Deception in Ukraine: Israel and the Neo-Nazis

February 28, 2014 – Xaameriki

Let there be no misunderstanding, the Zionist controlled American government does not really give a damn about “human rights”. Institutions, if they were consistent in this respect, would first and foremost condemn the systematic violation of fundamental human rights of Palestinians and other peoples who have been brutally steamrolled by global Zionist governance. Neither does the United States government have any qualms in maintaining massive concentration camps, like “Guantanamo”, where dissidents are held captive without charges or trial. The whole globalist religion of “Human Rights” is little more than a politicized smoke screen to justify imperialist interests in foreign lands, and nothing more.

For 2 years, we have seen a non-stop assault by world Jewry and the Greek government to crackdown on nationalist dissidents and violate the rights of Greek patriots to legally assemble. Multiple visits from an alphabet soup of Jewish lobbies and think tanks, such as the American Jewish Committee,  forced the hand of Samaras into brazen actions against the civil rights of the Greek people, and later congratulated the puppet of global usury. Multiple photos such as the following show prominent international Jews like Ronald Lauder and David Harris patting Samaras on the back for doing their bidding:

Fast forward to Ukraine. Yesterday, the newspaper Pravda published segments of a meeting between the Israeli ambassador to Ukraine, Reuven El Din, and the leader of the so-called “Neo-Nazi” protest group “Right Sector”.   It is noteworthy to recall that the Greek mainstream media has come out in support of “Right Sector” in the recent past, calling them “nationalist symbols of the revolution”, until of course they forced the fall of Yanukovich, where the media later reverted to calling them “neo-nazis”!

The meeting between Right Sector and the Israeli representative included them denouncing “anti-semitism” and “xenophobia”. In the exchange, the Right Sector’s D. Yarosh/Jarosz said:

“the negative phenomena, especially anti-semitism, not only is opposed by the Right Sector, but will be suppressed by all lawful means. The aim of the movement is to build a democratic Ukraine, transparent government, fight corruption, equal opportunities for all nations and peoples, for the unity of the country, and a state that is ruled by democracy”. The two parties agreed on establishing a hotline [between Israel and Right Sectors administration] to prevent provocations and cooperate when issues arise.“

Despite using some nationalist symbols and gestures, some which the media uses to smear  Golden Dawn, why is it that the Zionists have such a different attitude in the two cases? Obviously it’s not a question of “Human rights”. The real reasons for this differentiation is to serve the geopolitical interests of the EU, USA and Israel to isolate Russia. Golden Dawn has revealed the implicit role Greek government collaborators have played in Zionist-controlled America’s expansionism, and has demonstrated with extensive scientific and academic literature the net damage suffered by Greek interests thanks to this subservience. The “Right Sector” on the other hand, took up an armed struggle in favor of American and Zionist interests, whether this was knowingly or unknowingly, it doesn’t matter.

What do Harris, Lauder, and Cantor have to say about the Israeli government meeting with so-called “Neo-Nazis”? Did they condemn this action in any kind of press release of the Israeli embassy in Kiev? Absolutely not.

While the Ukrainian crisis is an ongoing situation, the new cabinet has vowed to bring Ukraine into the European Union. Regardless of what small concessions these Ukrainian “nationalists” may win, the end result is their nation will be served on a silver platter to international usury and used as a piece in the geopolitical war led by the Zionist bloc. The fact that the media hardly attacks this group is suspicious to anyone with critical thinking skills, the fact that they will sit at a table with Zionist Secretary of State Victoria Nuland, Brussels, and the Israeli government to carve out the future of their country is downright outrageous. There will be no true nationalism in Ukraine, the world instead is only divided in two: Those slaves who serve their interests, and those who do not.

For those still convinced that the Right Sector is a legitimate nationalist movement, here is the official announcement from the Israeli embassy in Kiev regarding the collaboration:

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