Catholic Church and Christian Extremists Celebrating Their African Cultural Genocide


By Mawuna Remarque Koutonin

The Catholic Church and Christian extremists are celebrating this week their successful cultural genocide in Africa.

The Catholic Church think africans have inferior religions and spirituality therefore they need to be converted to the superior Christian religion to get salvation.

Exactly like the European terrorist countries like France, Spain, Portugal, UK, Italy said Africans were inferior human beings and therefore they need to be colonized and civilized, the church is using the same logic to commit cultural genocide, spreading their murderous religion.

The Christian pope Francis just said “Africa is now the home of Jesus” and he is happy “Faith is Growing in Africa”. He should have said “We succeeded to destroy your culture. You were uncivilized, and now that we have succeeded to fuck you up, and you now bow to adore the white Jesus as your new God; we are happy to suck your money four times a month which goes to Vatican; we are also happy the number of africans who give money to the church is growing and everyday we own more and more lands in Africa. I’m here to tell you I’m happy we have beaten your ancestors, and succeeded to destroy your culture. Now, let’s celebrate together motherfuckers!”

After the numerical physical genocides in Africa, the Catholic Church, and alike, are nailing the coffins with a cultural genocide celebration tour in Africa.

If the British Queen will go to Africa celebrating the success of the British colonization of Africa, everyone would be shocked and the Queen would be unwelcome with protests.

Now, that’s exactly what the pope is doing, going around celebrating the success of the Catholic church to decimate African culture and spiritually.

Maybe Britain has stopped its civilization mission, but the Catholic church still think Africans need to be civilized by Christianity because their religions are inferior to the white Jesus.


UN: “Peacekeepers Should Use Force More Often”

According to the United Nations’ Office of Internal Oversight Services the UN “peacekeepers”should use force more frequently [1, 2, 3]. When this sounds odd to anyone, they’re right. After all, alleged “peacekeepers” of the most corrupt and pedophilia-and-abuse-ridden institution on this planet have no business in sovereign nations. They shouldn’t be there in the first place.

All legitimacy that the UN once had has already been flushed down the drain a long time ago. Currently there are more than 50 criminal cases in which the UN and their “peacekeepers” are involved. Ranging from pedophilia, human trafficking, corruption, psychological warfare against peaceful populations, whitewashing of incriminating evidence and forced prostitution to anti-human vaccination programs and out-right murder and genocide.

The UN continues to aid in upholding false narratives concerning what really happened on 9/11 in the US, on 3/11 in Japan, about man made global warming and agenda 21 and about the financial crisis. The UN also approved the illegal invasion of Libya and the murder of Muammar Gaddafi, to allow the western alliance of brigand nations, the EU and US, to plunder the sovereign nation at will.

Of course the UN’s own words in its report, “peacekeepers should use force more often,” don’t come as a surprise, it happens quite frequently that a psychopath institution like the UN, a breeding ground for world domination thugs and their policies, shows its real identity and real face behind the peaceful and humanitarian corporate mask.

The UN was never meant to be a peaceful institution, ever since it was established. Those who believe the opposite are either being used by the UN as cannon fodder or are deployed as “grassroots” propaganda legions, often referred to as useful idiots, totally unaware of who they are really serving.

The United Nations is protected by diplomatic/political immunity, therefore it can not be brought to justice for its crimes in more than 50 known cases. This number is obviously much higher because not every crime of the UN is public knowledge. The UN knows all too well that should their immunity be lifted a flood of claims for justice and a massive number of court cases would be initiated against them for all their corruption, murders and other crimes against humanity and citizens individually. Since their immunity will not be lifted it is obvious who the UN really serves and why corrupt politicians and all governments will do everything to assure that the UN can continue its crusade for world domination.

Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal Issues Landmark Verdict against Israel for Genocide

December 01, 2013 – Global Research

The landmark ruling against Israel for its genocide against the Palestinian people rendered by the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal is significant for several reasons:

–          In contrast to other non-official courts of conscience on Palestinian rights, for example, the Russell Tribunal on Palestine (New York 2012), the prosecution in Kuala Lumpur took a step beyond war crimes and crimes against humanity to the higher and broader charge of genocide.

–          The decision was rendered during the ongoing commission of the alleged crime by the defendant, rather than after the fact as in earlier genocide cases.

–          Instead of limiting its ruling to individuals who ordered genocidal actions, the jurists also charged the state as a defendant.

–          As a consequence, this case breaks the tradition of immunity of nation-states from criminal prosecution under international law.

–          The decision introduces a legal basis for international action to protect minorities from genocide as a lawful alternative to the current response of so-called humanitarian intervention, invasion, occupation and regime change, which have often been as illegitimate and more destructive, and in some cases as genocidal as the original violation being punished.

The Kuala Lumpur Tribunal based its momentous decision on the 1948 Genocide Convention, which prohibits and punishes the killing, causing of harm and deliberate infliction of conditions of life calculated to bring about the physical destruction of a group of people, targeted for their ethnicity, religion or race. In instances of genocide, these criminal acts are done with the specific intent of destroying as a part or in whole of the targeted group, as in this plight the Palestinian people.

The defendants, Gen. Yaron and the Israeli State , through its representatives, refused to accept the Tribunal summons and appear in court.

Prominent Israeli legal scholars also refused invitations to serve as defense counsel. The Tribunal therefore appointed an Amicus Curae (defense counsel, referred to by the Latin term for “friends of the court”), including attorneys Jason Kay Kit Leon, Larissa Cadd, Dr. Rohimi Shapiee and Matthew Witbrodt, to defend the accused. Even absent Israeli participation, the defense proved to be forceful and often made heated remarks in Israel’s defense, especially during the cross-examinations of expert witnesses.

Why Not New York , London , Paris or Berlin

One point to note is that the sponsoring Kuala Lumpur Commission on War Crimes and its associated international Tribunal is unrelated to Malaysia and its legal system, aside from the participation of some Malaysian jurists and citizens in its proceedings. Malaysian laws are in many areas quite different from and sometimes in diametric opposition to the legal opinions of the international Tribunal. The independence of this “court of conscience” allows an approach to international law unconstrained by local norms, but this also means that the Tribunal lacks an enforcement capability.

That the first-ever Tribunal to prosecute Israel for genocide was initiated in Southeast Asia offers some indication of the continuing sensitivity within the traditional “center” of international law, Western Europe and North America, toward the circumstances behind Israel’s creation.