The FALSE Alternative Media/Resistance: “Bomb Mecca Off the Face of the Earth”


The subverting zionists that advertise themselves as defenders of the people often show who they really are when they take off their masks.

WND is such a house of cards where zionists preach their filth to the gullible truthers who foolishly perceive it as outstanding patriotism. WND is also a partner of other self-proclaimed leaders and tips of the spears of the former truth movement and through them they actively and deliberately subvert even more gullible activists around the world.

Burt Prelutsky, writer for WND, is a hardcore zionist and as it is demanded from that kind of scum they exist merely to destroy everything that is not jewish, or better, is not pro zionism.

When, as a zionist propagandist [1, 2], you write that muslims and Mecca should be bombed off the face of the Earth in order to free the world from all evil and you publish this garbage on a false alternative media website then your only intention can be to undermine the resistance because you know that there are still many “truthers” who frequent your silly, lying but limited hangout.

And when you use the false flag attacks such as the USS Cole, 9/11, Charlie Hebdo and the Paris attacks of November 13 to build your case and reasoning – even though it is widely known that all of these events were false flag attacks (topped off with a twist of hoaxing) perpetrated by your zionist friends themselves – then indeed your only goal can be to destroy any legit opposition that is still out there; and you know you can win this because you are aware of the fact that the real resistance is being hammered, silenced and sabotaged to death. You know all of this because your own zionist overlords have told you so and have given you the proof of it, in print.


Western-Orchestrated Attacks in Paris


Here’s what people need to remember about the attacks in Paris on Friday the 13th of November 2015.

Update 3 November 18, 2015

Hoax, False Flag, …?

Obviously there’s a lot of speculation going on right now about Paris but I am 99% convinced that real people did actually die that day, November 13. I have investigated the Belgian media more than any other nation’s media and I fully control the Dutch language, this certainly has helped me so far to get a clear look inside of all the reports and responses.

Still, that the “official” narrative is not the full truth, that should not even be doubted. Of course it is not.

For instance, about the bombings/bomb vests. I have yet to see clear damage of actual bombs that went off that night in Paris. All we have so far are alleged sounds of blasts, to be heard on videos but none of the supposed explosions have been filmed or photographed all the while there must have been at least 500 mobile phones present at the Bataclan alone. Furthermore, there is a prominent witness (Sébastien) claiming that the shooters in the Bataclan weren’t wearing bomb vests or belts and that witness account seriously undermines the official story. As does the lack of actual documentation of any bombs going off.

Note that when a bomb goes off, especially in a cafe, bar or restaurant, lights and windows are one of the first things that get destroyed, yet none of this is to be witnessed in Paris. The bar(s) where the bombs allegedly went off all still have their windows and lighting in good condition aside from some bullet holes of which the origin is also still not clear.

Like I said, real people did die there in Paris but it is becoming more than likely that indeed the government(s) knew of the plot in advance (if they even weren’t part of it) and also the fact that there were emergency exercises going on that day proves this. This has become a hallmark for false flag events.

I have a hard time however to feel sorry for all the victims, as cruel as that may sound, simply because of the fact that I am sure that most if not all of them wouldn’t even try to listen and understand when you try to explain to them that their very own government is the reason for their deaths. I am quite sure, from experience, that most of the people who got killed on November 13 would never feel sorry for the Syrians, for instance, that their own (French,…) government is bombing without any valid reason. Unfortunately, maybe this is the only way to make the sleeping sheeple understand the reality of this world, that life is greater and far more complicated than what they want to see on the TV.

In fact I’m quite sure that of all the victims in Paris you wouldn’t even find 0.01% of people who can successfully be woken up to the reality of the UNEI terror alliance of which their precious French government is an important part.

Either way though, France had this one coming and if there was even one real attacker that day with the intent to give France a message for all the deaths it has been causing then I can’t honestly say that that person is evil to the same extent as the government of France is. Sure, killing innocent people is never right but when your fellow brothers  and sisters have been bombed and slaughtered by foreign armies for no reasons whatsoever then what are you supposed to do?

And it are these kinds of people that the UNEI terror alliance has been funding all along but that would never get into the minds of the victims in Paris and for that they have now paid the price, as cruel as that may sound.

People don’t understand that this is not a game, that invading foreign lands has consequences, that voting for filthy politicians in the west, like in France and Belgium, has consequences. You vote them into power? Fine, but along the way you will give your life too and you and your family won’t have any reasons to complain about it. You deserve the government that you allow to thrive.

Update 2 November 17, 2015

According to most media reports the shooters at the Bataclan opened fire upon entering the concert hall, they opened fire on the main level of the hall (where the concert was) but there are a few accounts that speak of shooters firing on the crowd from the balcony and it are these accounts that need to be investigated further because if the main suspects entered from the backside of the concert hall only then this means that we are dealing with other shooters who have so far been “forgotten” by the press and the French government.

Yet, another “witness” claims that the shooters entered the hall through the entrance under the balcony, where she was standing, so she couldn’t see the shooters. Along with 50 other persons she was able to escape through a window on the balcony- level of the Bataclan.

Were these shooters at the balcony part of the initial group of shooters or were they a separate group of operatives? What happened to these shooters on the balcony? So far there’s not a single mentioning of them in the press, aside from these few witness accounts.

Also at the “Batman shooting ” in the US, there were multiple shooters. Yet only one patsy has been focused on by the press and government officials and we know his future. Are we dealing with a similar situation here too, in Paris?

Update 1 November 17, 2015

Obviously someone other than the alleged shooters have been dragging bodies around in the Bataclan concert hall. One may honestly wonder why that is, if not for a dedicated photo shoot! Either way the crime scene has been tampered with, deliberately, all the while no medical units are attending any of the dead bodies.

November 16, 2015

  • As the site of annual fundraisers for the IDF,” the Bataclan concert hall was jewish owned allegedly until September 11, 2015, when the jewish owners sold the complex after being a family business for 40 years.
  • There were emergency exercises planned and going on on the same day of the actual attacks and these exercises included multi-site events practically identical to what has unfolded in Paris, on cue.
  • The heads of intel of the USA, France and Israel discussed these “spontaneous” events a mere two weeks prior to the attacks.
  • All the alleged suspects are dead, leaving no necessity for any trials that would reveal who ordered the attacks.
  • Hundreds of people were present during the “attacks” yet no one has made available any photos or videos that adequately document the shootings and bombings.
  • The fact that ISIS allegedly has claimed the attacks clearly shows that the UNEI (US, NATO, EU, Israel) terror apparatus was and is well aware of who is behind the attacks since ISIS is an UNEI invention with one of its main headquarters in Amman, Jordan, where the CIA and the Mossad daily meet and further plan the shipping of cool Toyotas and of rocket launchers made in the USA – after they have reviewed Rita Katz her next set of fake ISIS beheading videos, while still laughing their asses off for successfully fooling the world with the fake narrative about the Delta Force raid on Abu Sayyaf in Syria THAT NEVER HAPPENED.

The Power of the Israel Lobby in Belgium (EU)

How can it be that even after about three quarters of a century since the official end of colonialism (although not in practice), Israel is left completely unpunished for its occupation of Palestine? How is it possible that Israel is being treated with the utmost respect although they continue to violate a dozen UN resolutions? While Israel discriminates against and oppresses the Palestinians, on their own territory, while Israel expands its apartheid regime, while Israel locks in the population of Gaza in an open-air prison, while Israel commits state-sponsored terrorism and has made it its national policy to collectively persecute Arab communities (Libanon 1978, 1982-2000, 2006; Palestine 1987-1993 and 2000-2005; Jenin [1, 2]; Gaza 2009 to present).

Double Standards

The double moral standards of the “friends of Israel,” who accept and defend Israel’s actions but condemn any other nation or community who would commit the same crimes, are shocking to say the least. How is it possible that a man like Guy Verhofstadt (liberal party, former Belgian prime minister, current candidate for the EU Commission’s chairmanship), who brags about his public and private trips to Israel, without hesitation describes Arab minorities in Israel and Palestine as second-class?

Verhofstadt has no problems with the fact that Jews born in Warsaw or New York can migrate to Israel without any implications while Palestinians who were chased out of the country in 1948, and whose houses were destroyed, cannot return to their land. In an interview with Adi Schwartz and the then Belgian prime minister Verhofstadt, published by Haaretz in 2005, we find:

  • “I thought it was part of the past,” says Belgian Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt with a smile, referring to the attempt by some people in his country to put Ariel Sharon on trial for war crimes in their courts. The affair, which marred Israeli-Belgian relations and even caused Israel to recall its ambassador from Brussels, came to an end in August 2003 after Verhofstadt’s government amended the relevant law and the court canceled the procedures against Sharon. …”
  • “The phenomenon for him is very clear – and he has no difficulty identifying anti-Semitism. ‘If you attack Jews because they are Jews, you are an anti-Semite. When you’re tackling and directly criticizing Israel or the Jewish community (in Belgium), that’s anti-Semitism. If somebody starts to say that the Jewish state cannot exist, that’s a form of anti-Semitism. That’s very clear. … “
  • “Verhofstadt supports Israel’s existence as a Jewish state, even if as a result some people – for example, Arabs – are discriminated against. ‘The Law of Return is the basic idea of the foundation of the State of Israel,’ he says, ‘that is, the idea that any Jew can come and immediately become a citizen.’ … Regarding discrimination against Arabs he says: ‘That’s a question for internal lawmaking in Israel, but I think legislation like this exists already in other countries. It’s not the monopoly of Israel.”

Verhofstadt is not the only one who displays selective blindness. Another former prime minister of Belgium, Yves Leterme, who was honored as the “Navigator of Jerusalem” by the European Jewish Congress, is just as friendly towards Israel and its anti-Palestine policy. “Personally, I think we shouldn’t let our relationship with Israel be influenced by the Palestinian conflict,” he said as prime minister. Which, in other words, thus means as much as Israel can colonize at will.

Or what about the Flemish nationalist party N-VA? On March 3, 2008, they supported the “60 years displaced, 40 years occupied!” campaign by Action Platform Palestine but as the party’s electoral victory came in sight the support for such causes and the firm stances on Israel were swiftly changing or even vanishing completely. A mere 3 years later when a campaign was launched by Free Gaza to send another aid fleet to Gaza, not through established channels or conventional venues, the United Nations and the Jewish community in Belgium sabotaged and condemned the initiative and the nationalist and by then ruling party N-VA went as far as to describe the whole campaign as “a form of terrorism” [1, 2, 3]. This proves how deep the fake “war on terror” is already rooted in the social fabric of society and that indeed the zionist lobbies around the world are the main drivers of this perpetual crusade against alleged terrorists by manipulating not only the US [1, 2] and the UK but all national governments and international policies. Practically every politician around the world has already submitted to the zionist dictates a long time ago if not increasingly since 9/11 and 3/11.

By now it are known facts that Israel is the prime developer and exporter of police state techniques, policies and systems; is highly involved in the September 11 (2001) attacks on the American people and their property; (through the Mossad and Magna BSP) is one of the prime suspects of the war crimes and eco-terror in Fukushima Japan; is behind the nuclear attacks on Syria in 2013; that they want to control the internet; that they have formed and steer an alliance with neo-nazis in Ukraine and are responsible for the murder of Ukrainians on May 3-5 in Odessa. The list goes on and on and the facts are stacking up ever faster.

The influence of the Israel lobby in Belgium is not limited to political opinions and views alone. Even when the Mossad’s front companies NICE and Comverse were caught, in 2003, wiretapping [2] the EU’s Justus Lipsius building in Brussels since the 1990s, Israel and the companies got a free pass by the then prime minister of Belgium Guy Verhofstadt. “Documents asked for by investigators were delivered years later; and search warrants for private homes were issued six years after they were first requested. In the end, nobody was caught,” wrote EU Observer, and the then minister of justice Stefaan De Clerck said that “we shouldn’t get paranoid. Lets not blame people or companies just like that. That is not appropriate.” [1, 2]

Ariel Sharon

Another Belgian Israel lobby case concerned Ariel Sharon. Sharon became prime minister of Israel in 2001, although an Israeli commission had confirmed his responsibility for the massacre in Sabra and Shatila in 1982. His premiership enraged the survivors and the families of the victims which led them to filing a complaint against Sharon, in Belgium. This was possible because Belgium had earlier adopted a law as a result of the Rwanda genocide which allowed for the prosecution of international war criminals.

Soon after the filing, a counter-campaign was launched by the Israel lobby in Belgium. The Belgian Jewish press portrayed the Belgians as a bunch of anti-semites. The counter-campaign was led by IDF officer Rafi Yerushalmi, among others, and was supported by members and professors of several universities in Belgium and by liberal party members. The Israel lobby’s campaign was successful in that it was also able to block the redistribution of a 1998 brochure in which the true intentions of Israel in its occupation of Palestine were questioned.

Finally the Belgian law on genocide was amended which would permanently disable the possibility to effectively prosecute international war criminals like Sharon, Bush (Sr, Jr) and Blair. The amendment of the law on genocide was approved with the support of key figures of the then Belgian government, prime minister Guy Verhofstadt and minister Louis Michel; MPs Herman De Croo, Hugo Coveliers and the Polish-Jewish Fred Erdman. Along with the pressure from the Belgian Israel lobby also the American Israel lobby, through the US government, pressured the Belgian government to amend the law on genocide, for if it did not then the NATO headquarters would be changed to a location outside of the Belgian territory [2, 3, 4]. This immediately proves who is really running NATO and that NATO is not just an alliance of nations. It’s an instrument for war that is constantly being deployed to further the US’ imperialism which in turn serves the international Israel lobby, who thus are the actual zionist puppeteers. Also a remark by the then spokesperson for the Israeli department of foreign affairs was pretty clear on who eventually got the job done and confirms the zionist hands on the puppets’ strings: “With this law we were unable to make it, so we contacted our friends.”

Censorship in Jewish Schools

Jewish schools in Belgium, both private and public subsidized, are subject to far-reaching censorship enforced by the Belgian Jewish community and the Israel lobby. In this matter it are especially the public subsidized schools that pose the biggest problem because these are bound to implement the national education policies and curriculum.

A multitude of public subsidized Jewish schools retain a strict policy on what the children and students can and can not be “exposed to.” For example, images that are not allowed in the Jewish school material are:

  • grandparents kissing each other on the cheek
  • underwear hanging on a clothesline
  • woman with bare arms or bare belly button
  • rooster on a church’s rooftop
  • curves of the female breast

In some books also entire paragraphs are erased or pasted over with blank paper. Words such as “church,” “pope,” “girls band” are not allowed and thus deleted. The prehistoric eras and theory on evolution are banned and girls must leave school an hour before the boys finish classes, to avoid that contact can be established between the two genders. Also internet is not allowed on several of these schools [1, 2].

The schools also follow strict principles to not discuss sexuality, reproduction, politics, religion and racism. Nor can there be any mentioning of pharaohs, the middle ages, art (except Jewish art), catholic music or pop music.

belgium, israel lobby

By now, several teachers of a Belgian Jewish school have come forward to express their frustration about the far-reaching censorship:

  • “Every time new school books arrive they are first thoroughly reviewed by the ‘censorship commission,’ after which we receive documents containing three columns. In the first column are the pages with drawings and images that need to be blacked out. In the second column are the pages listed that need to be taken out completely. In the third column the pages are listed that contain information we cannot use or discuss. Of course, it takes a while until the commission has decided what is to be left and what is to be deleted or altered. This results in situations where children have to wait until April before they eventually receive their school books (classes start in September), so we need to improvise a lot. All children and students receive a bookmark containing a Hebrew proverb that says that everything that is not Jewish is ‘filth of the world.’ The problems arise in private schools but also in the by the government subsidized schools. In the past ten years we’ve had only one government inspection, which is bizarre. When one of the teachers asked how it can be that positive government inspection reports are still the standard then the off-record response was that the inspection reports are being ‘bought’ and that the commission has good connections in this matter.”

Volunteers for the Israeli Army

Every year a large number of jews travel to Israel to volunteer in the Israeli army, through “Sar-El” (The National Project for Volunteers for Israel). Sar-El was founded in 1982-1983 when Israel, during its invasion of Lebanon, had a shortage in manpower. By 2010 more than 132,000 volunteers from around the world had already worked with Sar-El, recruited through the Jewish Agency for Israel [2]. Sar-El is funded by the Israeli army and by public fundraising.

In many ways it is Israel’s foreign legion but also regular Israeli soldiers are active in the Sar-El unit(s). (“IDF Foreign Legion Still Going Strong” – Jerusalem Post – January 20, 1989; “Sar-El: Volunteerism Is Alive And Well” – Jerusalem Post – January 3, 1992).

In times of great military mobilization there’s full-scale recruitment through Sar-El, such was the case in 1982 when Israel occupied Lebanon, in 1991 during the Gulf war (7,000 recruits/volunteers) and in 2001-2002 for the second intifada (8,100 recruits/volunteers).

In 2001 and 2002 the Jewish Agency for Israel worked in overtime and this was noticeable even in Belgium where people were recruited “in silence,” through B’nai B’rith in Brussels and Antwerp, through the various Shmira and the ORT. the jewish press in Belgium also provided supporting coverage in their newspapers and weekly magazines.

According to the Belgian law on mercenaries a Belgian national can only serve a foreign state when it concerns “the recruitment by a state, on its territory, of a foreign regular member of the armed forces of that state, not to be deployed outside the recruiting state’s territory for purposes other than technical military support that the recruiting sate offers to another state.” In the case of Israel it is thus yet to be seen whether their recruitment of volunteers is legal since their operations are more than likely to involve actions in or against Palestine, Syria or Lebanon. If so, and likely this is the case, then the recruitment of Israel in Belgium is illegal, under international law as well.

It remains unclear how many people, in total since 1982, have been recruited in Belgium to support the Israeli forces.

In 2010 it was reported that that year was relatively calm, Sar-El had recruited 3,367 volunteers in about 60 countries. 1,098 from France, 1,045 from the US, 179 from Canada, 129 from the UK, 118 from Russia, 67 from the Netherlands, 45 from Australia, 37 from Germany, 24 from Spain, 24 from Italy and 8 from Belgium.

In 2012 the number of recruits was apparently up again, more than 4,000. Argentina 105, Australia 65, Austria 4, Belarus 105, Belgium 11, Brazil 11, Canada 153, Chile 2, Colombia 1, Costa-Rica 5, Cuba 1, Czech Republic 14, Denmark 2, England 72, Estonia 2, Finland 96, France 1,086, Germany 59, The Netherlands 41, Hungary 95, Ireland 6, Israel 449, Italy 36, Latvia 1, Mexico 24, New Zealand 13, Norway 56, Panama 2, Peru 1, Poland 1, Portugal 1, Romania 2, Russia 92, Scotland 3, Serbia 10, Slovakia 4, South Africa 104, Spain 14, Sweden 5, Switzerland 27, Ukraine 49, Uruguay 55, USA 1,221, Uzbekistan 5 and Venezuela 1.

The Lobby

Thus, the Israel lobby certainly exists in Belgium and it has a strong grip on the Belgian society, the politicians and the government. This grip is ever expanding with the formation and expansion of the EU. Organizations and “think tanks” like Medbridge Strategy Center, AJC Transatlantic Institute, Europe Near East Forum and the European Friends of Israel are ensuring that Israel’s foreign policies will be implemented in the European federation, of which Belgium is the center.

It works identical in the US with AIPAC and ADL, in Australia with AIJAC, in the UK with CFI and BICOM. In Russia it’s not different, although the term “Israel-lobby” is rather new in relation to the above, Russia nonetheless has plenty of Israeli oligarchs who are close to the Russian government due to their personal wealth and economic power. On foreign policy and in relation to Iran, Russia and Israel are closing the gap.

The EU and Belgium also provide Israel with prime policies and agreements when it concerns trade and continuing occupation of Palestine. Israel has its own arrangements when it comes to import to the EU zone, through which it rakes in hundreds of millions of euro in profits, annually. The Belgian government and Dexia bank on their turn are not too shy to finance Israel’s illegal settlements in Palestine.

In 2003, Michaël Carlisle of the Jewish Defense League, (JDL) announced that the JDL was working on its further expansion in Europe and Belgium. “The project is taking shape, we have ten to fifteen people in Belgium whose training has started and things are looking good. We intend to settle in Brussels, Ghent and Antwerp,” he said. The main purpose of the JDL in Belgium is to ensure the defense of the jewish community. “It’s about defensive security.” According to several sources the group was practicing martial arts specifically “to fight anti-semitism and everything that endangers Israel.”

Belgium’s deep-rooted diamond trade in Antwerp [1, 2, 3, 4], largely run by the Jewish community, is in many ways a representation of the general state of affairs in Belgian commerce. Although there’s a certain change noticeable, companies in general will not take strong positions on Israel’s actions in Palestine and its interference nationally in Belgium to avoid being branded as anti-semitic. This of course gives the Israel lobby also a firm grip on the media. Aside from the few exceptions, the mainstream media in general will not be too critical on Israel. But then again, this is the same when it comes to corruption by the Belgian governments and politicians. Neither will the establishment media in Belgium be critical on the UN and NATO, on 9/11 and 3/11, on the global warming hoax and global governance.

In closing it should also be mentioned that with the current evolving situation in Ukraine, Belgium has more and more features in common with Ukraine. Just like it is the case in Ukraine, with Israel joining forces with neo-nazis, also in Belgium are new alliances being formed with right-wing extremist parties but most of all steered by zionists. In 2003 Haaretz reported that “growing fear of Muslims and alienation from the Belgian political establishment have given rise to a phenomenon in Antwerp that would have been inconceivable not long ago: Jewish support for the far-right Vlaams Blok party.” In the case of Belgium, we have Bush’s deceptive “war on terror” to thank for this increase in anti-Muslim sentiment.

In response to the law on genocide, which sparked a major controversy, and in the aftermath of course of the declared “war on terror” after the 9/11 false flag attacks occurred, the Belgian government has granted Israel, and other nations, the right to track terror suspects within Belgium’s territory, giving the Mossad, and the CIA, full and unrestricted access to do whatever they feel fit in Belgium. It’s not like they weren’t already doing that, it’s just that now they also officially can.

The Psyops Ship: Strike 3, Your Out!

It’s only been two days since we first reported about the major shift that is happening at the Infowars website. On February 8, 2014, we described how the Alex Jones website is now openly advocating for more security measures (more police state) in the U.S. and likely the whole world, in an article that covers a 2013 attack on a Californian power station. In that article it is conveniently being omitted that 911 calls were disabled during the attack on the power station.

Jim Stone, who has proven to be a solid source for 3/11 truth, broke it down like this and he has this to add as well:

  • “I have received comments saying Alex did not write this. MY RESPONSE: Tough luck, he is responsible for EVERYTHING that makes rotation on his site.”

Unfortunately, today we were notified about a report that Infowars is indeed giving another sign that it has joined forces with those who it was once claimed to oppose.

In an article titled Woman held by TSA for reading Jewish paper goes public coming from WND which in turn linked back to Infowars in an effort to make their story stick, it is being reported that a jewish author was interrogated by the TSA because she was reading a copy of the Jewish Press.

To stop a person who is reading such a newspaper and to assume such a person might be a terrorist, as the reported story itself goes, is not suspicious for us because it is a fact that Israel is terrorizing Palestine and the world for a long time now. Just look at 9/11 [1, 2], Fukushima 3/11 [1, 2, 3] and their role in global surveillance [1, 2] and the impact [1, 2] of their terror becomes beyond clear.

What is even more striking is the fact that in the February 9, 2014, article the demonizing of muslims is clearly being shoved on the reader’s plate, to such an extent that the radio host that is being provided with the Infowars audience through the article is claiming to know what a terrorist looks like.


What does a terrorist look like? What is the universal description or definition of the looks of a terrorist? We don’t know because there is none.

Yet this guy Aaron Klein and the Jewish author Phyllis Chesler who was stopped by the TSA seem to know exactly what a terrorist looks like. Based on the reporting it is fair to say that Infowars, Klein and Chesler believe that terrorists are also known to wear “a niqab” that covers the entire face.

Now how shallow is that?! Because we all know that real terrorists wear $ 5,000 suits [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6] and they hold offices in governments and they blackmail their counterparts.

The iconic terrorist looks as presented by establishment propaganda outlets is a fabled reality, just like their prime time whistleblowers are.

Again, it might have been open for debate in the past what the underlying plan is at Infowars, who might however have been a real ally in the very beginning.

Unfortunately it is now becoming pretty obvious that Infowars has become a whitewashing venue where truth about Israeli terror and crimes is being banned from publication, where facts are being twisted, where the muslim terrorist stereotype is being promoted and where it is openly being advocated for to establish more security measures (more police state).

In at least two other cases, of which one case concerns Israel, the facts are also not in favor of Infowars:

So lets do the math here…

Strike 1: January 27, 2014. Infowars misrepresents the news about Israel wanting a UN for cyberspace.

Strike 2: February 6, 2014. Infowars omits crucial data and advocates for more police state and thereby contradicts its own image of being an alleged “liberty lover.”

Strike 3: February 9, 2014. Today, Infowars pushes muslim terrorist fable to the front pages of their followers and makes a jewish author look like a victim. Comfortably advancing the Israeli government’s agenda.