War in Ukraine: Murder, Deception and the Blood on Israel’s Hands

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Readers are sending us their questions regarding why it appears that we have not been following the unfolding events in Ukraine, at least that’s the perception they have since we have not published any updates on a regular basis. In contrast to other websites, blogs or even the establishment propaganda media.

The answer is actually pretty simple. We have already provided several updates, in which we give the actual state of affairs through other sources. 1) Video: Ukraine’s Brown Revolution; 2) Russian Political Analysts’ 2008 Forecasts: Obama to Start War over Crimea, Ukraine; 3) The Looting Of Ukraine Has Begun; 4) Deception in Ukraine: Israel and the Neo-Nazis.

As a result of the recent developments in Ukraine, as rightfully reported by Global Research and SCG News on May 5, regarding the murdering of at least 40 people in Odessa during the latest false flag frenzy we will publish an update on Ukraine of such nature that even the biggest alternative news outlets will find difficult to simply republish on their own online venues without getting red cheeks. As for the mainstream, establishment media, well lets just say it is completely impossible that the following description of the actual state of affairs in Ukraine will ever be granted to their audience, for if they did their venue will be taken down instantly and all sponsors and corporate partners will immediately retract all of their advertising investments.

We will not copy the whole reports about the brutal murder through deception that occurred in Odessa, Ukraine. Read the Global Research and SCG News reports when you want to have a look at the explicit photos and video material of burned bodies and people who were slaughtered like cattle.

Here we will focus on who is behind the deception and who is steering ALL SIDES in the Ukrainian conflict that is starting to manifest itself as an all-out (civil) war.

On one side of the manufactured conflict we have of course the US and EU governments who together will spend at least 20 billion dollars to destabilize Ukraine. The US’ 5 billion dollars to fracture the Ukrainian community, the EU’s 15 billion dollars to pull Ukraine into an endless stream of debt in order to get rid of its national sovereignty. Just like it has already done to each and every single nation within its current federation. This is public knowledge and easily verifiable online and even at mainstream websites when you read between the lines.

The US and EU governments of course have done so to open up the road for the IMF to come in and seize what is left by imposing additional loans of which one amounts to 17 billion dollars. This eventually to be able to add Ukraine’s resources to those already seized all over the world by the currently under construction world government of which you should have heard already. Consolidation of power and resources to the most extreme levels possible.

On another side we have the Russian government who also has invested large amounts already to get a driver’s seat position in the conflict. Those who think that Russian leader Putin is a savior are not informed and have been taken for a ride on the sidetrack. Although an old version of a USSR is hardly within reach considering the power of the internet and the slow but sure growing awareness of the general public, the Russian government is all for it to expand its territory once again. Like the US and the EU governments, the Russian government too is just another imperialist front and collective of psychopaths on escalating ego trips. After all, there are indeed good reasons why all sides of the aforementioned governments are listed for arrest.

Between the above sides, i.e. the perception that exists of a US-EU-NATO alliance being opposed to Russia, we have the people of Ukraine who’s country is being torn apart by invading corporate powers who couldn’t care less about the Ukrainians their well-being or future. We’re still witnessing the same in Greece and in Africa we have the same kind of imperialism that has never stopped of unfolding. Of course there China is also deeply involved in the war for resources which is why we see that the African people are constantly living in states of enforced hunger, deteriorating health conditions due to medical experiments and pure eugenics while hopelessly looking upon a future that just never seems to get better, ever since the Belgian king murdered millions of innocent people in the early 1900s.

Yet another side that is eventually the most important in Ukraine, but of which you shall never hear anything in the regular soft-news and prestitute media, is the Israeli faction, the zionist puppet masters. Let there be no mistake about it, even if it strikes you as odd, irresponsible or insane.

All sides – i.e. the US, the EU and Russian governments – all operate under direct impulse of the Israeli faction. It’s no secret that the Israel-lobby in the US controls the entire US government and all its policies, including finance, war and imperialism [1, 2, 3, 4]. The UK has its own powerful Israel-lobby which can be linked to the Israel-lobby in Australia given that both nations are ruled by the same queen of destruction. Belgium also has an influential Israel-lobby and with its deeply rooted diamond trade in Antwerp [1, 2, 3, 4] largely run by the Jewish community and where the socialist party of Flanders is extremely in favor of Israeli policy, the Israel-lobby keeps the taps on Belgium’s internal policy, on what is and what is not being funded in Palestine and elsewhere. The king of Belgium himself holds close relations with Baron Julien Klener, president of the Belgian Jewish Council. The EU as a government already has its policy steered by an Israel-lobby that is gaining traction and also NATO’s “humanitarian” work is frequently dictated by US-Israeli operatives.

In Russia it’s not different, although the term “Israel-lobby” is rather new in relation to the above, Russia nonetheless has plenty of Israeli oligarchs who are close to the Russian government due to their personal wealth and economic power. On foreign policy and in relation to Iran, Russia and Israel are closing the gap, in the event that the perception should exist that both nations have different opinions about Iran.

With all this in mind it becomes pretty clear why Hennady (Gennady) Kernes, the Jewish mayor of Kharkiv (Ukraine), was shot likely by nationalists who recognized the threat he poses to Ukraine’s stability.

The murders in Odessa on the other hand are much more shrouded in secrets and deception, a domain where only few reprters and news venue will go. The reporting by Global Research and SCG News are correct but lack the important info and details of who actually steered that slaughtering.

Israeli operatives are known to be aiding and leading certain factions in the Ukrainian conflict, which should be regarded as very inappropriate, at least, considering that Ukraine’s turmoil has nothing to do with Israel. Right?

According to RT, Right Sector is responsible for the false flag events and the brutality that occurred in Odessa during the past weekend. That would be the same Right Sector that is working in tandem with Israel, as a February 26 publication on embassies.gov.il confirms (translated with Google) and as reported by other sources:

  • Reuven Din El meeting with Dmitry Jaros
    February 26, 2014 – The Ambassador of Israel to Ukraine Reuven Din El met with the leadership of the movement ” Right Sector ” and its leader Dmitry Jaros .
    The leader of the movement informed the Ambassador about his views on the future of Ukraine and stressed that their moves follow a tolerant policy on national issues.
    Dmitry Jaros also stressed that all the negative effects, particularly anti-Semitism, not only by ‘Right Sector” members, will continue to be suppressed by all legal means. The goal of the movement is to build a democratic Ukraine, transparent government, against corruption and equal opportunities for all nations and peoples, for their unity of nation-building, ruled by democracy.
    The parties agreed to establish a “hot line” to prevent provocations and harmonization of emerging issues .
    The movement’s leader emphasized that any manifestations of chauvinism and xenophobia are rejected, and will be stopped.”

No wonder it is then that reports of carefully planned actions, crafted by Israeli operatives, in Odessa are being confirmed as well, in the last two days alone.

“Yesterday in Odessa, what occurred in the Unions House was carefully planned and was a zionist campaign to sacrifice their antifascist sheep as a pretext for Russian troops to be deployed in Ukraine. … Everything was carefully planned in advance.”

In addition to Global Research and SCG News, Skyfootman.livejournal.com reported on May 4 that the water supply inside the Trade Unions building was turned off in advance, making any attempts to extinguish the fires impossible. As you can verify in the Global Research and SCG News reports, people inside the building were blocked from moving out of the building, stairways were barricaded with furniture and the main entrance of the building was ablaze keeping everyone inside and trapped till death.

People were murdered and not only by the fire caused by the Molotov cocktails coming from outside of the building. Those who were still alive inside were either shot, beaten to death or set on fire individually as the photo material shows.

It was all carefully planned and executed by zionist provocateurs with noodles on the ears,according to Skyfootman.livejournal.com.

“The same zionist organizers led other sheep in Odessa and were running schizophrenic Putin nonsense, about the fascist junta entrenched in Kiev. They then lured the people to the Trade Unions house and ordered them to take up defensive positions in the building, to tightly barricade all entrances and exits, eventually completely cutting themselves off from any exit.”

Yesterday in Odessa was exactly the same as on the Maidan … when snipers were shooting protesters in February. Both orders were executed by the same zionist thugs to instigate hatred between Slavic people.”

“And if anyone thinks that all this makes Putin and the FSB or GRU the good guys, I beg you, Putin has no real power in Russia, he’s just a zionist puppet, unhappy KGB colonel, who was forced for 15 years to play the head of state. Everything happens in Russia through the international zionist gang that seized power in Russia in 1917. … When Putin chokes on a cherry seed no one will even notice.”

Putin and Medvedev are puppets of the same gang. On the other side are we, the Russian and Ukrainian people. They are just forcing us to fight each other. They want us to bleed each other to death so they can stay in power in Russia and Ukraine.”

“The merging of two zionist colonies, Ukraine and Russia, began not in February but when the zionists put recidivist and felon Viktor Yanukovych in charge of Ukraine. Yanukovych‘s task was to prepare all these anti-fascists and separatists so they could later make a buzz for independence from Moscow. Then create turmoil in Crimea and in Odessa. Nothing spontaneous has ever happened in the Ukraine and Russia for the last 97 years.”

Other reports are coming through of possible future staged events by the same power brokers who orchestrated the Odessa massacre and the Maidan sniper shootings which were part of the orchestrated “revolt” of the people. It seems that plans are being made by “separatists” to destroy mines with grenades while workers are inside which would result in more casualties and which would further escalate the current unrest. The deceptive plans also include media reports that radioactive material has been stolen to make a “dirty bomb,” to be used in future riots. The “subversive group” responsible for the alleged planned attacks and riots is allegedly being led by Igor Hirkina, also known as Strelkov(a), who is being described as an operative for Russian intelligence. The attacks and riots are meant to put more pressure on Right Sector, it is anticipated that they will eventually retaliate in response to those acts.

Indications show that the Jewish community in Odessa is currently making plans to evacuate the area. “The next weekend is going to be very violent,” according to Rabbi Refael Kruskal.

Message from Ukraine to the US and The EU

The following message comes from a local who rightfully point a finger to the US government, governments in the EU and their corporate propaganda mouthpieces. The person’s English is not perfect but you should be able to get his message, it’s pretty clear, and it completely confirms what we and others have been reporting earlier [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6].

Alexander (Александр) – Appeal of 2 May 2014

“Yesterday, on 2 of May 2014 Kiev illegal regime which came to power as a result of armed turnover showed its real face to the world, and if correctly the animal grin of fascism. This happened using several methods and in several regions of Ukraine in the same time.
First is known for everybody, this is so called “anti-terroristic operation” (and really terroristic opera-tion) as it has an aim to bring horror to the citizens of the South-East of Ukraine. Army, Ukraine Secu-rity Service forces and illegal troops of ultra-right fighters with tanks, military helicopters, armored machines and heavy artillery are sent against the civilians and several non-manifold groups of home guards
Several dozens of home guards and civilians already became victims of the Terroristic Operation. The number of wounded is much bigger. And this number grows hour after hour while lasts the army ter-ror against its own population.
We want to ask international community, which “democratic government” sends military troops to fight with its own population? Funds given by IMF to the Kiev “junta” will finance the mass murders?
The second is the mass murder in Odessa committed by ultra-right extremists with acquiescence of local police and under the straight inspectorate of the Kiev appointed governor who was watching the murder on place. (There are dozens of photo and video evidences).
Nearly five thousand football ultras were organized and sent to Odessa from different cities. They brought baseball bats, Molotov cocktails, armatures, shields and guns.
The armed fighters drove nearly 50 persons in the House of Professional Unions in Odessa and bur-ned them alive. Who was trying the leave the burning building were either shot down or killed using other methods. In addition, after their death their dead bodies have been outraged.
Video broadcasting of that act of horror stimulated among the member of “government” and its supporters the joy attack and multiple comments in the style “They burn well”. If this is not Nazism, then what is Nazism in your understanding?
You, the western world have shown us movie “The running man” starring Arnold Schwarzenegger
teaching that this is bad to get happy watching murders.
In third, the representatives of ultra-right fighters have taken the responsibility of disappearance
of several “separatists” and proclaimed that the disappearances will continue.
This all is a straight and not hidden propaganda of terror, which has nothing common with demo-cracy, freedom of speech, supremacy of law, innocence presumption and other common to all man-kind values defenders of which the United State of America and the European Union are proclaimed by themselves.
If you have watched the movie V-FOR VENDETTA, then this is the terrible reality of Ukraine when all who think other are kidnapped and murdered, previously tortured and jeered at.
In the fourth, the freedom of mass media is factually destroyed in Ukraine. Video topics on TV are strictly censored, montaged and provided by numerous appraisals and clear disinformation. Access to people with alternative point of view in Ukrainian mass media is closed and all who think another way are tortured to the extent that are exterminated physically.
In addition, all that crimes are explained by the mystical non-existent “Putin invasion”. If you have read or watched “1984” by Orwell, or the “Fairy voice of Gelsomino” by Gianni Rodari all this is about the modern Ukraine.
While this Nazis regime is under the power, it is just impossible to make democratic elections in Ukraine. Because even presidential candidates are attempted to be murdered or wounded physically.
Nearly half of the country will not adjudge any elections until this “junta” will not be deposed and given to the court.
We millions on civilians from the Southeast of Ukraine demand from international community not just the help to end the bloodshed. We demand open tribunal on the self-called “junta” which took power in the country and the actions of which brought us to hundreds of deaths and must be treated as a crimes before humanity. We call for the world not to allow the Nazism reborn, which has practically taken place in Ukraine.
Captain America?! Do the bankers from Wall Street murder you? “Hydra” has taken power in the USA and supports neo-Nazism regime in Ukraine? Americans, something very strange and horrible has happened to your democracy, it more and more looks like a dictate and supports dictators! May be it is high time to re-establish republic?”


Solid Indication Suggests Airplane of Flight MH370 Was Intercepted During Nuclear Security Summit in the Netherlands


Two days ago, March 24, JimStoneFreelance.com indicated that the airplane of Malaysia Airlines flight 370 may have been intercepted during the 2-day nuclear security summit in the Netherlands. The claim was made based upon local news reports in the Dutch media.

Later that day also French and Spanish media outlets reported the interception of flight UC 1503, a LAN cargo-plane that was headed for Amsterdam according to CNN. The alleged Boeing 777-F was intercepted by two F-16s of the Royal Dutch Air Force on Monday.

Before publishing the initial report by Jim Stone we, however, wanted some more solid indication that can support the assumption that Monday’s flight UC 1503 may have likely been Malaysia Airlines flight 370’s Boeing 777 that went missing on March the 8 of this month.

And we have indeed found that solid indication that we were looking for!

On the same day of the interception of the LAN cargo-plane, non-stop flight UC 1503 over the Netherlands which should have been headed to Frankfurt anyway (and NOT Amsterdam) since that is the registered flight schedule for this flight, ALL emergency response units and agencies in the Netherlands who were not immediately actively involved in the security of the nuclear security summit were ordered to turn off their radios (saved copy) that are connected to the C-2000 emergency and security radio communications network in the Netherlands.

The Dutch government ordered those who were not immediately involved in the security and emergency services for the nuclear security summit to turn off their radios in order to avoid the system to crash, allegedly because too many units (fire department, medical units,…) may only be listening in on the radio transmissions while they were merely on stand-by or not involved in the two-day security and emergency services at all.

Of course this official narrative is as preposterous as the search and rescue missions concerning flight MH370 and its official narratives in the Western media.

The fact that emergency and security units on stand-by or off-duty were not allowed to listen in on the radio communications of the 2-day summit not only serves as a solid indication that something larger was being anticipated, because there’s no legal or logical reason to justify such an order by the government. The order is highly irresponsible too for it would completely have disrupted the orderly execution of any emergency plan in case anything actually went wrong during the nuclear summit in the Netherlands.

The order to shut off radio communications during a high-level event is a major breach of the activated security plans and may have resulted in a true disaster when something, like a staged attack by the 9/11-3/11 agencies and government operatives, went live.

Once Malaysia Airlines flight 370 was hijacked and flown to Diego Garcia, where the on-board-engineers were debriefed, the plane may have easily been given a new coat of paint and some cool LAN Cargo stickers in the last two weeks in preparation for its nuclear summit mission in the Netherlands. It would be the perfect way to get rid of the airplane and all evidence linking it to flight 370. When it crashed and blew up in the Netherlands there would be no way to ever credibly prove that flight UC 1503 was not flight MH370 because just like on 9/11 all evidence would have been hauled away immediately.

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370: Why it’s AWACS Hijacking Was U.S.-Israeli Sponsored


Malaysia Airlines Flight 370: AWACS Hijacking, Sabotage and Propaganda

* * *

awacs, cia, flight 370, freescale, malaysian airlines, mh 370, nsa, fake pictures, fake photos

Some readers have sent us interesting feedback and questions on our Malaysia Airlines flight 370 reporting. This one is one of the most interesting responses we’ve got so far (name and address redacted):

  • “Hello 4KEY,
    Firstly I’ld like to thank you for the insight into the missing flight MH370, certianly a different view on the matter. I noticed that emphasis is placed onto the CIA/Mossad connections which is most likely given the 20 engineers, but what about China/Russia? Any possible motives there to counter-sabotage given we havent got the full story on the patent issue? Possibly took the them to cover their tracks..?
    Below is an article I found on Chinas awacs, one thing I dont quite understand is that how can any awac hide from military radar, do you think that awac flew at high altitude to avoid radar, remote hijacked MH370 to same position & escorted it whilst jamming its position to secret location?
    China AWACS System Seeks to Flush Out US Stealth Fighters​
    China’s new airborne early warning and control systems (AWACS) are far more sophisticated than current US systems, according to a Washington-based think tank.

And here’s our answer to it:

The patent message that is circulating online mentions 4 Chinese inventors, as we have pointed out those were not on the plane, when the  passengers manifest is correct. If they were on flight 370 then their names have been deleted from the list. We have written that explicitly, that they were not listed, but many people have not payed attention to that fact and just copy parts that are useful for their own story. Where exactly those names were linked to flight 370 and by who remains unclear for us. The technical details about the patent, the number and the links to Freescale and Blackstone are correct but again people seem to not care about the full reporting. They assume because the name “Rothschild” comes up that therefore he is the one behind this. That’s a little too shortsighted and too fast for us because that’s only a wild guess for now. We certainly would exploit that information if it was indeed the fact, for sure.

For now we assume that the hijacking was U.S.-Israeli sponsored because of all the earmarks, i.e. the FAKE photos and the passports story, and as our reader mentions China has knowledge that is high on the want-to-have list of the U.S. It is therefore that we believe that the engineers were taken to extract data from them. Also if it was China who was setting this up we would have a more brutal response from the U.S. in our opinion. The whole official story was doomed ever since the fake pictures were released to the public and the media, only very few people and websites out there seem to focus on those fake pictures which is odd to say the least but not completely unexpected. It is one of the key pieces of evidence in the whole investigation. When you see that no newspaper or any TV channel even dares to say that the pictures are fake, it is certainly proof that the hijacking was not done by China or Russia because if it was then the media, and certainly the American press, would be all over it. They would use those pictures as the crest of their bash-Russia-China media campaign.

The focus on the pilots now is also B.S., pure decoy and propaganda.


The reason why we assume that other equipment may also have been used during the AWACS mission, of which flight 370 was a victim, is explained in this 2006 article on a Boeing patent. “Boeing is, of course, not the first autopilot technology in existence, but this one has been designed with counterterrorism first and foremost in mind. Not only is it ‘uninterruptible’ — so that even a tortured pilot cannot turn it off — but it can be activated remotely via radio or satellite by government agencies.” This means and proves that commercial airplanes can be controlled remotely by lets say… the CIA and Mossad! Therefore there’s no need at all for an agent to be on board of the airplane to ensure it can be taken over and taken to an alternative destination, as the agencies see fit for their operation. The AWACS would certainly provide perfect cover and would hide most traces of the airplane’s signals. As is the case with flight 370.

And lets not forget that the NSA knows perfectly well where the plane, flight 370, and the passengers are/were given that the mobile phones were operating so these have also left a trail that the NSA has CERTAINLY tracked and logged.

* * *

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370: AWACS Hijacking, Sabotage and Propaganda

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370: AWACS Hijacking, Sabotage and Propaganda


Update: The reason why we assume that other equipment may also have been used during the AWACS mission, of which flight 370 was a victim, is explained in this 2006 article on a Boeing patent. “Boeing is, of course, not the first autopilot technology in existence, but this one has been designed with counterterrorism first and foremost in mind. Not only is it ‘uninterruptible’ — so that even a tortured pilot cannot turn it off — but it can be activated remotely via radio or satellite by government agencies.” This means and proves that commercial airplanes can be controlled remotely by lets say… the CIA and Mossad! Therefore there’s no need at all for an agent to be on board of the airplane to ensure it can be taken over and taken to an alternative destination, as the agencies see fit for their operation. The AWACS would certainly provide perfect cover and would hide most traces of the airplane’s signals. As is the case with flight 370.

* * *

We’ll begin today’s update on Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 with a quote from Richard Healing, a former member of the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board: “Increasingly, it seems to be heading into the criminal arena.”

Healing is right, from the perspective that one recognizes that the spreading of FAKE photos by officials of alleged terrorist suspects is indeed criminal.

flight 370, malaysia airlines, fake photos

There needs to be no doubt that the fake pictures were provided by U.S.-Israeli agents who have done their best since day one to direct and sabotage both the reporting in the media and the entire official investigation. It’s the same MO as with 9/11 and 3/11. One can practically smell the favorite perfume of the conspirators: “Deception.”


Since day one the Western media on their turn has been spinning the story like crazy addicts who feel like tripping on their best dope whenever they can refer to terrorists, Muslim counties and of course 9/11. Don’t doubt it, it’s exactly what they are doing and not just with the fake photos of the alleged Iranian terrorists who allegedly used stolen passports (which if they did, were certainly provided by the same U.S.-Israeli agents who are sabotaging the reporting in the media and the investigation):

  • “Some of the planning for the Sept. 11 attacks in the United States was done in Malaysia, which has a relatively lax visa policy. The country is a major trading nation and a natural meeting place for a variety of groups involved in illicit activities.”New York Times
  • “The use of false identification is notorious amongst jihadists. … In addition to the plane’s sudden disappearance, which experts said was consistent with a possible onboard explosion, the stolen passports strengthened concerns about terrorism as a possible cause. Al-Qaeda militants have used similar tactics to try to disguise their identities. … Let us see the conclusion as to who did this evil and wicked act. That this was due to Islamic terrorism, cannot be canceled out.”Walid Shoebat
  • “The United Kingdom’s Mirror Online claimed that ‘Islamic militants in China…could be linked to missing Malaysia Airlines flight;’ the only bit of evidence the Mirror had to link China’s Uighur ethnic group to the attack was the fact that ‘two passengers appeared to have been traveling on stolen passports’ – and that’s without even knowing if the men were in any way tied to Islamic militancy in China. … The Daily Beast’s Eli Lake openly mused on Twitter that Iran was responsible for the attack before backing off and asking readers to forgive him because ‘it’s an obvious tragedy and we should wait till all the facts come in.”Axis of Logic
  • “777crash confirms jihadists turning to make trouble for China. Chance for US to make common cause, befriend China while Russia bullies.”Rupert Murdoch

It’s already known for decades now that it’s an important part of the established U.S.-Israeli MO to blame Muslim people and Muslim countries for all the evil in the world, along with the planting and providing of stolen and falsified passports which has become an overused technique that now again will expose the same culprits who were more than likely also involved in staging 9/11 in the U.S. and 3/11 in Japan. By now governments around the world are aware of the dangers when they don’t comply with the demands of the U.S. and Israel. In the case regarding Japan, they got an earthquake, a tsunami and the destruction of their Fukushima facility. In the case regarding Indonesia, they got their tsunami. In the case regarding Sweden, they got a serious warning (this specific article about Sweden is being extremely censored so here’s a saved copy of the entire article).

This brings us to why it appears in Western media outlets that Malaysia is doing a horrible job, allegedly, in informing the public about the investigation and why so many contradicting statements are being released. When you have a gun to your head and are ordered to lie, how many people would actually opt to tell the truth instead? Very few would, more so when the consequences for the entire nation are seriously being considered.

What we have here with Malaysia’s flight 370 can certainly be classified in the same category of 9/11 and 3/11, given that the same perpetrators are at work.

In the first days after the news initially broke in the mainstream and alternative media the public intelligence network had already a well-researched and well-founded investigation delivered to the public which can be confirmed with Jim Stone’s analysis of the events.

That the airplane did not explode in mid-air is a fact because it kept sending signals for 4 to 5 hours after it first vanished from civil radars. Data from military radars and corporate tracking systems [1, 2] confirm this, as do the following maps when we compare them. In the event you doubt our judgement then maybe you will believe The NRO and the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Organisation:

  • “The NRO’s infrared satellites look for the heat signatures of missile launches around the world, and could potentially see a plane exploded in mid air. According to The New York Times, the US Department of Defense has checked the surveillance data and found no evidence of an explosion.” New Scientist
  • “The Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Organisation, which watches out for nuclear weapons tests worldwide, looked at its data for the last few days to see if its infrasound – below the range of human hearing – recordings, normally used to seek out the muffled crump of underground tests, contained any signature of an aircraft explosion. But it found nothing.”New Scientist
malaysia airlines, flight 370, maps, change course, direction, destination, awacs
Click image to enlarge

That at least an AWACS plane, and possibly in combination with other systems, was used for the hijacking of flight 370 is no wild guess. AWACS is perfectly capable of doing this since it is one of its standard applications. This is already known for many years, even by folks not affiliated with the military. It’s even been published numerous times in specialized publications. Even if you never read any of those you can still find this information in mainstream outlets online. The information is so common that it was already published for the public in at least 1986.

awacs, ecm, electronic counter measure, The electronic counter measure (ECM) capability aboard the AWACS allows its user to jam radar frequencies and communications of the enemy radar


The above quote is alarming and contains big words but it makes sense. There are already 13 countries involved and who knows which way this situation will go in the coming weeks and months. The U.S. is known for wanting more regional influence in Asia and that’s exactly what they are doing right now. In addition, the U.S. and the EU have pushed hard to destabilize Ukraine and it is not sure what the outcome will be for the Ukrainians [1, 2].

Where exactly flight 370 is right now is rather hard to tell at this stage because it is very unlikely of course that the detailed plans of the hijacking are available online. But considering that flight 370 was headed for Beijing it is not unrealistic to assume that it may very well be standing on a runway or in hangar somewhere in the Middle East or at the African East coast. There would be no need to refuel when heading one of those directions since the fuel needed to go to Beijing will certainly be sufficient.

If there was a refuel after a number of hours cruising the skies then flight 370 may as well be waiting somewhere in the U.S. for its next mission, a “terrorist” attack on yet another landmark. Of course with the same efforts flight 370 may also be standing in Australia, awaiting its future terror mission. When we consider the propaganda buildup of the media and the Australian government, they seem to be needing some “real” terror to keep the public in fear and under control of the queen, they certainly seem to imply that it is coming their way someday in the near future. Sure this is speculation but it is warranted though. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

About the pilots and the Malaysia Airlines fleet…

Mainstream news outlets like the Daily Beast that are claiming that the pilots are not well-trained enough is of course junk reporting. Capt. Zaharie Ahmad Shah has 18,365 flight hours of experience and 1st Officer Fariq Ab Hamid has 2,763. This can’t be considered as being inexperienced in their jobs. In combination with the decent fleet of Malaysia Airlines they are/were well-capable of completing their flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. As a five-star rated airline company that is almost 75 years in business and with a membership in an alliance with American Airlines, British Airways and Qatar Airways, Malaysia Airlines cannot be considered sloppy or unsafe. One who does so shows how badly the brain damage has evolved due to the chemicals in his or her food and toothpaste.

The earlier report about the patent link to the missing flight 370 mentioned 4 Chinese persons who were allegedly on the plane but as we have shown yesterday they were not on the plane, at least that’s what the passengers manifest says. However, it is interesting though that 4 or 5 passengers [1, 2] were registered on the initial passengers list but who failed to board the plane. It seems they never showed up at the airport that day, on March 8, 2014. Were these the four patent holders? Could be so but that remains unsure for now. It would be funny in some way though to think that these people should have been on the plane as part of the reason why it was AWACS-ed and then for the AWACS-ers to find out that 4 of their presumed hostages are not there. This would certainly have some serious implications for the CIA and/or NSA agents that were to make sure that everyone was on the plane. Just like flight 370 kept sending signals that slipped through the jamming this would also be a painful error, from the perpetrators their perspective that is.

To the question that we already anticipate “why do you suspect Israeli involvement?” which we in fact already answered earlier in this report, we will reply by asking a question ourselves: why is Israel’s Homeland Security pushing for more control and advertising their security measures as their response to the situation regarding flight 370?

As for the passengers and the identities of the tech companies’ employees on board here’s what we know:

  • There are three passengers with the same name on Malaysia Airlines flight 370, i.e. Zhang Yan
  • There was at least one Jewish person, “Andy,” who skipped the flight, according to the Jerusalem Post, because “the travel agent wouldn’t book him on Shabbat. Under Orthodox Jewish law, facilitating someone else’s Sabbath desecration — boarding an airplane — is as forbidden as desecrating the Sabbath oneself.” Another Jewish person, Nikolai Brodskii, did not seem to care about Shabbat and did board the plane, also according to the Jerusalem Post.

Possible names of Freescale employees (12 Malaysia, 8 China):

– Direct hit:

– Unclear:

Clearly a number of people in the above list are not Freescale employees who were on the missing plane since Freescale stated that they only had 20 employees on board of flight 370 but this is what we could find so far and maybe this information can be of help in the future so we publish the list anyway for that specific reason.

A final entertaining tidbit of information regards the two decoy chicks that were obviously guided on purpose to ‘honor’ us all with their presence in this case, Jaan Maree and Jonti Roos, who accuse the youngest flight 370 pilot of being a womanizer and of smoking in the cockpit. If that is what he is guilty of then any normal man would happily want to take the blame for him. Initially there were Facebook profile pages that were provided in the media, those were their profile pages (Jaan, Jonti), but somehow they have also vanished along with flight 370. Of course it is possible that we ourselves simply don’t have access to the pages anymore. Our website is being messed with as we have experienced a few times while writing this article so it wouldn’t surprise us that we are being cut off from certain venues and sources.

Haim Siboni – חיים סיבוני (Magna BSP) on the Earth’s REAL MOST WANTED List

haim siboni, חיים סיבוני, magna bsp, israel, fukushima, 3/11

Video link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rLqreErCrWA

February 16, 2014 – Earth’s REAL MOST WANTED List

Occupation: CEO Magna BSP (Israel)

As the highest-ranked executive of the Israeli security firm Magna BSP,  Haim Siboni (חיים סיבוני) is responsible for:

  • The cover-up of the facts and the truth by Magna BSP about the actual events on March 11, 2011, in Fukushima, Japan, and the results in the aftermath of the falsification of data, the nuclear sabotage, the eco-terror and the war crimes as committed by the Israeli firm Magna BSP, the U.S. Geological Survey and members of intergovernmental organizations and of a secretive group who are yet to be identified since the UN, the U.S. government and the Israeli government refuse to provide the names themselves. Magna BSP can be directly linked to the sabotage of the nuclear power plants and the explosions at at least Daiichi’s nuclear reactor units number 3 and 4. Magna BSP had set up the security system at the Fukushima facility a year before the nuclear attacks happened. This has been confirmed by the Israeli newspaper Haaretz on March 18, 2011. Also the Jerusalem Post has partially described what Magna BSP’s official task at Fukushima is about. Magna BSP had a full time internet linked two way connection to the Fukushima reactor room(s) all the way through the sabotage and the following disasters. They told TEPCO about that connection as late as March 15, 2011, via an article printed in the Jerusalem Post.


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The Psyops Ship: Strike 3, Your Out!

It’s only been two days since we first reported about the major shift that is happening at the Infowars website. On February 8, 2014, we described how the Alex Jones website is now openly advocating for more security measures (more police state) in the U.S. and likely the whole world, in an article that covers a 2013 attack on a Californian power station. In that article it is conveniently being omitted that 911 calls were disabled during the attack on the power station.

Jim Stone, who has proven to be a solid source for 3/11 truth, broke it down like this and he has this to add as well:

  • “I have received comments saying Alex did not write this. MY RESPONSE: Tough luck, he is responsible for EVERYTHING that makes rotation on his site.”

Unfortunately, today we were notified about a report that Infowars is indeed giving another sign that it has joined forces with those who it was once claimed to oppose.

In an article titled Woman held by TSA for reading Jewish paper goes public coming from WND which in turn linked back to Infowars in an effort to make their story stick, it is being reported that a jewish author was interrogated by the TSA because she was reading a copy of the Jewish Press.

To stop a person who is reading such a newspaper and to assume such a person might be a terrorist, as the reported story itself goes, is not suspicious for us because it is a fact that Israel is terrorizing Palestine and the world for a long time now. Just look at 9/11 [1, 2], Fukushima 3/11 [1, 2, 3] and their role in global surveillance [1, 2] and the impact [1, 2] of their terror becomes beyond clear.

What is even more striking is the fact that in the February 9, 2014, article the demonizing of muslims is clearly being shoved on the reader’s plate, to such an extent that the radio host that is being provided with the Infowars audience through the article is claiming to know what a terrorist looks like.


What does a terrorist look like? What is the universal description or definition of the looks of a terrorist? We don’t know because there is none.

Yet this guy Aaron Klein and the Jewish author Phyllis Chesler who was stopped by the TSA seem to know exactly what a terrorist looks like. Based on the reporting it is fair to say that Infowars, Klein and Chesler believe that terrorists are also known to wear “a niqab” that covers the entire face.

Now how shallow is that?! Because we all know that real terrorists wear $ 5,000 suits [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6] and they hold offices in governments and they blackmail their counterparts.

The iconic terrorist looks as presented by establishment propaganda outlets is a fabled reality, just like their prime time whistleblowers are.

Again, it might have been open for debate in the past what the underlying plan is at Infowars, who might however have been a real ally in the very beginning.

Unfortunately it is now becoming pretty obvious that Infowars has become a whitewashing venue where truth about Israeli terror and crimes is being banned from publication, where facts are being twisted, where the muslim terrorist stereotype is being promoted and where it is openly being advocated for to establish more security measures (more police state).

In at least two other cases, of which one case concerns Israel, the facts are also not in favor of Infowars:

So lets do the math here…

Strike 1: January 27, 2014. Infowars misrepresents the news about Israel wanting a UN for cyberspace.

Strike 2: February 6, 2014. Infowars omits crucial data and advocates for more police state and thereby contradicts its own image of being an alleged “liberty lover.”

Strike 3: February 9, 2014. Today, Infowars pushes muslim terrorist fable to the front pages of their followers and makes a jewish author look like a victim. Comfortably advancing the Israeli government’s agenda.

Israeli Government to Further Infiltrate US Government?

January 6, 2014 – Yahoo! News

“Former Bank of Israel Governor Stanley Fischer Wrong Choice for Fed”

Former Bank of Israel Governor Stanley Fischer is the wrong choice for vice chair of the U.S. Federal Reserve Board. According to an IRmep research report:

1. Fischer supports extreme anti-Iran policies that harm the U.S. economy. During his 2005-2013 stint as governor of Israel’s central bank, Fischer lobbied Europe, Russia, and China to isolate Iran through measures that went far beyond the sanctions adopted by the U.N. Security Council.

The US Chamber of Commerce, Business Roundtable, Coalition for American Trade, National Foreign Trade Council and others rejected such sanctions, provisions they estimated would cost America $25 billion and 210,000 jobs. (PDF) Yet Fischer is on record stating that even sanctions are no longer enough and appears ready to prepare the U.S. financial system for war as he did within Israel’s central bank. Americans support 2-1 the current agreement to halt added sanctions during negotiations with Iran.

2. Fischer’s fundamental economic aid changes harm U.S. taxpayers. Fischer was appointed by the Reagan administration to the U.S.-Israel Joint Economic Discussion Group formed to deal with Israel’s 1984-1985 economic crisis. To the detriment of U.S. taxpayers, Fischer helped permanently transform billions in annual aid packages from repayable loans to direct taxpayer subsidies that in 1985 amounted to over $1,650 per Israeli. Despite lip service, Fischer has never applied the austerity measures he became famous for at the IMF to persuade Israel to obey international law or U.S. demands to vacate occupied territories.

3. Fischer’s Israel trade measures produce a chronic deficit. Another 1984-1985 concession pushed by Fischer and his long term backers at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), the U.S. Israel “Free” Trade Area, created a chronic trade deficit to the U.S. that passed $100 billion in 2013. Seventy American industries lost their due process rights when their secret market and industry data were misappropriated by Israel and AIPAC during negotiations.

4. Fed policies correctly prefer U.S. nationals. For security reasons, Fed policy encourages the appointment of American citizens to sensitive positions such as bank examiner. Fischer voluntarily obtained Israeli citizenship to work alongside Israeli government agencies, some of which are committed to policies inimical to U.S. interests.