Attack on Radisson Blu Hotel, Mali, Claimed by THREE Organizations…

This is a perfect example of how the French government for instance can make the world believe anything it wants. Allegedly, so far there have been three organizations that have claimed responsibility for last Friday’s attack on the Radisson Blu hotel in Mali.

First al-Mourabitoun claimed the attack, then Al Qaeda and now, allegedly, also the Massina Liberation Front has claimed the attacks.

It shows how easy it is to fool the world through the press. It is exactly for reasons like this that I refuse to believe, aside from all the evidence, that the Paris attacks were by ISIS.

After reading Mawuna Remarque Koutonin report on France’s colonial pact with 14 African countries (including Mali) I find it very easy to believe that the French government for instance has falsely been claiming the Mali attacks in name of the above mentioned organizations.

The UNEI terror alliance is clearly rubbing it in your faces, that they, along with Israel and the US, are running the terror show and most folks just buy all the crap and lies as it all comes along.