When Subliminal Becomes Obsolete


About two weeks ago, on February 6, Infowars openly endorsed and republished an article that actually advocates for more security measures, more police state.

“The article titled ‘In 19 Minutes, A Team Of Snipers Destroyed 17 Transformers At A Power Station In California,’ written by The Truth Wins and parroted by Infowars, represents a major turning point in the history of the truth movement and the alternative media for it is the most important signal in recent years about the true intentions of certain elements in the ‘truth and alternative’ media,” wrote Truth News International in a February 8 article.

“Now we have Infowars openly advocating for more surveillance and the full roll-out of a police state or even a police world. Read the February 6, 2014, article carefully and discover how in a subtle manner the real face and intentions are being shown. For a brief moment, the mask has come off. …The exposing of this transition could not be any more crucial, as Jim Stone pointed out.”

Also on February 10, 2014, Truth News International wrote about the obvious shift that is taking place at Infowars, in addition to pointing out some other facts relating to suspicious behavior at Alex Jones’ venue.

When considering the above information in combination with the following image of the Infowars magazine February cover it’s fair to state that the once subliminal approach has been dropped for ever.

Clearly their audience has been preconditioned and programmed enough and found to be ready for a next phase of psyops.

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