“Paris Suicide Attacker Blown Away by Grenade Launcher”


The following video is worth sharing. It was published on November 23, two days after I informed the world, as the first, about what had happened to the patsies in Saint Denis, France, after the false flag attacks in Paris on November 13.

TNI, November 21, 2015: “FINAL NAIL IN THE COFFIN OF THE PARIS FALSE FLAG ATTACKS !!! Paris Raid: “Suicide Blast” in Saint -Denis is a FALSE Narrative, VIDEO PROVES IT !!!”


Ron Johnson, November 23, 2015: “Paris Suicide Attacker Blown Away by Grenade Launcher”

Video link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JSglZPjzAaU


“France Should Bomb Belgium” for Paris Attacks – French Journalist


The French journalist and “opinion maker” Eric Zemmour earlier stated on RTL that France should bomb Molenbeek rather than Raqa for, according to him, Molenbeek is the real threat now with ISIS recruiting there.

It’s not that his statement worries me for the reason that France may bomb Belgium as a suggested by Zemmour, although one never knows how a Gladio-like operation eventually evolves or is masterminded. It worries me because as a popular journalist and opinion maker he has willingly missed a chance to “make” the public’s opinion right. That ISIS is not who the people think it is and that the Paris attacks were in effect carried out by the French government and its zionist puppeteers.

STUNNING! Paris Attacks: Belgian Mainstream Press Undermines Official Story Line!


Here’s something that needs to be archived by every truther out there who has been involved in the Paris attacks investigations, it is of great interest to say the least.

The Belgian press outlets, VTM and HLN (and it doesn’t get any more mainstream than this for Belgium), have broadcasted and published reports in which they state that “according to ISIS” the alleged operative (read: PATSY) Salah Abdeslam didn’t operate in a French district that has – allegedly – been ordered, claimed and published by the organization.

What they are basically saying with this here is that Abdeslam didn’t commit a crime in name of ISIS on that day in Paris, France, because the organization (ISIS) didn’t recognize his “job” as one of theirs.

So much for ISIS “claiming” the terror attacks in Paris!

To further support my interpretation – that it is indeed the right interpretation for this new twist in the mainstream story line – I can also put forward the claim that the same media outlets are pushing now, that Abdeslam is “wanted” by ISIS for not completing his mission and blowing himself up in Paris on the 13th of November. Which is a ridiculous assumption by the way.

What this means is that indeed Abdeslam is a patsy (as I have been saying all along), along with the rest of the alleged “terrorists” of which some were even murdered by the French police with a grenade – as documented in the “suicide blast” video footage.

Abdeslam is not wanted by ISIS but by the French Gladio cell!

Thus, now that these pieces of the puzzle also fall into their appropriate places, we are all correct when we assume that the French government – or at least a Gladio-like cell thereof – in cooperation with the zionist sectarians have masterminded or at least co-opted the attacks in Paris. It is as simple as that really.

Abdeslam, for now, has gotten away, it is claimed. He is on the run, not from ISIS but from the ones who have bombed the other patsies to death in the Saint-Denis apartment. Those cops or special commandos have been sent out to erase all traces that can lead directly to the office of the French president and his zionist puppeteers.

Eventually Abdeslam will be killed as well. They can’t afford to let him live because he’s one of the very few now that can talk and spill the beans on who ordered and masterminded the Gladio-like attacks with which “ISIS” has nothing to do with.

Since this development too has been first published here at TNI, I will give the other news outlets of both media blocks a few days now to 1) find this information as well and; 2) publish at least one piece about this that recognizes that indeed the Paris attacks were a false flag event in which the French government and the zionist sectarians have played the leading roles.

After those few days we will have once again a litmus test for the so-called truth movement and its false heroes.


Attack on Radisson Blu Hotel, Mali, Claimed by THREE Organizations…

This is a perfect example of how the French government for instance can make the world believe anything it wants. Allegedly, so far there have been three organizations that have claimed responsibility for last Friday’s attack on the Radisson Blu hotel in Mali.

First al-Mourabitoun claimed the attack, then Al Qaeda and now, allegedly, also the Massina Liberation Front has claimed the attacks.

It shows how easy it is to fool the world through the press. It is exactly for reasons like this that I refuse to believe, aside from all the evidence, that the Paris attacks were by ISIS.

After reading Mawuna Remarque Koutonin report on France’s colonial pact with 14 African countries (including Mali) I find it very easy to believe that the French government for instance has falsely been claiming the Mali attacks in name of the above mentioned organizations.

The UNEI terror alliance is clearly rubbing it in your faces, that they, along with Israel and the US, are running the terror show and most folks just buy all the crap and lies as it all comes along.

Forced Education from France… in Togo – Mawuna Remarque Koutonin


By Mawuna Remarque Koutonin

A month ago kids were back to school in Togo.

I went with a friend to the bookstore to take the books the school requested the parents to buy for their six years old kids.

The books are the same as for French kids in France and all the books are bought in France and imported to Togo.

The intention of the school is to make Togo kids to be like French kids. And, the expectations of parents sending their kids to such school is to make their kids to be like French kids.

Here is a pictures of the books we’ve got, and a list of all books requested by the school. They are all written by French authors for French kids, but imported to Togo by Togolese schools to teach Togo kids in a completely different environment.

That’s how we are paying for our own alienation.

We still unable to write books for our kids. What kind of people tell alien culture stories to educate their kids.

The Paris Attacks Summarized by Mawuna Remarque Koutonin


By Mawuna Remarque Koutonin

You can say whatever you want about white people but they are very supportive of each other.

120 people killed in Paris, and from Sydney to Washington all white nations come in union to mourn and display signs of compassion and solidarity.

Facebook had changed overnight its own policy and activated safety check function when the tragedy is about white people.

All the western propaganda medias are 24/24H talking about the tragedy of Paris as if it was a unique event in the world. They make the tragedy looks like something exceptional in the world scale (which it’s not). And They put the event at the center of all attention like if all that matters. (Which it’s not).

Unfortunately, for white nations only white people lives matter. The death of non-white people has no meaning for them. They have Selective compassion.

Paris Attacks: Press Caught Running Photo Psyop!


Saint Denis, France: Police Grenade Erasing the Patsies

Video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iHlucRpJ8AQ

The Daily Mail has been exposed for running a photo psyop that was intended to keep the official narrative alive and believable but now that also Daily Mail has been caught lying – again – the already flimsy narrative for the November 13 attacks in Paris is even further falling apart. If that is even possible at all since the French police was caught murdering the 11/13 patsies with a grenade.

And that false “suicide blast” is now becoming more important than ever. You see, the woman that was falsely advertised as the female terrorist who blew herself up in Saint Denis in France can’t credibly be pictured by any establishment press outlet or even the French government and the proof for this is that fact that the Daily Mail bought pictures from another woman in France that they then used to depict the female terrorist.

The woman who is seen in the Daily Mail pictures has now made a video demanding that these matters be straightened out officially, after she requested help from the authorities. Even the Guardian has admitted this:

  • “A Moroccan woman has released a video via news website Alyaoum24, claiming that photographs purporting to show Hasna Aït Boulahcen – which have been published by newspapers and websites around the world – are in fact pictures of her. The Daily Mail was among several publications to print the photos – one showing a woman in a bath and another showing a woman with her two friends whose faces have been blurred out – which they claimed were of Aït Boulahcen. But the Moroccan woman, named only as Nabila, has said that the photograph of the woman in the bath is of her, and was taken at a friend’s house while she was living in France. It appears that the photographs published by the Daily Mail show two different women. According to Alyaoum24, Nabila is from Beni Mellal in Morocco and works at a driving school. Nabila has asked for the relevant authorities to intervene, as the photographs have been disseminated around the world online.”

Now, since the official line of the female terrorist blowing herself up with a bomb vest has been trashed by me, RIGHT HERE, and that we have Daily Mail pushing a photo psyop upon its gullible audience it is time to once and for all call total BS on the entire charade in Paris, in which real people did die nonetheless (aside from the patsies).

Source: Daily Mail
Source: Daily Mail

Saint Denis, France: Police Grenade Erasing the Patsies

Video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iHlucRpJ8AQ