Paris Attacks: Mocking the Mainstream Narrative, Willingly… You Retards!


OK that’s it! I’ve had it with the press and the governments their ‘Paris mind games.’

  • Daily Mail: For security reasons we can not name the name of this pizzeria being shot at by a real-life terrorist who was not on the UNEI terror alliance’s payroll.

The name of that pizzeria is La Casa Nostra. What’s the big deal in trying to keep the name from the public you Daily Mail retards? You’re a disgrace to journalism, the lowest of the lowest cockroach reporters that’s what you are and I hope you lose a lot of readership and your jobs over your infotainment garbage.

At the Comptoir Voltaire a bomb went off. Show me any damage caused by that bomb!! Show me any carnage, show me any blood or gore from the alleged terrorist who blew himself up, show me any light bulb that didn’t make it through the explosion. There’s NONE and I challenge you specifically USA Today to bring me some hard pictures of your imaginary bombing there and I challenge you to call this witness (Sébastien) a lying piece of trash for claiming that the Bataclan “terrorists” weren’t wearing any bomb vest or belt at all. Tell him he is a fool and liar. Shove your bomb vest evidence under his nose if you dare, I challenge you! Go on now, do it!


Look at the Comptoir Voltaire. The menu board is still standing and not a scratch on the windows. Must have been some kind of a bomb that it couldn’t even knock over a silly menu board. Oh but wait the bomb was inside, right? I don’t think so, the lights there are still on, undamaged.

See that CSI guy standing there at that table? Bet he’s drawing himself a nice line of cocaine. That’s a narrative that at least would be easier to believe than claiming that a bomb went of in this scene.

And here, near the Bonne Biere cafe, the “terrorists” shot on one of their own, a kebab store. How believable is that?!