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By Morris

If you are not from Syria or Iraq it is very unlikely that ISIS has threatened you.

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If You Are a REAL Rebel then THIS Message is for YOU!


Lets get a few things straight, shall we?

Russia – Turkey

The whole episode with Russia and Turkey (alleged downing of the bomber near Syrian-Turkish border) serves to:

  1. Pave the way for REGIME CHANGE IN… TURKEY, since Erdogan is in many ways not on the same page as NATO and the UNEI terror alliance (and don’t give me the “but Erdogan supports ISIS” rehashing – it’s worn out by now and the fact that both the mainstream media and their “alternative” counterpart travel this road proves the point all by itself!)
  2. Set an example for what happens when an assumed loyal nation or regime (to the UNEI terror alliance) tries to get creative and get their act together by not signing on to new IMF shark loans for example.
  3. Further the zionist agenda of deconstructing the Middle East and especially the muslim communities there (this does not necessarily include all the Arabs – for now – for they provide great wealth that can be and is being deployed to further the agenda of the David sect). Although the Arabs will be double-crossed eventually, what did you honestly expect would happen??

Remember that ISRAEL is right in between of all of this. They have control over the “hot line” between Russia and the U.S. (NATO) so THEY are more than likely also to be blamed (at least) for the recent incident between Russia and Turkey [1, 2].

“A US official told Reuters news agency that US-Israeli coordination allowed the allies to share classified technologies for identifying Russian aircraft over Syria: “We know how to spot them clearly and quickly,” the official said.” – Al Jazeera

On the sidelines of this you also, conveniently, have that the so-called but former truth movement is intentionally being absorbed by the mainstream crowd, their belief and narrative – that Turkey is an ISIS ally and that Erdogan is one of their masters. A point that doesn’t prove anything really because ALL western(-ized) nations support the anti-Assad movements and favorably the most violent ones first.

In fact for most folks out there who claim to be “truthers,” you have to thank your favorite “alternative” news outlet for the fact that we have landed at this stage, where the mainstream narrative has become the alternative’s and where the “truthers” are now favorable to their government’s war propaganda. Completely opposing and contradicting reality, willingly and knowingly. Just like they did with the Paris attacks, both media blocks pushing the lie that ISIS did it. Which it didn’t – as I have extensively documented on this website.


WhatReallyHappened (Rivero the Infowars/Watson supporter):

“I am starting to suspect that the whole Edward Snowden story is a gigantic hoax, to scare us all into silence by selling the myth that the NSA is watching everything that we do. The Nazis did the exact same thing to the people of Germany, intentionally promoting the image of the Gestapo as seeing and hearing everything. I think the Snowden story is a a repeat, and thankfully, it is not working with the American people anywhere near as it did with the German people.”

Really? You have finally found the light? I must be a prophet then for telling the world about this exact psyop reality since 2013. To have you come to this conclusion only now, as supposedly one of the biggest alternative names out there, is remarkable in the sense that my analyses are, thus, years ahead of yours and many other so-called alternative heroes theirs.

Yet, your judgement is still very foggy and infantile, Rivero. The people DID FALL and HAVE WIDELY FALLEN for the scam and globally that is. That was the whole intention of it. It was the intention to push harder government policies and stricter (harsher) spying. The only difference now is that everything is perfectly legal and more in the open (where it was more secret in the past) – all leading parties and puppets have voted IN FAVOR of MORE police state in practically every nation on this planet. As can be seen in France also where the government is now waltzing over the people as if they are no match. And they aren’t!! Obviously, since they get away with what they are doing and they have the full support of all leading politicians and intergovernmental bodies like NATO, the EU and the UN. Hell, they can now even violate accepted human rights – perfectly legal but for all the wrong reasons nonetheless.

You wanna be a real rebel and not an exposed faker?


But it’s gonna take much more than reading some trash at Drudge and feeling honored when Infowhores, Before it’s News or WhatReallyHappened repost you.

As a matter of fact, it will require you to fully expose the scammers and frauds on your own for what they are. Because they are worse than the bankers and the corporate zionists. Fake truthers and false alternative heroes are no better than rats. With the real criminals like Netanyahu you at least know what they want and what they try to accomplish. They’re quite honest about it, very often, when you can read between the lines. With the backstabbing rats that the fake truthers are you are never sure which side they are on. But one thing you do know, they are not on your side when you are a hardcore rebel. They hate you and they would love to see you fail in your missions and to see you locked up for life. It’s the worst kind of people that walk this planet, they’re cockroaches that need to be crushed permanently!

Reality Check: Here’s the Cancer in “Activism”


Here’s why no real BIG resistance will ever emerge on the face of this planet. Not only do we have the press lying to us in 75% of the cases, we also have a BIG cancer that is still spreading in what may wrongly be called “activism” around the world.

Take this Watson idiot punk for example, who seriously needs to be bitch slapped and I’m applying for that task. On one hand you have him fronting for the fake “tip of the spear” Infowars and its fat-ass zionist puppet Alex Jones. Both pretending to be on your side. The filth they are…

But it’s the same Watson who is making sure that the zionists their agenda is advancing and that the so-called but former truth movement is co-opted, away from any usefulness. Of course deliberately. That’s how zionists and their sock puppets like Jones and Watson operate. It is why they walk on this planet.

If you want to get disgusted about “activism” then “The Truth About Islam” by Paul Joseph Watson is something you need to consider, success guaranteed. Even if you are just the slightest bit aware of the zionist agenda and their propaganda then you’ll immediately recognize what is being attempted in this disgusting and subverting video message.

Man, this punk needs a good old ass whooping. Well, it is to say though, there are others that I’ve heard and they go even further than that and suggest he gets a bullet in the head for being a zionist bitch. Who can blame them for taking such a stance?

But the problem is growing. This cancer has been growing for a while now.

I’ve been holding back on calling the names and targeting this trash and their scams because we should rather silence them to death in stead of getting violent. The problem is though that their big zionist mouths aren’t being shut. So eventually, someone will have to do that. Someone will have to stand up and address these assholes appropriately. No need to fear them, all they can really do – at worst – is make fake ISIS videos just like Rita Katz – andl they already did that. Remember that charade??!!

And then, here we have WhatReallyHappened promoting a Watson video, “Russian Jet Shoot Down: What They’re Not Telling You,” just the other day. Know that Rivero is publicly extremely opposed to Alex Jones and his outfit, allegedly for being zionist puppets.

Note that Watson comfortably forgets mentioning Israel’s hand in ALL of this. How he helps to whitewash the false flag attacks in Paris and how he basically continues his previous dark and co-opting message to brainwash his idiot followers into hating islam and muslims. Exactly what one would expect from a real-life zionist whore.

I’m telling you again in case you missed it before. The whole thing is rigged. There will not be nor will there ever rise a real powerful resistance that is bigger than what we have now – that is a few loose activists doing there thing.

Will the real resistance please stand up!? NOW!

Beware: Paris Attacks (11/13) are a Litmus Test for the “Alternative Media” and “Truthers”


As it now stands, about 75% of the former and so-called “truth movement” and “alternative media” is sticking to the mainstream and official story about the Paris attacks – that it was an ISIS operation carried out by muslim extremists acting on their own.

As I and and a few others have documented for you, the attacks were a text book Gladio operation and the fact that the French police has murdered the patsies with a grenade proves this and exposes these false flag attacks beyond all doubts.

I can live with the idea that some call the entire set of events in Paris a complete hoax, although I am now 100% sure that real people did die (aside from the patsies), there’s reason to assume this and this will not ‘expose’ you as a shill. Calling the Paris attacks a hoax is understandable although it puts your audience partially on the wrong track.

But calling the attacks an ISIS terror attack PROVES that you and your media operation are a SCAM. Enough time has passed and enough clues have been presented by us and others that do not allow any “alternative” media outlet to call these attacks “legit” ISIS attacks because they are not and everything now starts to point at the zionist sectarians having a huge role in this play – once again. HOW COULD IT BE ANY DIFFERENT? And this is not wild speculation!

So here you have it, you can vet your favorite and most popular truther heroes all you want. When they stick to the mainstream narrative even the slightest bit they have exposed themselves as disinfo agents and co-opting venues. But most of them have already done so several times now so this new round of vetting should merely be for fun.

Beware of the fakers, here’s your litmus test!

The FALSE Alternative Media/Resistance: “Bomb Mecca Off the Face of the Earth”


The subverting zionists that advertise themselves as defenders of the people often show who they really are when they take off their masks.

WND is such a house of cards where zionists preach their filth to the gullible truthers who foolishly perceive it as outstanding patriotism. WND is also a partner of other self-proclaimed leaders and tips of the spears of the former truth movement and through them they actively and deliberately subvert even more gullible activists around the world.

Burt Prelutsky, writer for WND, is a hardcore zionist and as it is demanded from that kind of scum they exist merely to destroy everything that is not jewish, or better, is not pro zionism.

When, as a zionist propagandist [1, 2], you write that muslims and Mecca should be bombed off the face of the Earth in order to free the world from all evil and you publish this garbage on a false alternative media website then your only intention can be to undermine the resistance because you know that there are still many “truthers” who frequent your silly, lying but limited hangout.

And when you use the false flag attacks such as the USS Cole, 9/11, Charlie Hebdo and the Paris attacks of November 13 to build your case and reasoning – even though it is widely known that all of these events were false flag attacks (topped off with a twist of hoaxing) perpetrated by your zionist friends themselves – then indeed your only goal can be to destroy any legit opposition that is still out there; and you know you can win this because you are aware of the fact that the real resistance is being hammered, silenced and sabotaged to death. You know all of this because your own zionist overlords have told you so and have given you the proof of it, in print.

Mega Fraud David COHEN POSEL (Occupy Corporatism) Declares War On Jacobs K. (Truth News International,

You see, when you expose shills and fraudsters like DAVID COHEN POSEL and SUZANNE COHEN POSEL then foolishly enough they don’t know when to stop their shillery and to start running for cover. No, instead they deem themselves masters of the “alternative media” and they declare war on those who have exposed their scam AGAIN.

April 13, 2014


david, cohen, posel, shill, fraud, scam

His announcement came shortly after he was approached online today, and was remembered of his and his wife’s earlier forgery and scams and article spinning which cannot be debunked because the proof is in their own video (of which we have downloaded a copy).

david, cohen, posel, shill, fraud, scam

We look forward to this “war that we don’t want” according to DAVID COHEN POSEL.

Of course we want this “war” because MEGA FRAUD COHEN POSEL has made this personal by mentioning my girlfriend and my friends.

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