Netherlands, May 2014,” several readers have sent us questions regarding the chemtrail phenomenon. All the answers to these questions can easily be found when readers actually click on the links that are embedded in the text of that article, such as:

However, should there still be more questions that remain unanswered then it may serve you well to read and view:

One particular question that was sent in has not yet properly been answered in the listed articles above. That question is about whether or not regular passenger airliners are being used for chemtrailing and if so how it is done.

The answer is actually quite simple. To the jet fuel of (commercial) airliners several chemicals are in many cases, if not all, added to improve the ignition of the fuel because at high altitudes flame-out occurs in the jet engines when no additives are added. To overcome this, chemicals such as trimethyl aluminum (TMA) are added to the jet fuel.

However, the use of trimethyl aluminum is not without danger or implications. This chemical is a serious hazard to the human health and the environment. This can be confirmed even with official documents and publications such as:

In the case of the New Jersey Department of Health they also state that “trimethyl aluminum has not been tested for its ability to cause cancer in animals.” About trimethyl aluminum’s ability to cause cancer in humans nothing specific is stated, thus suggesting that according to this department of health no tests have been conducted or the results of such tests have not been published yet. The document is a in 2000 revised publication of the 1986 original. the document contiues: “Trimethyl aluminum has not been tested for its ability to affect reproduction … trimethyl aluminum has not been tested for other chronic (long-term) health effects.”

The UCLA document states that trimethylaluminum (TMA) “decomposes into irritating dust that may cause liver and kidney damage … Residual dusts have been implicated in kidney and liver damage in laboratory animals.

Trimethyl aluminum is also used by NASA in jet stream studies:  Trimethyl aluminum “forms milky, white clouds that allow those on the ground to ‘see’ the winds in space and track them with cameras.”

Knowing very well that trimethyl aluminum poses a hazard to the human health and the environment, the use of this chemical for such studies is therefore irresponsible at best because there always is residual fallout from such experiments, as good as NASA’s intentions may possibly be.

Trimethyl aluminum, greenpeace

In addition to the impact on the environment and health, a matter that is constantly being censored even by Greenpeace who also completely ignores the whole chemtrail matter on purpose [2] which is no surprise at all because they also censor the truth about Fukushima, trimethyl aluminum is also a semiconductor, thus quite appropriate for amplification of signals, switching, and energy conversion. These qualities are very useful for global geo-engineering and for other more intense and local applications such as controlling, steering, and enhancing of hurricanes and weather systems; triggering of earthquakes and volcano eruptions to name only a few. These applications are not fiction, “owning the weather by 2025 (USAF)” and former US secretary of defense William S. Cohen already discussed and admitted this openly in the 1990s.

Real examples of such applications in practice are: “Frankenstorm” Sandy (USA), the 3/11 tsunami/earthquake (Japan), Mexico’s March 20, 2012, earthquake and typhoon Hayan/Yolanda (Philippines), among others.

Should anyone wonder if the WWF has something valuable to say about trimethyl aluminum, rest assured… they don’t! And just like the UN, the EU and Greenpeace the WWF censors the truth about Fukushima. Anything about chemtrails at the WWF? No, not a single word.

Trimethyl aluminum, wwf

So, as we have listed earlier in the provided links, CO2 emission caused by human activity is not the reason why the climate on Earth changes. When you still have doubts about it, read this too.

The reason why chemtrailing and other geo-engineering activities occur is purely for the military and multinational corporations to control the weather for warfare, power and profits. It’s really as simple as that. All the other reasons such as “to stop climate change” are pure garbage and are favorite narratives of the secretive United Nations.