Paris Attacks: A Friday-the-13th Zionist Lie Machine Exposed!


Here’s a nice piece of work! How about showing this to the entire general public for a change.

The zionist lie machine, Times of Israel, has been caught in the act of trying to erase all traces that could lead awake citizens to uncover that indeed there was foreknowledge in the ranks of the zionists about their own Paris false flag attacks that were not carried out by ISIS.

Times of Israel, November 14, 2015:

“Just Friday morning [the day of the attacks], security officials in France’s Jewish community were informed of the very real possibility of an impending large terrorist attack in the country, according to Jonathan-Simon Sellem, a freelance journalist and a representative of French citizens in Israel.”


Times of Israel, November 20, 2015, same article:

“Just Friday morning [the day of the attacks], security officials in France’s Jewish community were informed of the very real possibility of an impending large terrorist attack in the country, according to Jonathan-Simon Sellem, a freelance journalist and a representative of French citizens in Israel.”



ODIGO… ANYONE?????!!!!!


Story about Death of Paris Attacks “Mastermind,” Abdelhamid Abaaoud, is False!


The press and the Belgian and French governments have since a few days seriously been screwing up their narrative regarding their well-planned UNEI terror plot for Paris [1, 2, 3].

So it is the case for the following as well:

It was claimed by several French press outlets on November 18, last Wednesday, that the raid in Saint-Denis, France, was to capture Abdelhamid Abaaoud, the alleged mastermind of the Paris attacks. But those same French news outlets also claimed that Abaaoud was not in the apartment that was being raided, with over 5,000 bullets being fired that day in a matter of an hour.

The raid allegedly lasted 7 hours and before the raid was over, before the French police was able to enter the apartment – the Belgian government already had announced the death of Abdelhamid Abaaoud, which is impossible since the raid was not yet finished and since the local press in France had reported that the guy was not present there.

abaaoud, de standaard
“According to several French media outlets the target of the raid, Abdelhamid Abaaoud, was not in the building during the raid.” – De Standaard

Then the next day the official government statement in France about the raid said that Abdelhamid Abaaoud was killed during the raid and his mutilated body had to be identified using fingerprints of the alleged body.

Now, today, that same official story has changed and suddenly the body was identified through “skin samples”, no longer through fingerprints. It is to say though, in the French and Belgian press they are running with the “fingerprint” version of the story and in all the other foreign press they are running with the “skin sample” version.

Kind of like saying that the raid in Syria on Abu Sayyaf was real while presenting the world with two different pictures of two different persons!!


I knew from the very first moment of the raid in Saint-Denis, on Wednesday, that the following narrative, as it is today would be false since I had already been reading the French and Belgian reports of Abaaoud not being there.

Until I see the “mutilated” body and the fingerprints and the skin samples, I am inclined to say that Abaaoud is not dead and that he has been given a free pass in return for more Gladio attacks in Europe.

In other news…

Gladio in Africa: “Burundi has accused Belgium of links to opposition groups it blames for a spate of killings.”

Why the Attacks in Paris Were Not by “ISIS”


There are two very good reasons why one is to conclude that the attacks of Friday the 13th of November were not carried out by alleged ISIS gangsters but by paid UNEI operatives.

  1. There was not a single ISIS flag at any crime scene. None! Zero! That is one major detail that the masterminds have overlooked. ISIS and even the fake ISIS distributed by Rita Katz always make it very clear with a flag that it is ISIS talking to you or leaving a message. No flag here though, not even a single, cheap black and white print out. Even Charlie Hebdo had one and there they were shooting with blanks.
  2. Apparently the shooters didn’t want to be photographed or filmed, if we are to believe this alleged witness account: “I was trying to catch them on my camera phone but the gunman saw the light on my mobile and I ducked down behind the wall as they fired at my hotel. The gunman calmly reloaded his weapon several times. He then shot up at the windows in the street to make sure nobody was filming anything or taking photographs.”

If you were a real terrorist from ISIS and wanted to leave a message you would surely want everyone to film you and take pictures of you, after all that’s what  will make you a hero in the eyes of your fellow terrorist friends, isn’t it?

That’s what would make you feel important and successful and cool and insanely funky. For an event like this and with alleged terrorists like that, no pictures and no video footage equals to “IT NEVER HAPPENED” and that’s what you really want to avoid so you will insist on pictures being taken. What’s the point of it all when there are no bloody and gory scare photos that will make sure that your escapade is being registered in history for next generations to study about and fear for?

Western-Orchestrated Attacks in Paris


Here’s what people need to remember about the attacks in Paris on Friday the 13th of November 2015.

Update 3 November 18, 2015

Hoax, False Flag, …?

Obviously there’s a lot of speculation going on right now about Paris but I am 99% convinced that real people did actually die that day, November 13. I have investigated the Belgian media more than any other nation’s media and I fully control the Dutch language, this certainly has helped me so far to get a clear look inside of all the reports and responses.

Still, that the “official” narrative is not the full truth, that should not even be doubted. Of course it is not.

For instance, about the bombings/bomb vests. I have yet to see clear damage of actual bombs that went off that night in Paris. All we have so far are alleged sounds of blasts, to be heard on videos but none of the supposed explosions have been filmed or photographed all the while there must have been at least 500 mobile phones present at the Bataclan alone. Furthermore, there is a prominent witness (Sébastien) claiming that the shooters in the Bataclan weren’t wearing bomb vests or belts and that witness account seriously undermines the official story. As does the lack of actual documentation of any bombs going off.

Note that when a bomb goes off, especially in a cafe, bar or restaurant, lights and windows are one of the first things that get destroyed, yet none of this is to be witnessed in Paris. The bar(s) where the bombs allegedly went off all still have their windows and lighting in good condition aside from some bullet holes of which the origin is also still not clear.

Like I said, real people did die there in Paris but it is becoming more than likely that indeed the government(s) knew of the plot in advance (if they even weren’t part of it) and also the fact that there were emergency exercises going on that day proves this. This has become a hallmark for false flag events.

I have a hard time however to feel sorry for all the victims, as cruel as that may sound, simply because of the fact that I am sure that most if not all of them wouldn’t even try to listen and understand when you try to explain to them that their very own government is the reason for their deaths. I am quite sure, from experience, that most of the people who got killed on November 13 would never feel sorry for the Syrians, for instance, that their own (French,…) government is bombing without any valid reason. Unfortunately, maybe this is the only way to make the sleeping sheeple understand the reality of this world, that life is greater and far more complicated than what they want to see on the TV.

In fact I’m quite sure that of all the victims in Paris you wouldn’t even find 0.01% of people who can successfully be woken up to the reality of the UNEI terror alliance of which their precious French government is an important part.

Either way though, France had this one coming and if there was even one real attacker that day with the intent to give France a message for all the deaths it has been causing then I can’t honestly say that that person is evil to the same extent as the government of France is. Sure, killing innocent people is never right but when your fellow brothers  and sisters have been bombed and slaughtered by foreign armies for no reasons whatsoever then what are you supposed to do?

And it are these kinds of people that the UNEI terror alliance has been funding all along but that would never get into the minds of the victims in Paris and for that they have now paid the price, as cruel as that may sound.

People don’t understand that this is not a game, that invading foreign lands has consequences, that voting for filthy politicians in the west, like in France and Belgium, has consequences. You vote them into power? Fine, but along the way you will give your life too and you and your family won’t have any reasons to complain about it. You deserve the government that you allow to thrive.

Update 2 November 17, 2015

According to most media reports the shooters at the Bataclan opened fire upon entering the concert hall, they opened fire on the main level of the hall (where the concert was) but there are a few accounts that speak of shooters firing on the crowd from the balcony and it are these accounts that need to be investigated further because if the main suspects entered from the backside of the concert hall only then this means that we are dealing with other shooters who have so far been “forgotten” by the press and the French government.

Yet, another “witness” claims that the shooters entered the hall through the entrance under the balcony, where she was standing, so she couldn’t see the shooters. Along with 50 other persons she was able to escape through a window on the balcony- level of the Bataclan.

Were these shooters at the balcony part of the initial group of shooters or were they a separate group of operatives? What happened to these shooters on the balcony? So far there’s not a single mentioning of them in the press, aside from these few witness accounts.

Also at the “Batman shooting ” in the US, there were multiple shooters. Yet only one patsy has been focused on by the press and government officials and we know his future. Are we dealing with a similar situation here too, in Paris?

Update 1 November 17, 2015

Obviously someone other than the alleged shooters have been dragging bodies around in the Bataclan concert hall. One may honestly wonder why that is, if not for a dedicated photo shoot! Either way the crime scene has been tampered with, deliberately, all the while no medical units are attending any of the dead bodies.

November 16, 2015

  • As the site of annual fundraisers for the IDF,” the Bataclan concert hall was jewish owned allegedly until September 11, 2015, when the jewish owners sold the complex after being a family business for 40 years.
  • There were emergency exercises planned and going on on the same day of the actual attacks and these exercises included multi-site events practically identical to what has unfolded in Paris, on cue.
  • The heads of intel of the USA, France and Israel discussed these “spontaneous” events a mere two weeks prior to the attacks.
  • All the alleged suspects are dead, leaving no necessity for any trials that would reveal who ordered the attacks.
  • Hundreds of people were present during the “attacks” yet no one has made available any photos or videos that adequately document the shootings and bombings.
  • The fact that ISIS allegedly has claimed the attacks clearly shows that the UNEI (US, NATO, EU, Israel) terror apparatus was and is well aware of who is behind the attacks since ISIS is an UNEI invention with one of its main headquarters in Amman, Jordan, where the CIA and the Mossad daily meet and further plan the shipping of cool Toyotas and of rocket launchers made in the USA – after they have reviewed Rita Katz her next set of fake ISIS beheading videos, while still laughing their asses off for successfully fooling the world with the fake narrative about the Delta Force raid on Abu Sayyaf in Syria THAT NEVER HAPPENED.