Leon Pittard, Fairdinkum Radio Show Responds to “David COHEN POSEL ‘Global Depopulation Policy’ Pawn”

Yesterday, April 17, we published the damning report “Game Over: David COHEN POSEL (Occupy Corporatism – US Independent) Exposed as ‘Global Depopulation Policy’ Pawn” and we informed the alleged writers and contributors of DAVID COHEN POSEL of this publication since it certainly concerns them.

Responses are currently flooding in from people who are re-posting the report on their websites and blogs and from people who have a broader opinion about DAVID and SANNE COHEN POSEL.

One of those responses comes from Fairdinkum Radio Show’s Leon Pittard who apparently is wrongfully being mentioned on the COHEN POSEL website as one of “their” writers.

[Update: Mr. Pittard has contacted us again and wrote: “Remove the post, it was a private communication.” We respect his request so we have removed his e-mail, however it can still be accessed here for future reference. As part of the transparency policy that we follow here at Truth News International, like our readers know and for which they appreciate us according to their own words in communications towards us, we will also publish our own latest response to Mr. Pittard who feels that we have dragged him into this:

“Yes, transparency is what we value here. That’s the way forward, we believe.

I haven’t dragged anyone. When someone dragged anyone it is COHEN POSEL.

I’m sorry if our transparency offends you but your e-mail was very interesting and we deemed it necessary to let our readers know this most telling development.

We will remove the content of your e-mail but the page has already been archived for future reference so it is still accessible.
Although we can’t seem to find an honest reason why you wouldn’t want transparency in this matter, we will replace your previous content with “Remove the post, it was a private communication.”

People who contact us should know that we always publish critical information, that is part of the transparency policy.

The content was already posted before you mentioned “private communication.” We told you in our previous e-mail that we published it so we let you know about it. We don’t hide anything. You didn’t specifically state that your first e-mail was not allowed to be published.

Again, we are sorry if our transparency offends you but we surely would appreciate when anyone would publish our e-mail content whenever this may help their case, regardless what the issue is. We always write our e-mails in such a manner with that purpose in mind.



Obviously the fraudsters at the US Independent and Occupy Corporatism seem to be mixing up their fantasy world with reality, which is to be expected from delusional individuals who support depopulation.

Another person, who wants to be called Lee, also contacted us and had this to say.


  • “Hi,
    I don’t believe I’ve spoken with you. I came across your article regarding the Posels and, well, I too had a problem with them. Mostly with Susanne though. It was David that would correspond to me months after when I would send something regarding whatever it was at the time. Mostly I was making up for putting out a smear on Susanne’s (PW: nwocsi) site two years ago. I did that because I wasn’t certain if I’d need them or not and, whelp, I don’t need them.
    I’d like to know why it is that you’re exposing David without going after Susanne. At some point when I’m ready, I’ll get you on the phone to talk about the allegation against David to see if it has merit. The reason? Because I’m on a campaign to dismantle all of the counter productive news pundits. No, I’m not working against the 1st amendment on the other team my friend… my aim is to clean house so that we all of us can write effective articles without the garbage from others blitzing their importance and the heads of websites and newscasts that are censoring out true information.”

* * *

Game Over: David COHEN POSEL (Occupy Corporatism – US Independent) Exposed as “Global Depopulation Policy” Pawn

Exposed AGAIN: Suzanne Posel a.k.a. Sanne Cohen (Occupy Corporatism)


Mega Fraud David COHEN POSEL (Occupy Corporatism) Declares War On Jacobs K. (Truth News International, 4key.net)

You see, when you expose shills and fraudsters like DAVID COHEN POSEL and SUZANNE COHEN POSEL then foolishly enough they don’t know when to stop their shillery and to start running for cover. No, instead they deem themselves masters of the “alternative media” and they declare war on those who have exposed their scam AGAIN.

April 13, 2014



david, cohen, posel, shill, fraud, scam

His announcement came shortly after he was approached online today, and was remembered of his and his wife’s earlier forgery and scams and article spinning which cannot be debunked because the proof is in their own video (of which we have downloaded a copy).

david, cohen, posel, shill, fraud, scam

We look forward to this “war that we don’t want” according to DAVID COHEN POSEL.

Of course we want this “war” because MEGA FRAUD COHEN POSEL has made this personal by mentioning my girlfriend and my friends.

* * *

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