Back by Popular Demand: Truth News International!

September 29, 2015. After jumping around from here to there [1, 2], writing for some other websites and digging deeper into the subversion of the once called “truth movement” I decided to have a look at the status of the Truth News International website and mailbox today.

Surprised and stunned? Yes, I surely was. Honestly, I never imagined to find several 100s of personal emails (spam not included) that were waiting for me there. About half of the mails concern news items and developments that I already covered here and on other websites I wrote for in the past year or so but the other half contains great new leads, wonderful tips and personal situations from readers who either wanted to share their personal stories and work with me or who are asking about the future of TNI.

At first I really didn’t see any such future at all. I had announced earlier that the TNI website had been archived and was no longer going to produce new content. Now, that was until I took a look at the website statistics for the TNI website. Apparently the website is still popular and has been, increasingly, for more than a year. All the while the last exclusive content published on TNI dates back to June 10, 2014.

Even without fresh content coming from TNI the website has been receiving more than 40,000 linked in visits, i.e. coming from referrers. Practically a same amount of direct visits is also reflected in the stats. Both are from the last 364 days, or more than 200 visits per day. Not bad for a website that has been dormant for almost 16 months.

Admitted, compared to the biggest sites out there the TNI stats are hardly worth it to be called news material and the TNI website is indeed dwarfed by many. Nonetheless the numbers are what they are.

When I compare the stats with the other sites I published at during the past year those stats combined are not even close to TNI’s stats. Even as a dormant site.

So where does this leave me? What to do with TNI?

True, I’ve written before that the site was archived and that due to prior partnerships that eventually turned out to be tainted I had decided to no longer keep TNI active but the cards have been reshuffled now. Those who have followed me from here to there, and back, know what has happened. Who were involved in those tainted partnerships and I have called them all out over it and in the process none have even attempted to save their buts and faces.

Given the consistent popularity of TNI and the fact that the resistance is in need of strong components who dare to oppose both media blocks and their gatekeepers the only acceptable and reasonable conclusion is to relaunch TNI and dedicate my time to this website only.

I started TNI in March of 2013, as a truther rookie. Along the way I and many others have successfully handled, for ourselves, two extreme situations. The first one being to become aware of the true world out there. The second being to become aware of the deep deception that is consuming and misguiding the bigger part of the activists who rely on the “alternative media.”

Both experiences have had their impact and continue to do so, both personally and societal. Still, the longer one observes the situation the clearer it becomes that we truly are in need of more firing power in this war for the minds and the truth.

For me and TNI? Well, it kind of feels like coming home with a huge load of baggage acquired along the way. What is one to do with all this baggage and these experiences that have enriched mine and others their minds and lives? Surely, throwing it all away would be a shame and a waste of time and effort.

So, I present to you the new Truth News International, TNI at its best. A legacy in the making.

I thank everyone who has been referring to TNI during the time it was pretty much inactive, you have kept TNI alive, unconditionally. Resistance at its finest!