Depression, ADHD and the Psychotizing of Next Generations

Truth Sector

Just moments ago today August 29 – 9.49 am local time, I was finalizing my translation of a by Belgian Pharmacist Fernand Haesbrouck written document dated November 17, 2009 about the deception revolving around serotonin deficiency and how it is wrongfully being blamed for depressions, by big pharma and governments in order for them to be able to freely drug and compulsively psychotize their patients and population.

He drew attention to his 2009 work in his most recent newsletter of August 28, 2014, in which he also referenced the latest publication in Science Daily, regarding serotonin deficiency.

That translation has been deleted right under my nose on this internet cafe PC as I was saving a draft of it, I kid you not. Why would a translation of such a publication forcefully be taken offline and deleted? Who in any event has the mission and tools to enforce this censoring remotely? Could it be the same guys as those who duplicate Gmail accounts and syphon the communication to their data bases?

I have no time to redo the translation and editing because I am on my way now to document once again how fluoride toothpaste is being forced upon the general public, in the store shelves in the Philippines – of course purely under great pressure from and due to insane lobbying by big pharma and multinational cartels.