Tar Sand Oil: EU Alarmism on CO2 Pollution Fantasy Contradicts the EU’s Oil Trade Practices

Except for conscious folks who know all too well that the fabricated story about the so-called CO2 pollution is nothing but a corporate fantasy bubble, brainwashed man made climate change alarmists will once again have a hard time explaining yet another obvious piece of evidence that they indeed are fighting the wrong battle.

It has been pointed out countless times [1, 2, 3] already that the whole world is being held hostage in one of the biggest global frauds of all time, one that is on par with the intentionally triggered financial crash of 2007 [1, 2] which just like the climate change religion is generating billions of dollars and euros for a select few financiers like Bill Gates, for false prophets and criminal institutions like the EU and the UN.

It’s not that it is bad that the European Union is buying oil from Al Qaeda, a group of UNEI mercenaries that the EU labels as terrorists but also funds and supports. After all, the emission of CO2 is not poisonous for the environment although the business partners in this deal are questionable on both sides to say the least. In fact, it documents in a quite robust manner how fabricated and deceptive all the bold statements are when it comes to man made global warming and the war on terror.

While the obedient herd of man made climate change alarmists remain clueless how to explain or even defend the UN’s, the EU’s, the WWF’s and Greenpeace’s stances on several topics like Fukushima 3/11, chemtrails and Al Gore’s PFTBA in his fuel cells, why the UN operates in secret in relation to climate scandals or why several climategate cases [1, 2, 3] remain underreported, the misguided alarmists are once again faced with a daunting task.

While the EU proclaims to be fighting carbon emissions allegedly to protect the world from climate change, as it is stated on their own website (even though NASA and first-graders know better) the EU is once again entangled in practices that completely contradict what the EU actually pontificates. Given the fascist-communist nature of the European Union that is not really surprising but the EU and their loyal alarmists will still have to explain why the EU is allowing and even encouraging the import of and trade in tar sand oil.

Yesterday, June 9, RT.com reported on a major shipment of tar sand oil that had recently arrived at the Spanish port of Bilbao. The crude oil had been transported with UNICOM’s Aleksey Kosygin oil tanker. Tar sand oil, according to the EU’s own Fuel Quality Directive, has a “carbon footprint [that is] higher than the carbon footprint of conventional oil.” Tar sand oil has been classified by the EU as “25 percent more pollutive” than other forms of crude oil, according to RT. How can the EU in an honest and credible fashion clarify this conflicting situation without losing face and grace? Of course they won’t because the EU knows that most people hardly pay any attention.

UNICOM, who operates the oil tanker Aleksey Kosygin, the Cyprus Shipping Chamber and the EU work together intimately at least since the creation of the Technology Platform for Maritime and Marine Research Innovation and Training (PTMB). This alleged “technology platform” was launched for the purpose of defining and implementing the EU’s maritime “Blue Book” policies including for climate change. Thus, it is highly unlikely that the public will ever get any real and meaningful answers from either parties when it comes to tar sand oil trade and transportation because the PTMB is actually a private club even though the EU proclaims to be serving the public and even though the PTMB is publicly chaired by Italy’s minister of infrastructure and transport.

According to it’s website “the PTMB was officially launched in Rome on 18 May 2009 – as a side event around the European Maritime Day celebrations. … The role of the PTMB is aimed at establishing a common platform for dialogue between all relevant stakeholders from the Mediterranean and Black Seas … as well as at contributing to the appropriate allocation of necessary financial resources.”

Another participant in the PTMB is the Bulgarian Ship Hydrodynamics Centre, a NATO program partner.

Cyprus Shipping Chamber: “The aim of the Chambers … is to help steer discussions and develop projects that will benefit Cyprus Shipping and … the Chambers members.”

Just like several similar think thanks and conference platforms such as the Club of Rome, Bilderberg and the Trilateral Commission where the EU and dominant corporations are always represented so too is the PTMB a club for a select few where public opinion, including on climate change, is being steered and hatched and funds are being allocated from and to members of the select club.

It is exactly because of such think thanks and conference platforms, about which Jane and John Doe know nothing about, that the corporative global governance alliance has been able to get away unpunished with all their deception and fabricated realities that have already resulted in the successful implementation of CO2 taxes across the world. Taxes that in no way contribute to the protection of the environment at all. The sole purpose of these taxes is to line the pockets of those who have established the illegal tax schemes. It’s really as simple as that. The climate alarmists can’t possibly defend these facts because it would mean the end of their religion and the end of their false prophets’ reigns. The climate alarmists also can’t possibly debunk these facts because that’s why it are actual facts and not false gospels.