The FAKE ISIS/ISIL Beheading of Jewish Journalist Steven Sotloff


And so the fake beheadings of the UNEI’s ISIS [1, 2] continue. Where it was all too obvious that the ISIS beheading of James Wright Foley was fake, which was even admitted in the mainstream news in a desperate damage-control attempt, we now have the alleged beheading of jewish journalist Steven Sotloff. A copy of the video can be found here.

Striking in this case, aside from the poor special effects as captured in the above pictures and video, is that all of a sudden LiveLeak has announced that they will stop serving ISIS beheading videos.



The ISIS Beheading of James Wright Foley is FAKE!

Truth Sector

I saw the fake ISIS/ISIL video yesterday in which American journalist James Wright Foley was allegedly beheaded. Unfortunately my time online was up for the day and so I couldn’t publish anything about it at that time. Today’s budget will be spent on this topic.