Belgian Right Wing Party Wants Database with Fingerprints of All 11 Million Citizens, Freemasons-Linked Liberals Block the Initiative.


As a result of the Paris FALSE FLAG attacks the Belgian right wing extremists, N-VA, have proposed to create a database that holds the fingerprints of all 11 million Belgian citizens, including all minors and children –  branding the initiative as “the beginning of a real culture of security.”

The initiative, however, was blocked by one of the most prominent Freemasons-linked parties of Belgium, Open VLD (liberal democrats), who stated that such a database is a “disproportionate idea.” Make no mistake about it though, the Freemasons-linked collective is not guarding the rights of the Belgian citizens. They merely protect their own interests. For it would be very inconvenient to also have all the fingerprints of all the politicians in that same database – providing access to it for truthful law enforcers who are investigating high level and high profile crimes in which they undoubtedly (have) encounter(ed) fingerprints of dubious figures who are professionally active in the highest layers of politics in Belgium, the EU, NATO and the UN. How could it be any different?

Note that the database idea comes from a party and party leader, Bart de Wever (N-VA), who consider the 9/11 false flag attacks in the US as real arab terrorist attacks, in which the US and Israeli governments didn’t stage anything fraudulent at all. Aside from this, not surprisingly, the same party has been strengthening its ties with zionist figures and the Belgian zionist movement as a whole at least since the false flag attack in the Brussels jewish museum.

Although the database idea has been blocked (for now), the Belgian government has already decided that “radicalized persons” will receive an ID-card with fingerprints, following similar guidelines for new international passports.

Now the questions are of course: Who is deemed a radicalized person by the Belgian government?

And: Is this a step towards the UN’s universal biometric ID for everyone on this planet by lets say, 2030? Are these false flag attacks being used to further expand the already existing police states on this prison planet? YES and YES!