Attack on the Social Fabric through TOYS


It is simply disgusting that politicians around the world are getting involved more and more in advocating for gender-neutral toy marketing. One can rightfully ask himself what any politician honestly has to gain from getting involved in debates concerning how toys are advertised – to either boys or girls.

Dividing toys into “for boys” and “for girls” is now being trended as old-fashioned and according to the concerning activists (yes, there are useful-idiot “activists” for such stupid campaigns) it limits the development of children who will want to live a gender-neutral or other LGBT-associated life. (Am I really forced to be writing this here today? Goodness!)

All I can say is that I’m stunned by how far we have come, or how deep we have society let slip away. The very notion that we have people fighting against corporations because they are offended, for advertising their toys to either boys or girls, shows that there’s no way back and that for us, the hardcore resistance, it is practically impossible to get society back on the right tracks.

Luckily for us, we aren’t doomed but it’s obvious that we can’t say the same for the, lets say, 7 billion others on this planet who gradually are all slipping into a dystopian reality and future.