Forced Education from France… in Togo – Mawuna Remarque Koutonin


By Mawuna Remarque Koutonin

A month ago kids were back to school in Togo.

I went with a friend to the bookstore to take the books the school requested the parents to buy for their six years old kids.

The books are the same as for French kids in France and all the books are bought in France and imported to Togo.

The intention of the school is to make Togo kids to be like French kids. And, the expectations of parents sending their kids to such school is to make their kids to be like French kids.

Here is a pictures of the books we’ve got, and a list of all books requested by the school. They are all written by French authors for French kids, but imported to Togo by Togolese schools to teach Togo kids in a completely different environment.

That’s how we are paying for our own alienation.

We still unable to write books for our kids. What kind of people tell alien culture stories to educate their kids.