The ISIS Beheading of James Wright Foley is FAKE!

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I saw the fake ISIS/ISIL video yesterday in which American journalist James Wright Foley was allegedly beheaded. Unfortunately my time online was up for the day and so I couldn’t publish anything about it at that time. Today’s budget will be spent on this topic.



War in Ukraine: Murder, Deception and the Blood on Israel’s Hands

Truth News International,,

Readers are sending us their questions regarding why it appears that we have not been following the unfolding events in Ukraine, at least that’s the perception they have since we have not published any updates on a regular basis. In contrast to other websites, blogs or even the establishment propaganda media.

The answer is actually pretty simple. We have already provided several updates, in which we give the actual state of affairs through other sources. 1) Video: Ukraine’s Brown Revolution; 2) Russian Political Analysts’ 2008 Forecasts: Obama to Start War over Crimea, Ukraine; 3) The Looting Of Ukraine Has Begun; 4) Deception in Ukraine: Israel and the Neo-Nazis.

As a result of the recent developments in Ukraine, as rightfully reported by Global Research and SCG News on May 5, regarding the murdering of at least 40 people in Odessa during the latest false flag frenzy we will publish an update on Ukraine of such nature that even the biggest alternative news outlets will find difficult to simply republish on their own online venues without getting red cheeks. As for the mainstream, establishment media, well lets just say it is completely impossible that the following description of the actual state of affairs in Ukraine will ever be granted to their audience, for if they did their venue will be taken down instantly and all sponsors and corporate partners will immediately retract all of their advertising investments.

We will not copy the whole reports about the brutal murder through deception that occurred in Odessa, Ukraine. Read the Global Research and SCG News reports when you want to have a look at the explicit photos and video material of burned bodies and people who were slaughtered like cattle.

Here we will focus on who is behind the deception and who is steering ALL SIDES in the Ukrainian conflict that is starting to manifest itself as an all-out (civil) war.

On one side of the manufactured conflict we have of course the US and EU governments who together will spend at least 20 billion dollars to destabilize Ukraine. The US’ 5 billion dollars to fracture the Ukrainian community, the EU’s 15 billion dollars to pull Ukraine into an endless stream of debt in order to get rid of its national sovereignty. Just like it has already done to each and every single nation within its current federation. This is public knowledge and easily verifiable online and even at mainstream websites when you read between the lines.

The US and EU governments of course have done so to open up the road for the IMF to come in and seize what is left by imposing additional loans of which one amounts to 17 billion dollars. This eventually to be able to add Ukraine’s resources to those already seized all over the world by the currently under construction world government of which you should have heard already. Consolidation of power and resources to the most extreme levels possible.

On another side we have the Russian government who also has invested large amounts already to get a driver’s seat position in the conflict. Those who think that Russian leader Putin is a savior are not informed and have been taken for a ride on the sidetrack. Although an old version of a USSR is hardly within reach considering the power of the internet and the slow but sure growing awareness of the general public, the Russian government is all for it to expand its territory once again. Like the US and the EU governments, the Russian government too is just another imperialist front and collective of psychopaths on escalating ego trips. After all, there are indeed good reasons why all sides of the aforementioned governments are listed for arrest.

Between the above sides, i.e. the perception that exists of a US-EU-NATO alliance being opposed to Russia, we have the people of Ukraine who’s country is being torn apart by invading corporate powers who couldn’t care less about the Ukrainians their well-being or future. We’re still witnessing the same in Greece and in Africa we have the same kind of imperialism that has never stopped of unfolding. Of course there China is also deeply involved in the war for resources which is why we see that the African people are constantly living in states of enforced hunger, deteriorating health conditions due to medical experiments and pure eugenics while hopelessly looking upon a future that just never seems to get better, ever since the Belgian king murdered millions of innocent people in the early 1900s.

Yet another side that is eventually the most important in Ukraine, but of which you shall never hear anything in the regular soft-news and prestitute media, is the Israeli faction, the zionist puppet masters. Let there be no mistake about it, even if it strikes you as odd, irresponsible or insane.

All sides – i.e. the US, the EU and Russian governments – all operate under direct impulse of the Israeli faction. It’s no secret that the Israel-lobby in the US controls the entire US government and all its policies, including finance, war and imperialism [1, 2, 3, 4]. The UK has its own powerful Israel-lobby which can be linked to the Israel-lobby in Australia given that both nations are ruled by the same queen of destruction. Belgium also has an influential Israel-lobby and with its deeply rooted diamond trade in Antwerp [1, 2, 3, 4] largely run by the Jewish community and where the socialist party of Flanders is extremely in favor of Israeli policy, the Israel-lobby keeps the taps on Belgium’s internal policy, on what is and what is not being funded in Palestine and elsewhere. The king of Belgium himself holds close relations with Baron Julien Klener, president of the Belgian Jewish Council. The EU as a government already has its policy steered by an Israel-lobby that is gaining traction and also NATO’s “humanitarian” work is frequently dictated by US-Israeli operatives.

In Russia it’s not different, although the term “Israel-lobby” is rather new in relation to the above, Russia nonetheless has plenty of Israeli oligarchs who are close to the Russian government due to their personal wealth and economic power. On foreign policy and in relation to Iran, Russia and Israel are closing the gap, in the event that the perception should exist that both nations have different opinions about Iran.

With all this in mind it becomes pretty clear why Hennady (Gennady) Kernes, the Jewish mayor of Kharkiv (Ukraine), was shot likely by nationalists who recognized the threat he poses to Ukraine’s stability.

The murders in Odessa on the other hand are much more shrouded in secrets and deception, a domain where only few reprters and news venue will go. The reporting by Global Research and SCG News are correct but lack the important info and details of who actually steered that slaughtering.

Israeli operatives are known to be aiding and leading certain factions in the Ukrainian conflict, which should be regarded as very inappropriate, at least, considering that Ukraine’s turmoil has nothing to do with Israel. Right?

According to RT, Right Sector is responsible for the false flag events and the brutality that occurred in Odessa during the past weekend. That would be the same Right Sector that is working in tandem with Israel, as a February 26 publication on confirms (translated with Google) and as reported by other sources:

  • Reuven Din El meeting with Dmitry Jaros
    February 26, 2014 – The Ambassador of Israel to Ukraine Reuven Din El met with the leadership of the movement ” Right Sector ” and its leader Dmitry Jaros .
    The leader of the movement informed the Ambassador about his views on the future of Ukraine and stressed that their moves follow a tolerant policy on national issues.
    Dmitry Jaros also stressed that all the negative effects, particularly anti-Semitism, not only by ‘Right Sector” members, will continue to be suppressed by all legal means. The goal of the movement is to build a democratic Ukraine, transparent government, against corruption and equal opportunities for all nations and peoples, for their unity of nation-building, ruled by democracy.
    The parties agreed to establish a “hot line” to prevent provocations and harmonization of emerging issues .
    The movement’s leader emphasized that any manifestations of chauvinism and xenophobia are rejected, and will be stopped.”

No wonder it is then that reports of carefully planned actions, crafted by Israeli operatives, in Odessa are being confirmed as well, in the last two days alone.

“Yesterday in Odessa, what occurred in the Unions House was carefully planned and was a zionist campaign to sacrifice their antifascist sheep as a pretext for Russian troops to be deployed in Ukraine. … Everything was carefully planned in advance.”

In addition to Global Research and SCG News, reported on May 4 that the water supply inside the Trade Unions building was turned off in advance, making any attempts to extinguish the fires impossible. As you can verify in the Global Research and SCG News reports, people inside the building were blocked from moving out of the building, stairways were barricaded with furniture and the main entrance of the building was ablaze keeping everyone inside and trapped till death.

People were murdered and not only by the fire caused by the Molotov cocktails coming from outside of the building. Those who were still alive inside were either shot, beaten to death or set on fire individually as the photo material shows.

It was all carefully planned and executed by zionist provocateurs with noodles on the ears,according to

“The same zionist organizers led other sheep in Odessa and were running schizophrenic Putin nonsense, about the fascist junta entrenched in Kiev. They then lured the people to the Trade Unions house and ordered them to take up defensive positions in the building, to tightly barricade all entrances and exits, eventually completely cutting themselves off from any exit.”

Yesterday in Odessa was exactly the same as on the Maidan … when snipers were shooting protesters in February. Both orders were executed by the same zionist thugs to instigate hatred between Slavic people.”

“And if anyone thinks that all this makes Putin and the FSB or GRU the good guys, I beg you, Putin has no real power in Russia, he’s just a zionist puppet, unhappy KGB colonel, who was forced for 15 years to play the head of state. Everything happens in Russia through the international zionist gang that seized power in Russia in 1917. … When Putin chokes on a cherry seed no one will even notice.”

Putin and Medvedev are puppets of the same gang. On the other side are we, the Russian and Ukrainian people. They are just forcing us to fight each other. They want us to bleed each other to death so they can stay in power in Russia and Ukraine.”

“The merging of two zionist colonies, Ukraine and Russia, began not in February but when the zionists put recidivist and felon Viktor Yanukovych in charge of Ukraine. Yanukovych‘s task was to prepare all these anti-fascists and separatists so they could later make a buzz for independence from Moscow. Then create turmoil in Crimea and in Odessa. Nothing spontaneous has ever happened in the Ukraine and Russia for the last 97 years.”

Other reports are coming through of possible future staged events by the same power brokers who orchestrated the Odessa massacre and the Maidan sniper shootings which were part of the orchestrated “revolt” of the people. It seems that plans are being made by “separatists” to destroy mines with grenades while workers are inside which would result in more casualties and which would further escalate the current unrest. The deceptive plans also include media reports that radioactive material has been stolen to make a “dirty bomb,” to be used in future riots. The “subversive group” responsible for the alleged planned attacks and riots is allegedly being led by Igor Hirkina, also known as Strelkov(a), who is being described as an operative for Russian intelligence. The attacks and riots are meant to put more pressure on Right Sector, it is anticipated that they will eventually retaliate in response to those acts.

Indications show that the Jewish community in Odessa is currently making plans to evacuate the area. “The next weekend is going to be very violent,” according to Rabbi Refael Kruskal.

Message from Ukraine to the US and The EU

The following message comes from a local who rightfully point a finger to the US government, governments in the EU and their corporate propaganda mouthpieces. The person’s English is not perfect but you should be able to get his message, it’s pretty clear, and it completely confirms what we and others have been reporting earlier [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6].

Alexander (Александр) – Appeal of 2 May 2014

“Yesterday, on 2 of May 2014 Kiev illegal regime which came to power as a result of armed turnover showed its real face to the world, and if correctly the animal grin of fascism. This happened using several methods and in several regions of Ukraine in the same time.
First is known for everybody, this is so called “anti-terroristic operation” (and really terroristic opera-tion) as it has an aim to bring horror to the citizens of the South-East of Ukraine. Army, Ukraine Secu-rity Service forces and illegal troops of ultra-right fighters with tanks, military helicopters, armored machines and heavy artillery are sent against the civilians and several non-manifold groups of home guards
Several dozens of home guards and civilians already became victims of the Terroristic Operation. The number of wounded is much bigger. And this number grows hour after hour while lasts the army ter-ror against its own population.
We want to ask international community, which “democratic government” sends military troops to fight with its own population? Funds given by IMF to the Kiev “junta” will finance the mass murders?
The second is the mass murder in Odessa committed by ultra-right extremists with acquiescence of local police and under the straight inspectorate of the Kiev appointed governor who was watching the murder on place. (There are dozens of photo and video evidences).
Nearly five thousand football ultras were organized and sent to Odessa from different cities. They brought baseball bats, Molotov cocktails, armatures, shields and guns.
The armed fighters drove nearly 50 persons in the House of Professional Unions in Odessa and bur-ned them alive. Who was trying the leave the burning building were either shot down or killed using other methods. In addition, after their death their dead bodies have been outraged.
Video broadcasting of that act of horror stimulated among the member of “government” and its supporters the joy attack and multiple comments in the style “They burn well”. If this is not Nazism, then what is Nazism in your understanding?
You, the western world have shown us movie “The running man” starring Arnold Schwarzenegger
teaching that this is bad to get happy watching murders.
In third, the representatives of ultra-right fighters have taken the responsibility of disappearance
of several “separatists” and proclaimed that the disappearances will continue.
This all is a straight and not hidden propaganda of terror, which has nothing common with demo-cracy, freedom of speech, supremacy of law, innocence presumption and other common to all man-kind values defenders of which the United State of America and the European Union are proclaimed by themselves.
If you have watched the movie V-FOR VENDETTA, then this is the terrible reality of Ukraine when all who think other are kidnapped and murdered, previously tortured and jeered at.
In the fourth, the freedom of mass media is factually destroyed in Ukraine. Video topics on TV are strictly censored, montaged and provided by numerous appraisals and clear disinformation. Access to people with alternative point of view in Ukrainian mass media is closed and all who think another way are tortured to the extent that are exterminated physically.
In addition, all that crimes are explained by the mystical non-existent “Putin invasion”. If you have read or watched “1984” by Orwell, or the “Fairy voice of Gelsomino” by Gianni Rodari all this is about the modern Ukraine.
While this Nazis regime is under the power, it is just impossible to make democratic elections in Ukraine. Because even presidential candidates are attempted to be murdered or wounded physically.
Nearly half of the country will not adjudge any elections until this “junta” will not be deposed and given to the court.
We millions on civilians from the Southeast of Ukraine demand from international community not just the help to end the bloodshed. We demand open tribunal on the self-called “junta” which took power in the country and the actions of which brought us to hundreds of deaths and must be treated as a crimes before humanity. We call for the world not to allow the Nazism reborn, which has practically taken place in Ukraine.
Captain America?! Do the bankers from Wall Street murder you? “Hydra” has taken power in the USA and supports neo-Nazism regime in Ukraine? Americans, something very strange and horrible has happened to your democracy, it more and more looks like a dictate and supports dictators! May be it is high time to re-establish republic?”

New Round of Flight MH370 Psyop Hatched by Daily Mirror, Daily Mail and New York Post

Truth News International,,

The latest “news” that is currently circulating about Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 is confirmed to be pure propaganda, from the lowest kind that is. The Daily Mirror, the Daily Mail and the New York Post hatched the story of “11 terrorists” of a new Al Qaeda group allegedly being linked to the hijacking of flight MH370 (or was it an AWACS job???) together and articles in the local news outlets in Malaysia prove it [1, 2, 3, 4].

The corrupt-to-the-core western media is now fabricating a new name for this new Al Qaeda group because they did not provide such name in their early psyop pieces.

Of course it is no surprise that figures like Simon FoxLord Rothermere and Rupert Murdoch who run or own these trashy news outlets are behind the latest psyop, in their efforts to fool the public once again and to support the British government, the US government, the UN and NATO as these illegitimate entities ramp up their fabricated and disgusting “war on terror” in Syria and Ukraine. This fraudulent “war on terror” as hatched by the Israeli government and their Mossad agents is of course their collective and ultimate tool that is being used on a daily basis to further the establishment of a world government under zionist control [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16].

Don’t believe for  a second that the Russian government and Putin himself, for example, will come along on their white horses posing as the true knights of salvation. They are not. Russia was a participant of the deceptive nuclear security summit 2014, a world government feast, and Russia is one of Israel’s allies along with the US of course which should raise at least a few red flags considering Israel’s role in 9/11 (USA) and 3/11 (Japan). The fact that Russia, nor any other nation for that matter, has condemned the war crimes against and the eco-terror brought upon the Japanese people back in 2011 is proof that indeed Russia resides in the same house of doom where the world government is being established.

As has been pointed out earlier, Malaysia openly supports Palestine and their efforts to become a sovereign nation. Malaysia is very reluctant to sign the Trans Pacific Partnership, the TPP which is an all-out attack on national sovereignty. Signing this corporate monster would mean that the joining nations commit suicide. Malaysia is also not supportive to expand the by the US and Israel fabricated “war on terror” in Syria and Malaysia knows that the west is waging an information war [1, 2] and psyops against them. Enough reasons for the western allies and propaganda mouthpieces to hatch a new “terrorists” story to discredit Malaysia. Wouldn’t you think?

Still, we do regret it a lot that Malaysia joined the nuclear security summit 2014 in the Netherlands. This puts them eventually with their both feet on the wrong side of the line. There was no credible excuse for their participation in this world government war-game festival.

After all. What is there to know that would be so secret that a nation just had to send a delegation to the NSS 2014? That terrorists will acquire nuclear weapons? They already have them in their possession [1, 2, 3, 4], there’s no need to have a summit about that.

So, it was to be expected that since the same-legs guys couldn’t do the job in Malaysia on March 11, something new would have to be created and indeed it so happened.

Flight MH370: “Even the Russians and Chinese Know Where the Plane Went”

Also read:

Flight MAS MH370: Capstone Report

* * *

Koen Jacobs – Truth News International,,

Even the Russians and Chinese know where the plane of flight MH370 went.

Of course their silence is for one of the following two reasons:

1. In the event that Russia and China know the location and what went down on March 8 speaking up about the truth would be perceived by the U.S. and its allies as a declaration of war by Russia and/or China;

2. In the event that Russia and China know the location and what went down on March 8 yet opt to keep “radio silence” would suggest that they too are involved in what I have been figuring out for a few weeks now, although I cannot provide hard proof, that the MH370 event was an exercise not only for the military and world government but also for the public to measure how well the public can be deployed in military operations for certain objectives. Gradually involving the public in such operations will in time result in the public’s deployment in offensive objectives such as assisting in actual combat be it over the internet.

Ender’s Game, although a movie, is a perfect example of how one can be fooled into doing things one wouldn’t expect of being involved in.

MH370 was likely part of the Nuclear Security Summit 2014 where a war game was simulated.

But again, in the event that the above item #2 is the case, of which I’m increasingly convinced, then it once again proves that there’s no muscle-rolling nor any authentic world war build-up since all the alleged opposite parties were gathered at the NSS 2014. Not to mention what is being planned and said in real secret by heads of state.

From the governments of the U.S. to Belgium and from Russia to China, they’re all really living in the same house of doom. It’s really becoming obvious to me that it’s them against the people and it don’t matter where “the people” live or are from.

It’s like Orwell’s 1984, keeping up the facade of West vs East but behind the scenes they really are partners in crime, which is why they should all be round up together and locked up together in a large cute re-education/labor camp for life, in the event that we should keep those trash bags alive.

Leon Pittard, Fairdinkum Radio Show Responds to “David COHEN POSEL ‘Global Depopulation Policy’ Pawn”

Yesterday, April 17, we published the damning report “Game Over: David COHEN POSEL (Occupy Corporatism – US Independent) Exposed as ‘Global Depopulation Policy’ Pawn” and we informed the alleged writers and contributors of DAVID COHEN POSEL of this publication since it certainly concerns them.

Responses are currently flooding in from people who are re-posting the report on their websites and blogs and from people who have a broader opinion about DAVID and SANNE COHEN POSEL.

One of those responses comes from Fairdinkum Radio Show’s Leon Pittard who apparently is wrongfully being mentioned on the COHEN POSEL website as one of “their” writers.

[Update: Mr. Pittard has contacted us again and wrote: “Remove the post, it was a private communication.” We respect his request so we have removed his e-mail, however it can still be accessed here for future reference. As part of the transparency policy that we follow here at Truth News International, like our readers know and for which they appreciate us according to their own words in communications towards us, we will also publish our own latest response to Mr. Pittard who feels that we have dragged him into this:

“Yes, transparency is what we value here. That’s the way forward, we believe.

I haven’t dragged anyone. When someone dragged anyone it is COHEN POSEL.

I’m sorry if our transparency offends you but your e-mail was very interesting and we deemed it necessary to let our readers know this most telling development.

We will remove the content of your e-mail but the page has already been archived for future reference so it is still accessible.
Although we can’t seem to find an honest reason why you wouldn’t want transparency in this matter, we will replace your previous content with “Remove the post, it was a private communication.”

People who contact us should know that we always publish critical information, that is part of the transparency policy.

The content was already posted before you mentioned “private communication.” We told you in our previous e-mail that we published it so we let you know about it. We don’t hide anything. You didn’t specifically state that your first e-mail was not allowed to be published.

Again, we are sorry if our transparency offends you but we surely would appreciate when anyone would publish our e-mail content whenever this may help their case, regardless what the issue is. We always write our e-mails in such a manner with that purpose in mind.



Obviously the fraudsters at the US Independent and Occupy Corporatism seem to be mixing up their fantasy world with reality, which is to be expected from delusional individuals who support depopulation.

Another person, who wants to be called Lee, also contacted us and had this to say.


  • “Hi,
    I don’t believe I’ve spoken with you. I came across your article regarding the Posels and, well, I too had a problem with them. Mostly with Susanne though. It was David that would correspond to me months after when I would send something regarding whatever it was at the time. Mostly I was making up for putting out a smear on Susanne’s (PW: nwocsi) site two years ago. I did that because I wasn’t certain if I’d need them or not and, whelp, I don’t need them.
    I’d like to know why it is that you’re exposing David without going after Susanne. At some point when I’m ready, I’ll get you on the phone to talk about the allegation against David to see if it has merit. The reason? Because I’m on a campaign to dismantle all of the counter productive news pundits. No, I’m not working against the 1st amendment on the other team my friend… my aim is to clean house so that we all of us can write effective articles without the garbage from others blitzing their importance and the heads of websites and newscasts that are censoring out true information.”

* * *

Game Over: David COHEN POSEL (Occupy Corporatism – US Independent) Exposed as “Global Depopulation Policy” Pawn

Exposed AGAIN: Suzanne Posel a.k.a. Sanne Cohen (Occupy Corporatism)

Game Over: David COHEN POSEL (Occupy Corporatism – US Independent) Exposed as “Global Depopulation Policy” Pawn

Leon Pittard, Fairdinkum Radio Show Responds to “David COHEN POSEL ‘Global Depopulation Policy’ Pawn”

* * *

David COHEN POSEL, you have already LOST your self-declared “war” and you don’t even realize it yet. Give it up before you hurt yourself more than is necessary and than you can handle because this “war” update below is merely a heads-up to BACK-OFF for it is a fact and promise that slowly but surely we will see to it that your sites will crumble if you really force us to. Back-off and we might allow you to further deceive your remaining readership.

Recently Mega Fraud DAVID COHEN POSEL, the husband of decepticon and copy/paster  SUSANNE COHEN POSEL, declared “war” on us and claimed that we couldn’t win this because his organization is so very big and he is so very powerful. His declaration came about after he was remembered about what kind of fraudsters that he and his wife are.

Now we could widely expand on the whole list of “his” writers over at The US Independent, and his Facebook friends, and it would surely be a cute florilegium when we did so but to be honest we lack the time since we have really important work on our hands right now.

Therefore we will just cut to the chase and put the information out that proves what kind of person he , DAVID COHEN POSEL, is and what the REAL AGENDA is at the COHEN headquarters.

When you see or hear DAVID and SUSANNE COHEN POSEL talk or write about how bad the UN, the government, the new world order, and so on, is it is advised to know that ALL of “their” copy/paste jobs are nothing but a HUGE SMOKESCREEN.

As you will witness today, DAVID COHEN POSEL is a full-blood professional SHILL, DECEIVER and MEGA FRAUD who is derailing the remaining truth movement. Just like these persons right here.

How is it that we can be sure that DAVID COHEN POSEL is a full-blood professional SHILL, DECEIVER and MEGA FRAUD?

That is VERY SIMPLE and EASY to answer.

Look at his Facebook profile, more specifically, look at the image, the cover photo on his personal profile. The profile from which he declared “war” on us:

suzanne posel, susanne cohen, occupy corporatism, the us independent , fraud, scam, fake, fake attorney, santilli, fake lawyer, david posel, global population policy

suzanne posel, susanne cohen, occupy corporatism, the us independent , fraud, scam, fake, fake attorney, santilli, fake lawyer, david posel

Hunger Strike Against Depopulation is a campaign run by one of “his” writers, Kevin Mugur Galalae who claims to be part of the Civil Rights Party of Canada (CPRC), NCPC and who claims to be Canadian Deputy Prime Minister (?????), according to the FAKE alternative news outlet and copy/paster The US Independent.

suzanne posel, susanne cohen, occupy corporatism, the us independent , fraud, scam, fake, fake attorney, santilli, fake lawyer, david posel, Kevin Mugur Galalae

DAVID the PAWN and SANNE COHEN POSEL, Kevin Mugur Galalae and Kimberlee Schultz claim and make their readers and followers believe that they are against depopulation and that for this reason their followers should support and fund this campaign. This cannot be denied nor “debunked” because this campaign is all over their website(s) and Kimberlee is running a fundraiser for it.

But what is this campaign really saying and what are the promoters really preaching?

Well, that information can be found at Galalae’s website in the article: “FRIENDS NOT ENEMIES: A Letter to the Heads of State of Non-Affiliated Movement.”

An excerpt, actually THE excerpt, is displayed below:

suzanne posel, susanne cohen, occupy corporatism, the us independent , fraud, scam, fake, fake attorney, santilli, fake lawyer, david posel, Kevin Mugur Galalaesuzanne posel, susanne cohen, occupy corporatism, the us independent , fraud, scam, fake, fake attorney, santilli, fake lawyer, david posel, Kevin Mugur Galalae

“We, the people, have awakened to the brutal reality that humankind has become the victim of its own success and has outgrown the planet’s resources.  We, the people, now understand that it is not right to sacrifice our children and the planet to satisfy our impulses, greed, indifference and ignorance.  We, the people, have acquired the wisdom necessary to take responsibility for the Global Depopulation Policy and to voluntarily accept family size restrictions rather than continue to be covertly poisoned into sterility and ultimately oblivion.   You no longer need to fear us.”

As that entire article shows, including the words “The objectives of the Global Depopulation Policy are absolutely necessary if we are to ensure peace on earth and the survival of the species,” the whole readership and supporters of DAVID the PAWN and SANNE COHEN POSEL are deliberately misled and lied to BIG TIME. The fact that those people can’t find this out for themselves shows the pity level of the COHEN POSEL readership.

DAVID and SANNE COHEN POSEL are not patriots, nor anti-globalists, nor are they professional researchers. What they truly are behind the Occupy Corporatism mask is COPY/PASTING ARTICLE SPINNERS with no other qualities then deception. And at that they are good, we have to give them that.

Unfortunately our time is up for now, we can’t further elaborate on the COHEN POSEL SCAMMERS although we wish we could, but like we wrote at the beginning of this update, we have more important work on our hands than exposing these decepticons.

As a bonus, here are some popular names that appear on DAVID the PAWN COHEN POSEL’s Facebook friends list:

David Duke

david duke, suzanne posel, susanne cohen, occupy corporatism, the us independent , fraud, scam, fake, fake attorney, santilli, fake lawyer, david posel, global population policy

Anthony Cartalucci

Anthony Cartalucci, suzanne posel, susanne cohen, occupy corporatism, the us independent , fraud, scam, fake, fake attorney, santilli, fake lawyer, david posel, global population policy

Gordon Duff

gordon duff, suzanne posel, susanne cohen, occupy corporatism, the us independent , fraud, scam, fake, fake attorney, santilli, fake lawyer, david posel, global population policy

Michael F Rivero

michael rivero, suzanne posel, susanne cohen, occupy corporatism, the us independent , fraud, scam, fake, fake attorney, santilli, fake lawyer, david posel, global population policy

Stew Webb

stew webb, suzanne posel, susanne cohen, occupy corporatism, the us independent , fraud, scam, fake, fake attorney, santilli, fake lawyer, david posel, global population policy

Webster Tarpley

webster tarpley, suzanne posel, susanne cohen, occupy corporatism, the us independent , fraud, scam, fake, fake attorney, santilli, fake lawyer, david posel, global population policy

Melissa Melton

melissa melton, suzanne posel, susanne cohen, occupy corporatism, the us independent , fraud, scam, fake, fake attorney, santilli, fake lawyer, david posel, global population policy

Jack Blood

jack blood, suzanne posel, susanne cohen, occupy corporatism, the us independent , fraud, scam, fake, fake attorney, santilli, fake lawyer, david posel, global population policy

Anthony Gucciardi

suzanne posel, susanne cohen, occupy corporatism, the us independent , fraud, scam, fake, fake attorney, santilli, fake lawyer, david posel, global population policy

These are “his,” DAVID COHEN POSEL’s, writers who either have been duped or are knowingly playing the game of deception along with SANNE COHEN.

Thomas Sheridan

John A. Davis

Dane Wigington (

Cheryl Kennedy

Stephen Roberts

Rima E. Laibow (Natural Solutions Foundation)

James Smith (Prepper Podcast)

Kevin Mugur Galalae (Linkedin) [Civil Rights Party of Canada (CPRC) (NCPC)- Deputy Prime Minister –]

Charlotte Iserbyt

Vincent Eastwood

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Flight MAS MH370: Capstone Report

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It is very likely that this report will be the last one that we publish regarding Malaysia Airlines flight 370 and its hijacking by foreign – American, British and Israeli – agencies. The reason for this is obvious, everything of vital importance will have been documented and until any new hard facts arise everything else is either a sideshow or pure fantasy.

But before we close this case there are however some facts that we want to present here so our readers can archive the documented findings for themselves, for future reference.

First of all, it has to be made clear that regarding the US 008671381 patent issue that is still being preached (even by mainstream news outlets) on the internet, that discussion is a dead-end street. It’s a sideshow at best, purposely! The reason is simple. The Freescale company from Texas is the patent Assignee, therefore the deaths of the 4 inventors – Peidong Wang, Zhijun Chen, Zhihong Cheng, Li Ying is irrelevant when it comes to the rights, benefits and privileges of the patent. There’s no need to elaborate on this any further.

If you still doubt this then we invite you to watch this (Youtube) video and witness for yourself how the patent issue is now being mixed with a series of fabrications and pure lies by professional psyop agents like Western Journalism’s and WND’s Joseph Farah [1, 2, 3, 4] who’s on par with Alex Jones, Edward Snowden and several other deceptive idiots when it comes to the magnitude of their deception.

What is more important however and what HAS TO BE elaborated on are the following facts and findings.

It may still strike some readers as odd why we are so convinced that Israel is involved in the missing flight 370 case. It’s not only because the use of false passports and fake pictures are the Mossad’s trademarks. No, it’s also because they are known to wage war against governments and communities who are very friendly towards Palestine and the Palestinian people. Governments like Malaysia, who openly state that they will be:

  • “fighting for the establishment of a Palestinian state”
  • “spearheading humanitarian outreach programmes in conflict areas such as Gaza, the West Bank, Southern Thailand, Mindanao & elsewhere”

It’s not the first time that Israel has attacked Malaysia, although in less deadly instances in the past than it is now the case with flight 370. Certainly the Malaysian Tribunal’s genocide verdict against Israel is something that also might have added some more Israeli fury.

Or what about flight 370’s pilot?

Zaharie was earlier described by a friend as never miss[es] a chance to participate in various activities organized … including raising funds to help victims of Israeli atrocities in Gaza.Is this one of the reasons why Captain Zaharie was targeted and why his reputation was being attacked in and by the Western media? They are by the way the sole reason [1, 2] for all the deliberate distortions in the news and of the reporting about flight 370.

As a result, the following question has therefore also to be asked.

Is the Mossad also involved, along with the CIA and the U.S. government, in the recent kidnapping of a Chinese tourist and a Philippine worker in the Singamata Reef Resort in Sabah, Malaysia? The kidnapping is, according to mainstream media outlets, being attributed to Abu Sayyaf, the “CIA’s monster gone berserk” [1, 2, 3].

When we take into account what Malaysia’s Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak says about the kidnapping, that “there may be those who are attempting to drive a wedge between us [Malaysia] and China. They may be trying to take advantage of the situation [MH370],” then he may as well be referring to the same foreign agencies and governments who are responsible for the AWACS hijacking of flight 370 and the murdering of its crew and passengers and for wanting more regional influence in the area.

As has become clear by now, the whole missing airplane mission serves a broader agenda in which the knowledge of the engineers on board is merely a jelly bean in a bag of sweets being held in the hands of the same gang of thugs that also organizes nuclear security summits and war games.

For all we know, the original flight 370 may have been destroyed on March 8, 2014, when the plane went missing, after offloading the passengers at Diego Garcia for example. Which is why it would be a ‘good’ reason why Israel was storing an identical plane as flight 370, which may have been the plane that was, unfortunately for the conspirators, intercepted in the Netherlands during the NSS 2014 in The Hague, to add some extra special effect to the ongoing war games there.

It certainly would not be the first time that a war game or drill goes live. We’ve seen this same pattern on 9/11 in the U.S., on 7/7 in the U.K., during the 2013 Boston Marathon, during the Sandy Hook charade of which Robbie Parker [1, 2] is a perfect example and so on. The list is long!

Naturally, as is to be expected, fresh distortions in the flight 370 case will keep appearing in the Western media. Deliberate distortions like there were “277 passengers” on board of flight MH370, while the original number is 239 (passengers and crew). This distortion, deliberate derailing, is being spread and caused by sources like UPI, International Business Times, ITV, New Straits Times, Voice of Russia and several others including “alternative” media outlets like Intelli Hub. Earlier, we already pointed out another attempt to misinform the general public.

It is for the same reasons, deliberately misinforming and creating tensions between countries in the Asian region who currently have good – strong – relations (e.g. Malaysia and China), that the BBC aired its interview with Sarah Bajc, Philip Wood’s partner, in which she claims that “governments are intentionally misleading” the public. Of course, this is certainly but wrongfully aimed at Malaysia and China, because it are the U.S. and Israel who were the first to try to pin the hijacking on ” Iranian terrorists” with the same legs, which the media has failed to put in the right spotlights.

As a result of the international nature of the ongoing flight 370 investigation, Malaysia has announced that they will create a special international panel, hopefully they can keep the leading role in this panel because once the U.S., the U.K. or Australia has hijacked this panel then it is a fact already that not even a single piece of truth will come out of this panel. Looking at the current media coverage and deception then it is safe to say that the hijacked panel’s tainted reporting will be tenfold compared to the current establishment news.

So, like the NSS 2014 was/is being used to relocate as much highly enriched uranium (HEU) as possible to the U.S. and Russia to avoid “nuclear terrorism” (which proves that the same powers still work together and that the whole nuclear terror threat is pure UN/world government propaganda since the U.S. and Russia along with Israel have the most, and real, nuclear weapons in the world) so is flight 370 being used to further the deceptive and disgusting “war on terror.” Not only because both IATA and ITU (the UN’s International Telecommunication Union) are already lobbying for more security measures in the airline industry, but also because of the broader agenda that is being pursued with flight 370. It’s yet another step in widening the gap between the busters of fantasy bubbles, like the public intelligence network, and those who willingly chose to be propaganda consumers like the general public.

As for the chapter about “Philip Wood was hiding a phone in his ass,” well lets just say that we won’t even go there because that story comes from 4Chan and is being endorsed by which should make BIG red flags go up for those who are awake. It’s obvious that this is yet another attempt to make the remaining truth movement look stupid. Yes, we have the “original” photo and yes we have investigated it.

All the “news” that is now available in Western newspapers, on TV and on most websites is nothing but further milking the MH370 cow. The fact is that the real airplane that was AWACS-ed on March 8 will never be found and that ALL passengers and the crew are dead. Any piece of an airplane that they in the future will link to flight 370 was then planted on the crime scene and as it is the case with Fukushima and multiple other false flags, the real perpetrators will never be brought in front of any judge. Don’t count on it and keep your eyes open for a next world government psyop!

* * *

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