Catholic Church and Christian Extremists Celebrating Their African Cultural Genocide


By Mawuna Remarque Koutonin

The Catholic Church and Christian extremists are celebrating this week their successful cultural genocide in Africa.

The Catholic Church think africans have inferior religions and spirituality therefore they need to be converted to the superior Christian religion to get salvation.

Exactly like the European terrorist countries like France, Spain, Portugal, UK, Italy said Africans were inferior human beings and therefore they need to be colonized and civilized, the church is using the same logic to commit cultural genocide, spreading their murderous religion.

The Christian pope Francis just said “Africa is now the home of Jesus” and he is happy “Faith is Growing in Africa”. He should have said “We succeeded to destroy your culture. You were uncivilized, and now that we have succeeded to fuck you up, and you now bow to adore the white Jesus as your new God; we are happy to suck your money four times a month which goes to Vatican; we are also happy the number of africans who give money to the church is growing and everyday we own more and more lands in Africa. I’m here to tell you I’m happy we have beaten your ancestors, and succeeded to destroy your culture. Now, let’s celebrate together motherfuckers!”

After the numerical physical genocides in Africa, the Catholic Church, and alike, are nailing the coffins with a cultural genocide celebration tour in Africa.

If the British Queen will go to Africa celebrating the success of the British colonization of Africa, everyone would be shocked and the Queen would be unwelcome with protests.

Now, that’s exactly what the pope is doing, going around celebrating the success of the Catholic church to decimate African culture and spiritually.

Maybe Britain has stopped its civilization mission, but the Catholic church still think Africans need to be civilized by Christianity because their religions are inferior to the white Jesus.