Africa’s Problems: “Increasing Presence of White Soldiers, Biological Warfare, Liquidity Dumping” – Mawuna Remarque Koutonin


By Mawuna Remarque Koutonin

There are huge positive transformations happening on the continent.

The first one is the increasing level of self-confidence and assertiveness of the people.

The second is the demographic renaissance. Africa is an empty continent which desperately needs population.

The third is mass education. Tough the quality is still low, for the first time skills to solve local problems is the focus.

There are few big threats, mainly external. The increasing presence of white soldiers armies from christian countries creating military bases around the continent for dubious reasons. The second is the biological warfare, which is made through vaccination programs conducted by dubious NGOs and United Nations agencies like UNICEF, WHO, etc.

The third is liquidity dumping, which is printing money by foreign central banks, that’s given it to foreign corporations which use it to secure real assets like lands, mines and equity into the most successful local companies.

Another threat is bad leadership and corruption. Pervasive corruption is making ordinary people lives a hell. Most of our states became predatory governments with officials sucking life out of everything.

A lot need to be done for Africa to recover its past glory. Small steps but steady progress is on the way. We should just make sure not to make the same errors our ancestors made which brought us so much misery for so long.