“When Africans Talk About Their Issues .. They Are Met with Dubious Comments” – Mawuna Remarque Koutonin


By Mawuna Remarque Koutonin

When Americans talk about their problems like terrorism, invasion of Mexicans, Chinese aggressive expansion, Russian resurgence, Israeli stubbornness, French unpredictability as ally, their dying manufacturing power, etc. no one says Americans are whiners or should stop complaining all the time.

When Europeans talk about their old dying population, their issues with immigration, their struggle with massive youth unemployment, their never ending internal bloody wars, and terrorism, etc. no one says Europeans are whiners, or should stop complaining.

When Africans talk about their issues like bad leadership, the continuous aggressive nature of Europeans, the lasting effects of slavery and 19 and 20th centuries white terrorism in Africa, the IMF and World bank destructive policies, the struggle of Africans to unite against external threats, etc. they are met with dubious comments like “stop complaining, we should look in the future, what is it for to talk about these problems, blablabla bloobloobloo”.

Don’t listen to these people. They are bullies. They want to bully you into silence about your problems and suffering. If you do, they would end up saying “you enjoy suffering, and that’s the reason why you are silent”.

Africans should act to solve their problems, but action don’t take away your right to speak out about our continent issues, spell out the evil doers, and name the diseases affecting our communities.

Don’t let the bullies define you. Don’t be afraid to speak out against evil. Talking is part of our collective therapy. The bullies know that, and wish to silence you.