“France Should Bomb Belgium” for Paris Attacks – French Journalist


The French journalist and “opinion maker” Eric Zemmour earlier stated on RTL that France should bomb Molenbeek rather than Raqa for, according to him, Molenbeek is the real threat now with ISIS recruiting there.

It’s not that his statement worries me for the reason that France may bomb Belgium as a suggested by Zemmour, although one never knows how a Gladio-like operation eventually evolves or is masterminded. It worries me because as a popular journalist and opinion maker he has willingly missed a chance to “make” the public’s opinion right. That ISIS is not who the people think it is and that the Paris attacks were in effect carried out by the French government and its zionist puppeteers.


Belgian Right Wing Party Wants Database with Fingerprints of All 11 Million Citizens, Freemasons-Linked Liberals Block the Initiative.


As a result of the Paris FALSE FLAG attacks the Belgian right wing extremists, N-VA, have proposed to create a database that holds the fingerprints of all 11 million Belgian citizens, including all minors and children –  branding the initiative as “the beginning of a real culture of security.”

The initiative, however, was blocked by one of the most prominent Freemasons-linked parties of Belgium, Open VLD (liberal democrats), who stated that such a database is a “disproportionate idea.” Make no mistake about it though, the Freemasons-linked collective is not guarding the rights of the Belgian citizens. They merely protect their own interests. For it would be very inconvenient to also have all the fingerprints of all the politicians in that same database – providing access to it for truthful law enforcers who are investigating high level and high profile crimes in which they undoubtedly (have) encounter(ed) fingerprints of dubious figures who are professionally active in the highest layers of politics in Belgium, the EU, NATO and the UN. How could it be any different?

Note that the database idea comes from a party and party leader, Bart de Wever (N-VA), who consider the 9/11 false flag attacks in the US as real arab terrorist attacks, in which the US and Israeli governments didn’t stage anything fraudulent at all. Aside from this, not surprisingly, the same party has been strengthening its ties with zionist figures and the Belgian zionist movement as a whole at least since the false flag attack in the Brussels jewish museum.

Although the database idea has been blocked (for now), the Belgian government has already decided that “radicalized persons” will receive an ID-card with fingerprints, following similar guidelines for new international passports.

Now the questions are of course: Who is deemed a radicalized person by the Belgian government?

And: Is this a step towards the UN’s universal biometric ID for everyone on this planet by lets say, 2030? Are these false flag attacks being used to further expand the already existing police states on this prison planet? YES and YES!

Shooting at Jewish Museum: Belgian Political Vultures Unfold Real Agenda

To no surprise at all and right on schedule the political vultures in the Belgian and EU governments are opening the curtains that once kept hidden their real agenda. Whether or not the shooting in the Brussels jewish museum was triggered on purpose is yet to be proven but for now that is not really important because the vultures have descended and are currently feeding of the carcass.

We have discussed this matter previously in our earlier update(s) that the Belgian government, under intense pressure of the Belgian Israel lobby, was using the terms “antisemitic” and “terrorism” on purpose and without any valid evidence to back up such claims, solely to further the long awaited unfolding of their dark agenda. Also in Belgium, amongst the vulture politicians in all parties, the saying goes “don’t let a crisis go to waste.” And so it is the case in Belgium, the heart of the fascist EU.

It’s been only a week since the shooting occurred but all registers have been opened up already to finally fully implement their US-Israeli like prison state. Belgium was one of the very last countries in Europe that until a while ago was still quite hospitable to its own and the foreign population. But all that has now changed for ever and there’s no sign that it will ever become any better.

Most people in Belgium have now to blame no one but themselves, they have chosen this path and they have constantly accepted the corruption and deception in their country. Now that the prison state is further unfolding the Belgians should not be complaining at all. They’ve got what they wanted. Enough time has passed and plenty of opportunities have come along that allowed the turning around of the situation but time and again the Belgians were too busy shopping for junk they don’t need and too busy pointing fingers at foreigners for the mess that was created domestically. All that has served the political vultures pretty well. After all, their agenda is further unfolding and the Belgians their freedom is further melting away and they even applaud it too, that is the absolute insanity about this all.

The mayor of Antwerp has requested that, since Belgium is allegedly from now on under permanent terror threat, paramilitary commando units be deployed in his city to protect the jewish community. Not the other citizens living in Antwerp, no they obviously don’t deserve extra protection it seems, only the jewish community does. It’s not that this is actually necessary to go commando in Belgium. After all, the alleged shooter at the jewish museum in Brussels was trained by and fought in the ranks of the ISIL, an Al Qaeda faction that is sponsored and steered by the UNEI-Saudi (US/NATO/EU/Israel) alliance of which Belgium is certainly a central member. The only ones that actually should be put under commando surveillance are the governments of the UNEI-Saudi alliance because it is they who are the real terrorists and high-level criminals and thugs. The UNEI-Saudi alliance is the real threat to the world, not the muslim extremists because most of those people merely fight this band of war criminals. They merely oppose the imperial expansion of the US, the EU, NATO and Israel.

A week after the shooting also the Belgian minister of internal affairs, Joëlle Milquet, has already come out stating that a European passengers information database will be further developed to monitor departing and arriving Syria fighters who come from or live in Europe. She claims this is necessary to guarantee more security in Europe and this database should be created following the US’ lead and example in their war on terror. She states that she “understands the nice ideas concerning privacy protection” but according to the Belgian minister of internal affairs “things have changed” now.

Damn right that things have changed! Never before in modern times has this world seen such a terror alliance like the UNEI. Never before in modern times have national governments openly joined forces to commit terrorism themselves all over the world. Never before in modern times were there so many rogue governments united in efforts to dominate the world by murdering and terrorizing the people that they should be serving. Never before in modern times have the people of the entire world been subjected to an iron murdering fist of an imperialistic band of high-level criminals and thugs. Yes, things have indeed changed Milquet! You are now officially the UNEI’s geisha and political mouthpiece prostitute. You literally love it both ways now don’t you? Your actions and words obviously make it appear you do. Damn you and your male counterparts in office! Damn all of you!

Of course, the envisaged and soon to be implemented security measures in Belgium and the rest of Europe will not apply to the band of UNEI thugs and their geisha, no these will only apply to the people. The ones who pay taxes. You see, the UNEI criminals are above the law now. They get away with anything, even murder and in the case of the Belgian prime minister Elio di Rupo they also get away with having sex with minors. Sexual interaction with 15-year-old boys. That is called pedophilia my man but it doesn’t matter because the dirt bags are in power and they rule the world now. That is the current state of affairs, also in Belgium.

In stead of implementing all these silly and useless “security measures” against terrorists that by the way the UNEI alliance has created themselves on purpose, why not choose the easy way out? Why not just bring to justice the UNEI alliance? Why not just put on trial Netanyahu for the murdering in and occupying of Palestine? Why not just bring to justice Bush and Blair for war crimes in Iraq and the rest of the Middle East? Why not bring to justice Elio di Rupo for having sex with 15-year-old gay boys [1, 2]? Why not bring to justice mister peace prize Barry Soetoro Obama for drone bombing innocent people to death in Afghanistan and Pakistan? Why not bring to justice the UN and their crooks for pedophilia, war crimes, genocide, forced prostitution and human trafficking? Why not bring to justice the Israeli government for its part in government-sponsored acts of terror and their involvement in 9/11 and 3/11? Why not? Why not bring to justice the catholic church for running pedophile rings all over the world? Why not bring to justice the US, the EU and NATO for the 1.5 million deaths at their hands? What is there to fear but justice?

So, if you have not left Belgium yet you may want to consider this option very seriously while you still can. Get out of there, leave it behind and start a new life far away from the EU and US mainlands. Those places are doomed and the walls of the prison state are closing in on the people fast. If you have property in the west, sell it now. Have money in the bank there? Withdraw it all today. Leave hell while you can or be doomed for ever. And should you really want to stay in Belgium, Europe or even the US then better throw out the political vultures right now. Tomorrow may be already too late.

Update 4: ISIL Suspect Arrested for Jewish Museum Shooting in Brussels, Belgium

The Belgian and French press are currently reporting that the alleged suspect of the May 24 shooting in the jewish museum in Brussels, Belgium, had been arrested on Friday May 30 after arriving in Marseilles, France, by buss coming from Brussels.

Government and media reports claim that the alleged 29-year-old shooter Mehdi Nemmouche, a French national, is a known mercenary who had previously fought in Syria against the Assad-regime in the ranks of the ISIL (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant).

syria, isil, jewish museum, brussels, shooting, terror, lone shooter, israel lobby, belgium, europe, eu, elections, department of homeland security, israel, Mehdi Nemmouche

Of course, now that the alleged shooter is officially being linked to ISIL another embarrassing situation has come up for the Belgian, Israeli and US governments. From the very start the Belgian government and the EU were undeniably pressured by the Israel lobby to advertise the Brussels museum shooting as “antisemitic terrorism,” although no evidence existed then and not even today, to support such claims, as the western propaganda machine goes in overdrive.

The fact that Nemmouche is being linked to ISIL is embarrassing because the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant that is fighting against the Assad-regime is a by the western governments backed and sponsored terror group, linked to the CIA’s favorite … Al Qaeda.

Earlier, ISIL attacks on Israeli installations in the occupied Syrian Golan Heights were used as a pretext by Israel to justify air strikes on a Syrian airbase. Also the Turkish government has been caught working together with ISIL, to justify their invasion of Syria under the pretext of defending the tomb of Suleyman Shah.

ISIL is known to be a faction of Al Qaeda mercenaries that are being funded and supplied by Washington, Brussels, Ankara, London, Paris, Tel Aviv and Riyadh, in their efforts to overthrow the Syrian government in which they fortunately continue to fail [1, 2, 3]. Additional reports confirm that indeed ISIL has become an important instrument of the UNEI-Saudi alliance (US/NATO/EU/Israel) to further destabilize the Middle East, aside from the fact that members of this alliance are active in every country where there is the greatest risk for terrorism.”

A FNA (Iran) report of May 5, 2014, describes that the CIA, the Mossad, MI6 and arab allies have set up a joint operation room in Amman, Jordan, “to undermine the security and stability of Iran, Iraq, Syria and Egypt.” It also describes that the operations of the ISIL have been the products of this joint operation room.

Thus, all this information is quite embarrassing, to say the least, for those who have proudly reported that they have captured the alleged suspect of the Museum shooting in Brussels. After all, how can this man be involved in antisemitic terrorism when Israel is at least involved in his very hiring and deployment in Syria? Does the Israeli government then fund attacks on its own people, abroad and in Israel?

The UNEI alliance has created such an enormous monster, Al Qaeda and its terrorism, that all control over it has already been lost a long time ago. Loose cannons of the several factions that comprise Al Qaeda are now turning on their creators and when they do they are regarded as mere expendable assets. Whether ISIL and Al Qaeda attacks occur or are being staged in the Middle East, the US or Europe doesn’t really matter to the creators of the beast, anyway it turns out more security measures can and will be implemented. In the end, both ways serve the same imperialistic cause and hardly anyone of the general public seems to even care.

Update 3 Museum Shooting Brussels: Tel Aviv Couple Worked for Israeli Department of Homeland Security

jewish museum, brussels, shooting, terror, lone shooter, israel lobby, belgium, europe, eu, elections, department of homeland security, israel

Jewish sources have confirmed that both Emanuel Riva and Miriam Riva, the Tel Aviv couple that was murdered in the Brussels jewish museum on May 24, worked for the Israeli government. The Sources explicitly state that the Riva’s worked for “Ministry of Public Security” / “DHS” which stands for the Israeli Department of Homeland Security. They were able to conclude this because they had seen the by the Israeli government submitted obituary in a newspaper that announced the deaths of Emanuel Riva and Miriam Riva, as can be seen in the above image which is a copy of that particular obituary.

The sources further describe that Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been wrongfully using the shooting in Brussels on purpose to further the “antisemitic” agenda, which we explained partially in our previous updates [1, 2] about this shooting. Continuously the Israeli government and the Israel lobby capitalize on any incident that involves jewish people, in an endless attempt to further portray Israel as the black sheep of the world, the “powerless” victim that everyone hates for no reason at all.

The jewish sources state it quite clear that they are tired of this propaganda and attitude of the Israeli government and the Knesset. They are tired of Netanyahu and his gang constantly holding the world hostage every time they see a chance. Thus, apparently and luckily we are not the only ones who are of this opinion. It sure puts the whole museum shooting in a different perspective to know that even some jewish communities are fed up with it and that they see through the “game of shadows,” as they describe it themselves.

It is also being reported that Miriam (Mira) Riva is a relative of a very influential Breslov Hasidim, rabbi Moshe Tsanany. Emanuel was reportedly working at the witness protection program of the Israeli government. The Riva’s funeral took place in Tel Aviv on May 27.

jewish museum, brussels, shooting, terror, lone shooter, israel lobby, belgium, europe, eu, elections, department of homeland security, israel
Emanuel Riva (right) with his twin brother Aryeh Riva at the bar mitzvah of Aryeh’s son.

The sources also point to the fact that a 72-year-old worker of the museum was absent due to illness and was replaced by a volunteer, although they do not seem to indicate that there’s any suspicion to be worried about concerning the 72-year-old.

Continuing in their report the jewish  sources draw attention to how Netanyahu, head rabbis, the pope, the mainstream press and the government all band together as they collectively brand the shooting as antisemitic, knowing very well that there’s no evidence to support such claims. Indeed, should it be reported and confirmed in the coming months by the establishment press or governments that they have been reporting wrong narratives at this time on the shooting, with some luck a correction in a footnote will be printed on the last page of a newspaper to rectify the earlier mistakes. Obviously too late by then and even now already because the whole world has been fooled into believing that Israel and all jews are yet again a victim of extremist muslims who are heinous terrorists. By then no one will ever care about the footnote and Netanyahu and the Israeli government got what they wanted anyway.

This is exactly how the whole “war on terror” works. Fabricate stories, play innocent yourself and make the people believe that they need more security measures from their government. It’s not a coincidence that Israel is the prime developer and exporter of police state techniques, policies and systems. Certainly the EU is eagerly buying into all of this, including the fake narrative of the museum shooting. If not due to pressure from the Israel lobby then certainly to expand their fascist federation.

Update 2: Shooting at Jewish Museum Brussels, Belgium

As the official stories surrounding the May 24 shooting at the Brussels Jewish museum in Belgium further unfold we can confirm that our initial starting points and assumptions are further being proven to be accurate.

First of all, the “antisemitic terrorism” narrative that was first established by the government, the press and the Israel lobby in Belgium is now being pushed into the fast lane and being parroted worldwide, clearly indicating that that was exactly the intention from the very start even though NO evidence existed upon which these claims could be based within the first few hours after the shooting. We saw the very same happening MINUTES after 9/11 happened in 2001. It was also then immediately claimed that muslim extremists were responsible for the attacks and completely out of nowhere the name Osama bin Laden was launched by amateur observers who could not have known that bin Laden would be the patsy, unless that person who mentioned that name when he did knew about the very plot that was masterminded and then unfolding, which would be very odd at least because the official narrative was that the attacks came out of nowhere – totally unexpected. Yeah, right! Then why were the war games of 9/11 used as a cover?

jewish museum, brussels, shooting, terror, lone shooter, israel lobby, belgium, europe, eu, elections

Two of the alleged victims of the museum shooting, Miriam and Emmanuel Riva (above), the Tel Aviv couple, worked as accountants in Israeli government services including the Finance Ministry. Emmanuel Riva, had previously worked for Nativ, “the Israeli government agency that played a covert role in fostering Jewish immigration from the former Soviet Union.” It is being claimed that Miriam Riva worked for the Mossad although her actual position in the intelligence agency remains unclear so far [2].

“It was just two years ago that they returned from Germany after an assignment in Berlin, where they worked as accountants at a government corporation,” write Times of Israel and Ynet. “It took authorities many hours to identify the couple because they were not carrying identification on them during the attack,” according to Times of Israel. She had previously also worked for the Israeli prime minister’s office.

Either way, the Israeli intelligence agencies can benefit from domestic and overseas workers, even if the workers themselves don’t know or don’t realize it, since they can easily obtain access to all information of any government department and service. The fact that at some point in time they were working on an assignment in Berlin for a government corporation further indicates that indeed the couple may have had compartmentalized links to Nativ and Mossad. Front corporations are hallmarks of intelligence agencies like the Mossad and the CIA.

“The phrase ‘government service’ in Hebrew can sometimes be a euphemism for spy work.  In her case [Miriam Riva], the phrase fits, but only in the sense that she most likely worked for Israel’s overseas spy service in a capacity,” writes Richard Silverstein.

Other indications that suggest that we indeed should further investigate extensively the alleged links to Nativ and the Mossad is a statement of Robert Ayers, former U.S. intelligence officer according to Yahoo: “I don’t think a professional hitman would have done it this way. It was a guy who was deranged, who had been planning on doing something like this and did it.” Why should we dismiss this possibility so easily? After all, only very few details on the alleged shooter have come out yet in the public domain. Why not further investigate this possible lead as well? 3/11 was also perpetrated in broad daylight! The strong push of the official narrative that brands this claimed shooting as “antisemitic terrorism” ever since the very first hours after the event, without evidence, also indicates that something else is being played out. That an underlying agenda is being furthered. isn’t it BUSH? … and NETANYAHU, who’s statements are perfect proof of that. He condemns the European politicians for not denouncing loudly enough the alleged “antisemitic” attack and therefore calls them hypocrites, even though the televised political debates had been canceled because of the shooting and because of pressure from the Israel lobby. Arrogant warmonger!

We have already mentioned this in our first report that from the very start, the very first public statements, the antisemitic card was being drawn. Immediately after the first media reports of the shooting, the Israel lobby in Belgium urged the Belgian government and the EU to fight antisemitism more intense because they blame the lack of strong measures in the EU against anti-Israel sentiment (which is automatically being branded as anti-jewish sentiment) as one of the very reasons why the shooting happened.

However, the “antisemitic terrorism” campaign that now surrounds the shooting hardly has any basis, if any at all, when it comes to the “attack on the jews and Israel” narrative. The Belgian jewish community leader Maurice Sosnowski stated that “the museum was not protected like other jewish centers in Brussels because it is not exclusively a jewish community structure,” writes Times of Israel. Therefore it is at least very irresponsible and misleading to call the shooting antisemitic. Because when we follow the same logic here, how would it be branded then when a killer walks in a gasoline station and shoots four people? Would this then be perceived as an attack on all car and motorbike owners, on all car manufacturers?

It is obvious that the world has been caught up again in a false campaign that profiles Israel as a powerless victim, we can see this from the first reactions from persons like Netanyahu, and Rolf Tophoven. According to Netanyahu the shooting is an attack on Israel, although it occurred in Belgium, while Tophoven describes the shooting as “a leaderless jihad” by people who “radicalize themselves on the Internet. It would be the story of the autonomous terrorist whom nobody had on their radar screens, whom nobody knew.” Striking how this description fits the deceptive “war on terror” propaganda and agenda of Israel, the US and EU governments and NATO. Isn’t it?

Just to be sure, read the US Global Anti-Semitism Review/Awareness Act, signed by Bush in 2004, and this State Department report. It has ISRAEL LOBBY and ‘anti-muslim’ written all over it. The Global Anti-Semitism Review/Awareness Act allows the US government to “document and combat acts of anti-Semitism globally,” it can be applied anywhere in the world on its own and even more extensively when combined with the US NDAA and the US Patriot Act. Literally anything goes in the false “war on terror.”

It is being claimed that the Global Anti-Semitism Review/Awareness Act only mandated a one-time report on anti-Semitic acts and that it has no further impact and that it grants the US government no additional powers. This is, however, not true. “The Act also established within the U.S. Department of State an Office of the Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism. On May 22, 2006, Gregg Rickman was sworn in by U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice as the first Special Envoy.” The current special envoy to monitor and combat anti-semitism is Ira Forman, former jewish outreach director for the “Obama for America” campaign. The shooting in Belgium is currently not on Forman’s public news feed so the Israel lobby will have to push the “antisemitic terrorism” narrative harder should they want to see it appear there.

In the US Department of State’s Contemporary Global Anti-Semitism report it is also stated that:

“Anti-Semitism is at the root of numerous contemporary conspiracy theories, including the following examples of false claims.

  • Four thousand jews were falsely accused of not reporting to work at the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, supposedly because they had been warned not to do so by those who had advance knowledge of the attack.”

This alleged conspiracy theory, about 9/11, is based on a statement made by Syrian ambassador Turki Muhammad Saqr who reportedly said on October 24, 2001, that “Syria has documented proof of the Zionist regime’s involvement in the September 11 terror attacks on the United States … [That] 4,000 jews employed at the World Trade Center did not show up for work before the attack clearly attests to Zionist involvement in these attacks.” Even if Saqr’s claim is not correct it has on the other hand still to be explained why Odigo users and staff knew about the 9/11 attacks TWO HOURS in advance. Odigo, an Israeli start-up founded in 1998, was an instant messaging service provider in the US and Israel. Workers and clients of Odigo had received early warnings that were accurate to the minute, on the day of the attacks [1, 2]. Odigo was later, in 2002, acquired by another major Israeli company Comverse. Comverse was together with NICE caught in 2003 when it came out that they had been wiretapping the EU’s Justus Lipsius building in Brussels since the 1990s [1, 2].

Unfortunately for the Israel lobby, even the US State Department is not backing them up for a full 100%. The US State Department’s working definition of antisemitism includes a provision that says “criticism of Israel similar to that leveled against any other country cannot be regarded as anti-Semitic.” So under this provision it is perfectly acceptable to repeat, for example, that Israel is involved in the eco-terror and war crimes committed on March 11, 2011, in Japan, because Israel too accuses other nations of similar crimes.

Currently there are also alternative theories circulating on what happened in Brussels, in the jewish museum. One such theory is that it was a false flag event to be blamed on Russia. This shooting, according to this theory, can then be used as a pretext to legitimately attack Russia as a punishment for its invasion of Ukraine. That this shooting is part of a false flag campaign is certainly possible yes, we do not exclude that but further investigation and more leads are needed to confirm or disprove this.

The linked theory also points to an initial photo of the crime scene where it is claimed, by the author of that theory, that the photo is suspicious. There’s not enough blood and the clothes of the victims show no bloodstains, according to that author.

jewish museum, brussels, shooting, terror, lone shooter, israel lobby, belgium, europe, eu, elections

jewish museum, brussels, shooting, terror, lone shooter, israel lobby, belgium, europe, eu, elections

Sure it is possible that the shooting is staged but what proof is there for such claims? On what current fact can such claims be based? Belgium is not Hollywood, by far, and based on the provided videos the shooter was a hitman, not a rookie. The mentioned theory, originating from The Netherlands, is nothing more than that: a theory. Completely baseless and full of unfounded claims. No evidence is provided in any way. The video images are generally of poor quality and there where quality is better the shooter is completely unidentifiable. Purposely have the useful parts been cut out of course.

The fact is that should the government and the press in Belgium have described the shooting as a murder case and not immediately have given in to the Israel lobby’s deceptive “antisemitic terrorism” narrative this case would have quickly disappeared from the frontpages around the world. It would hardly be noticed at all.

But no, “lets call it a terrorist attack” then we can deploy more resources, stuff the streets with cops and search everyone, because who knows maybe the terrorist is hiding in a bag or a stroller. “Watch out” maybe there’s a bomb in there too.. Yeah, lets rape the public their rights with terror narratives!

jewish museum, brussels, shooting, terror, lone shooter, israel lobby, belgium, europe, eu, elections

It’s exactly what the whole “antisemitic terror” campaign was intended to do and it is working well for those who have been scripting it in the last couple of days. The Belgian OCAD unit has already announced that all police headquarters in the country and even the army are on high alert now because “the terrorist may strike there too.” It’s completely absurd and a totally exaggerated dramatized spectacle by now. Reality has been lost in the last few days and it seems very unlikely that it will ever return. Thank the gods for the “war on terror” and thank the gods for the peaceful state of Israel! Life on Earth would be horribly dull without those two.

Update: Brussels Shooting at Jewish Museum

Yesterday we reported on the shooting that occurred in a jewish museum in Brussels, Belgium, on Saturday. We described how, under strong pressure from the Israel lobby, the Belgian government and media had already concluded that the shooting was an act of “antisemitic terrorism,” although no evidence existed that could substantiate such claims.

During the elections in Belgium and the EU, Sunday May 25, police investigators released CCTV footage and photos from inside the museum and from its entrance wherein the shooter can be seen. Because the police investigators are stuck in the investigation and can’t identify the shooter they have requested the public for tips and help.

The video footage and photos were released the next day, after the shooting had occurred. The video quality does not allow to identify the alleged shooter. Yet, within hours after the shooting on Saturday the government, the Israel lobby and the media had already established the narrative and had already shaped the public opinion by claiming that the attack was an act of terrorism aimed at the jewish community and Israel. Haaretz even went as far as to claim that it was almost certain that it involved Muslim extremists, even though no images or video footage was yet released. A full day before the eventual videos and photos were provided to the public by the Belgian police was it already concluded by the Israel lobby and several other government sources, and eventually the press, that the attack looked very similar to Al Qaeda’s MO. Founded on wild assumption without any evidence to back up these claims.

The available videos and images provide no credible indications that indeed the alleged shooter is a Muslim or a member of Al CIAda:

Video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IgNLryxEB7U

Today, May 26, we read DailyMail’s updated version of their article on the shooting in Brussels wherein it is now being claimed that “authorities strongly suspect Al Qaeda-linked Islamic radicals are behind the attack.” No source for such claims is provided nor any evidence to back it up. Although it is widely known that DailyMail is a trashy tabloid piece, millions of people do read it every day so the article certainly has a lot of influence on public opinion and is by many perceived as the official narrative.

The victims are claimed to be Emanuel Riva and Miriam Riva from Tel Aviv, Dominique Chabrier and Alexandre Strens.

[update May 27, 2014: The Riva’s two children, daughters, are Shira and Ayelet – age 17 and 15 or 16 and 15 (1, 2). The Riva’s funeral took place at the Kiryat Shaul cemetery in Tel Aviv.]