Bizarre Photos of the 2014 Ebola Campaign


The more one looks into the ebola outbreak of 2014 the more bizarre the whole situation becomes. The same counts for the accompanying photos made available in the press and online media since March 2014.

But one of the most telling pictures from my point of view is one in which we see an United Nations employee standing in the middle of the then locked down town of Dolo in Liberia. While the UN is claiming that the current ebola outbreak is even more dangerous than any other before we see this guy walking around completely unprotected in a quarantined zone. Of all people and organizations involved, whether criminal like the UN or not, we should be able to expect the best practices and examples of the UN itself. It is after all they who have branded the alleged current ebola outbreak as an international health crisis. From this pair of boots in the following picture however one would not come to the same conclusion.