Mega Fraud David COHEN POSEL (Occupy Corporatism) Declares War On Jacobs K. (Truth News International,

You see, when you expose shills and fraudsters like DAVID COHEN POSEL and SUZANNE COHEN POSEL then foolishly enough they don’t know when to stop their shillery and to start running for cover. No, instead they deem themselves masters of the “alternative media” and they declare war on those who have exposed their scam AGAIN.

April 13, 2014


david, cohen, posel, shill, fraud, scam

His announcement came shortly after he was approached online today, and was remembered of his and his wife’s earlier forgery and scams and article spinning which cannot be debunked because the proof is in their own video (of which we have downloaded a copy).

david, cohen, posel, shill, fraud, scam

We look forward to this “war that we don’t want” according to DAVID COHEN POSEL.

Of course we want this “war” because MEGA FRAUD COHEN POSEL has made this personal by mentioning my girlfriend and my friends.

* * *

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