Solid Indication Suggests Airplane of Flight MH370 Was Intercepted During Nuclear Security Summit in the Netherlands


Two days ago, March 24, indicated that the airplane of Malaysia Airlines flight 370 may have been intercepted during the 2-day nuclear security summit in the Netherlands. The claim was made based upon local news reports in the Dutch media.

Later that day also French and Spanish media outlets reported the interception of flight UC 1503, a LAN cargo-plane that was headed for Amsterdam according to CNN. The alleged Boeing 777-F was intercepted by two F-16s of the Royal Dutch Air Force on Monday.

Before publishing the initial report by Jim Stone we, however, wanted some more solid indication that can support the assumption that Monday’s flight UC 1503 may have likely been Malaysia Airlines flight 370’s Boeing 777 that went missing on March the 8 of this month.

And we have indeed found that solid indication that we were looking for!

On the same day of the interception of the LAN cargo-plane, non-stop flight UC 1503 over the Netherlands which should have been headed to Frankfurt anyway (and NOT Amsterdam) since that is the registered flight schedule for this flight, ALL emergency response units and agencies in the Netherlands who were not immediately actively involved in the security of the nuclear security summit were ordered to turn off their radios (saved copy) that are connected to the C-2000 emergency and security radio communications network in the Netherlands.

The Dutch government ordered those who were not immediately involved in the security and emergency services for the nuclear security summit to turn off their radios in order to avoid the system to crash, allegedly because too many units (fire department, medical units,…) may only be listening in on the radio transmissions while they were merely on stand-by or not involved in the two-day security and emergency services at all.

Of course this official narrative is as preposterous as the search and rescue missions concerning flight MH370 and its official narratives in the Western media.

The fact that emergency and security units on stand-by or off-duty were not allowed to listen in on the radio communications of the 2-day summit not only serves as a solid indication that something larger was being anticipated, because there’s no legal or logical reason to justify such an order by the government. The order is highly irresponsible too for it would completely have disrupted the orderly execution of any emergency plan in case anything actually went wrong during the nuclear summit in the Netherlands.

The order to shut off radio communications during a high-level event is a major breach of the activated security plans and may have resulted in a true disaster when something, like a staged attack by the 9/11-3/11 agencies and government operatives, went live.

Once Malaysia Airlines flight 370 was hijacked and flown to Diego Garcia, where the on-board-engineers were debriefed, the plane may have easily been given a new coat of paint and some cool LAN Cargo stickers in the last two weeks in preparation for its nuclear summit mission in the Netherlands. It would be the perfect way to get rid of the airplane and all evidence linking it to flight 370. When it crashed and blew up in the Netherlands there would be no way to ever credibly prove that flight UC 1503 was not flight MH370 because just like on 9/11 all evidence would have been hauled away immediately.

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370: Why it’s AWACS Hijacking Was U.S.-Israeli Sponsored


Malaysia Airlines Flight 370: AWACS Hijacking, Sabotage and Propaganda

* * *

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Some readers have sent us interesting feedback and questions on our Malaysia Airlines flight 370 reporting. This one is one of the most interesting responses we’ve got so far (name and address redacted):

  • “Hello 4KEY,
    Firstly I’ld like to thank you for the insight into the missing flight MH370, certianly a different view on the matter. I noticed that emphasis is placed onto the CIA/Mossad connections which is most likely given the 20 engineers, but what about China/Russia? Any possible motives there to counter-sabotage given we havent got the full story on the patent issue? Possibly took the them to cover their tracks..?
    Below is an article I found on Chinas awacs, one thing I dont quite understand is that how can any awac hide from military radar, do you think that awac flew at high altitude to avoid radar, remote hijacked MH370 to same position & escorted it whilst jamming its position to secret location?
    China AWACS System Seeks to Flush Out US Stealth Fighters​
    China’s new airborne early warning and control systems (AWACS) are far more sophisticated than current US systems, according to a Washington-based think tank.”

And here’s our answer to it:

The patent message that is circulating online mentions 4 Chinese inventors, as we have pointed out those were not on the plane, when the  passengers manifest is correct. If they were on flight 370 then their names have been deleted from the list. We have written that explicitly, that they were not listed, but many people have not payed attention to that fact and just copy parts that are useful for their own story. Where exactly those names were linked to flight 370 and by who remains unclear for us. The technical details about the patent, the number and the links to Freescale and Blackstone are correct but again people seem to not care about the full reporting. They assume because the name “Rothschild” comes up that therefore he is the one behind this. That’s a little too shortsighted and too fast for us because that’s only a wild guess for now. We certainly would exploit that information if it was indeed the fact, for sure.

For now we assume that the hijacking was U.S.-Israeli sponsored because of all the earmarks, i.e. the FAKE photos and the passports story, and as our reader mentions China has knowledge that is high on the want-to-have list of the U.S. It is therefore that we believe that the engineers were taken to extract data from them. Also if it was China who was setting this up we would have a more brutal response from the U.S. in our opinion. The whole official story was doomed ever since the fake pictures were released to the public and the media, only very few people and websites out there seem to focus on those fake pictures which is odd to say the least but not completely unexpected. It is one of the key pieces of evidence in the whole investigation. When you see that no newspaper or any TV channel even dares to say that the pictures are fake, it is certainly proof that the hijacking was not done by China or Russia because if it was then the media, and certainly the American press, would be all over it. They would use those pictures as the crest of their bash-Russia-China media campaign.

The focus on the pilots now is also B.S., pure decoy and propaganda.


The reason why we assume that other equipment may also have been used during the AWACS mission, of which flight 370 was a victim, is explained in this 2006 article on a Boeing patent. “Boeing is, of course, not the first autopilot technology in existence, but this one has been designed with counterterrorism first and foremost in mind. Not only is it ‘uninterruptible’ — so that even a tortured pilot cannot turn it off — but it can be activated remotely via radio or satellite by government agencies.” This means and proves that commercial airplanes can be controlled remotely by lets say… the CIA and Mossad! Therefore there’s no need at all for an agent to be on board of the airplane to ensure it can be taken over and taken to an alternative destination, as the agencies see fit for their operation. The AWACS would certainly provide perfect cover and would hide most traces of the airplane’s signals. As is the case with flight 370.

And lets not forget that the NSA knows perfectly well where the plane, flight 370, and the passengers are/were given that the mobile phones were operating so these have also left a trail that the NSA has CERTAINLY tracked and logged.

* * *

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370: AWACS Hijacking, Sabotage and Propaganda

AWACS-ed: Malaysian Airlines Flight 370

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March 11- 12, 2014 – Jim Stone

Malaysian airlines flight 370 has been provably hijacked by an AWACS plane. This is outlined in the updates below.

BLOCKBUSTER UPDATE: FAKE PASSPORT GUYS WERE PHOTOSHOPPED. Take a look at their legs. HA HA HA – that’s a bad screw up. Here is the original article this picture appeared in, Needless to say, I preserved this one.

Caption below original photo: “A Malaysian police official displays photographs of the two men who boarded the Malaysia Airlines MH370 flight using stolen European passports to the media at a hotel near Kuala Lumpur International Airport in Sepang on March 11, 2014. — PHOTO: AFP” Now that’s an absolute LAUGH. That’s as bad as the blood spatters going the wrong way at the bat man shooting.

Get while the getting is good, they are going to “fix this” ASAP.

Too late, this entire article including comments below is now preserved and will post tomorrow in it’s full glory on this web site so you can just save it as a Jpeg tomorrow. That way the black hole of censorship won’t suck this one beyond the event horizon.


The Malaysian military tracked this plane for a full hour with military radar after it “vanished from civilian radar because “the transponders were switched off” (B.S.) radar is radar, it does not need a “transponder” to track a plane and they can eat dog poo.

ANYWAY, the plane did a u-turn and was “last spotted” on the other side of Malaysia. They made the mistake of saying it was “flying low” when it was still at 29,500 feet, far higher than needed to show on radar, to deceive people into believing THAT is why it “vanished” from radar. A whole bunch of lies were hatched about how it disappeared from civilian radar because “the transponder was switched off” but RADAR IS RADAR AND ONLY COMMERCIAL AIRLINERS HAVE TRANSPONDERS, PRIVATE PLANES DO NOT HAVE TRANSPONDERS. Radar is there to prevent private planes from hitting commercial ones among other things, and if radar can see a private plane that has no transponder it certainly can see a huge jumbo jet. So you can take the transponder lies and trash them.

But the plane DID disappear from civilian radar even though military radar tracked it for a now admitted full hour longer.

What could make a plane disappear from civilian radar while at 36,000 feet yet still be visible on military radar? ONE THING, and it looks like a UFO (as some have speculated) only it’s attached to a boeing jet – the antenna on a U.S. Air Force AWACS plane. The fact that this missing jet vanished from civilian radar yet remained visible on more robust military radars proves well enough for me that this indeed was an AWACS hijacking, just like we saw on 9/11 where AWACS planes were seen on video observing if not controlling the crashes into the twin towers. Once the plane flew far enough West, Awacs was obviously enough to jam both civilian and military radars, probably because they entered a zone where the angle of both incoming signals allowed for their simultaneous cancellation. That is where the plane finally “vanished” forever, an hour after the “official” vanishing act. The final vanish happened while at 29,500 feet.

In this scenario, we now have: The plane did a u-turn and flew the other way for a now admitted full hour. THAT supports the Awacs story.

Obvious fake photoshopping of “terrorists”. THAT supports the Awacs story.

Cell phones still ringing, which would only be possible with a safe landing. THAT supports the Awacs story

Missing black boxes. THAT supports the Awacs story (the plane is obviously intact)

A reason to electronically hijack the airplane – 20 top people from a semiconductor firm that works defense, with employees working for countries that are not allies yet VERY powerful – THAT supports the Awacs story

And the GRAND FINALE: PLANE DISAPPEARS FROM CIVILIAN RADARS WHILE REMAINING VISIBLE ON MILITARY RADARS. THAT supports the Awacs story and pushes it to the forefront of logic like a tsunami on a beach umbrella, if THAT does not raise a few eyebrows people are sleeping.

And I’d have to say the CIA’s obvious pushing of B.S. regarding this supports the Awacs story as well; If this plane shows up somewhere in pieces now, it was electronically hijacked by an AWACS plane – the same type seen on 9/11, and the people were offloaded and questioned (engineers probably waterboarded for defense secrets). IF that plane shows up in pieces now it happened last night, not three days ago FINAL ANSWER.

UPDATE: Exact logic sequence for proving the U.S. air force hijacked the Malaysian airlines flight.

1. Absent an awacs type system which can precisely monitor a received signal and spoof a return signal (or phase cancel it) you cannot disappear a non stealth aluminum skinned plane from ANY radar system. After vanishing from civilian radars, it remained on military radars that would work better against AWACS. That pretty much says it all.

2. Iran is an ally of Russia. Russia has Awacs type systems, but would not try to frame up Iran in a terror plot with a fake passport story supported by idiotically faked photos. Russia did not do this.

3. China and Malaysia also have Awacs type systems. Since it was a Malaysian plane flying with Chinese engineers, it is safe to rationalize out that neither China nor Malaysia did this.

4. Though the engineers on the plane also worked with stealth technologies such as Awacs, it takes a huge UFO shaped antenna to make such systems work, and Malaysian passenger jets do not have them as a standard feature. This was not a stunt played by Freescale Semiconductors.

5. Israel wants war with Iran, and the CIA hatching a terror plot with horribly faked photos stands in the evidence pool against the U.S. air force, which is their sex slave.

6. The obvious motive was military, and a real tie in was the fact that the plane disappeared from civilian radar while at full cruising altitude, but not the military radars. In this case the air force had to choose which radar they would spoof with Awacs (there is extreme difficulty with spoofing more than one system simultaneously unless there is a lucky alignment of signals) and they just hoped the military would not catch on. ONE PROBLEM, the Malaysian military was not as inept as the Air Force thought. PLAN FAILURE.

7. The Iranian terror plot fits the logic tree well. Since the photos were obviously faked, WHO WOULD DO THAT? WHO WANTS WAR WITH IRAN? No brainer there.

8. The cell phones are ringing, and the only organization in the world that can say where they are is the NSA. WHY THE SILENCE?

logic sequence output: Because the plane was hijacked electronically by those who keep the NSA funded and the NSA has been told to SHUT UP. If those phones were in lost baggage, the NSA would have said so RIGHT AWAY, and even the airline company would have figured it out by now, found the bags, heard the phones ringing and said, OH, WE KNOW WHY THEY RING. And the phones are not dead ringing as can happen with some American carriers, because on one occasion one of the phones was picked up and hung up without anything being said. But NOPE, NOTHING on this from the NSA, which means those phones are ringing on a runway somewhere, and the NSA knows EXACTLY WHERE. Yet they still support the CIA, which is doing it’s best to hatch a B.S. terror plot about a couple Iranians with fake photos and THERE IS YOUR ANSWER, AMERICA HAS THAT PLANE AND IS PROBABLY WATERBOARDING THE FREESCALE ENGINEERS RIGHT NOW, EXTRACTING CHINESE MILITARY SECRETS. If the plane is now “found” in pieces it will mean “they” gave up on the B.S. story line and decided to ditch it somewhere rather than use it on the Petronas towers or the Sears tower.

The hijacking story won’t work now that we know the Malaysian military was able to track the plane because a hijacker cannot switch off a radar system 500 miles away and cannot prevent the plane from being found on radar wherever it went to, ONLY AWACS COULD.

My final word on Malaysia airlines

At least until the plane is found.

Freescale semiconductor is actually a large company with many divisions. The most credible information out there points to two possibilities with one central binding theme –

The central binding theme is that these employees did not work in the energy sector, they worked with advanced military technologies. One branch was for data security and may have been attempting to circumvent the NSA, and the other branch worked in cloaking technology for stealth applications.

When I was at the NSA, they very clearly stated that the best engineering teams out there consisted of 4 or 5 people and NO MORE. So the plane obviously would not have all people from freescale working on the same team. There would have been, with 20 employees, 4 or 5 separate engineering teams aboard assigned to different tasks. This could be why there are so many different explanations for what all the employees actually did, and you know they had to at least be engineers because Freescale would not load floor sweepers or assemblers onto a jet.

My best guess is that the people worked in defense. And I have a pretty good reason for thinking so – Malaysia is an amazingly advanced country. You might not think so because you have never been told but Malaysia is in fact so advanced a country that ever since the early 90’s Malaysia has made many and at times ALL processors for both Intel and AMD. How much higher than that can you get?

So here we have two countries, Malaysia and China, with a top flight electronics engineering firm, Freescale semiconductor, and 20 missing engineers on a vanished plane. I’d say this was probably a military takedown by the United States. And I’d bet the plane was remote hijacked and flown to a runway somewhere. THAT is why the cell phones still ring and you can bet the black op NSA knows exactly where they are. All the modern planes can be taken over via remote, they all have back doors now and the NSA is there only to rape and rob you, they are NOT your friends, you will NOT be told where this plane is.

The plane vanishing from radar had nothing to do with the plane’s electronics going dead, it most likely had a LOT more to do with an AWACS plane making it vanish from radar and taking it over. AWACS can do that. And if the plane’s electronics went dead that would NOT make it vanish from radar, I don’t know where all the stupidity on this topic evolved, MYLAR BALLOONS HAVE NO ELECTRONICS, AND THEY SHOW UP ON RADAR CLEAR AS DAY. AIRPLANES DO NOT NEED TO HAVE A TRANSPONDER FOR RADAR TO WORK AT ALL. THE TRANSPONDER IS ONLY FOR TELLING GROUND CONTROL THE NAME OF THE AIRPLANE. DEAD ELECTRONICS ON A PLANE HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH IT BEING ON RADAR. if you read an article saying the plane vanished because it’s transponder switched off, run from the writer as fast as your brain can move, that writer is either too stupid to pay attention to or fake.

SO, we have a plane that vanished from radar while at altitude. No tracking pieces falling, no descent into the sea, NADA, it just VANISHED. PIECES OR IT DID NOT HAPPEN AND IT WAS INSTEAD AWACS AND AN ELECTRONIC HIJACKING FOR MILITARY PURPOSES. Until this plane turns up in the jungle it’s in once piece on a runway somewhere, probably an American runway on one of the many bases America has everywhere and the engineers are being debriefed and told about the new life they are going to have, their families are going to have, or they are dead.

And the punch line? If this is what really happened, the Zioclan just got a free plane they can use to hit the Sears Tower. NEVER FORGET THAT.

e-War Alpha: When Alleged Fiction Becomes Your Reality


By Jacobs K. for ReblDyne

Step by step, alleged fiction is becoming part of everyday life. Most people don’t realize this but many things that are still being considered fictitious by them today have, however, been very real for many years or even decades.

Although by now, it should be getting clear to anyone that alleged fiction is catching up fast with their own personal perception of a non fictitious reality, in which they deem fiction to be something straight out of books and movies, the very opposite is still true.

Even now, when mainstream media is spending much of their resources on providing psyop fronts like Snowden and Assange, who both spread lies about the 9/11 attacks (just in case you missed this crucial fact), with prime time audiences to report about “leaked information” on how the NSA is spying on everyone, people still refuse the admit that all of this has already been covered in the past.

Countless movies and books have been dedicated to explaining how all of these techniques work, into the finest details. It’s actually amazing how accurate these alleged fictional stories were. Or maybe they weren’t all so fictional after all. Maybe some of the writers of these fictitious scripts already had the knowledge about or access to this kind of information, long before Assange and Snowden showed up.

Knowing this, it’s fair to ask: How fictitious are the claims now in those presumed fictional books and movies about spying, double agents and advanced networks to monitor all communications and the entire public? Well, it’s pretty obvious that these claims are not fiction at all.

So, to say that Snowden and Assange are heroes and the information that they leak is groundbreaking and shocking are false claims. These two pawns are meant to be talking points, nothing more than that. They have to create the illusion that governments and secret services have lost a battle against the revolting public, when in fact the very opposite is the truth.

Anything to keep the public distracted and their eyes and minds off of what is really being planned behind closed doors, like an e-war and Agenda 21, is being deployed.



The Post-Assange-Snowden Era: The Truth About “Leaking” Not So Classified Information

Now that it’s a fact that Edward Snowden and Julian Assange BOTH LIE about 9/11, it is safe to state that this indicates that the events and facts regarding 9/11 are among the hottest topics in corporate, government and military circles, to be guarded at all costs. If throwing some sensitive information in the ring is therefore needed, so be it. If that keeps the public occupied and away from the truth then that’s exactly what they, the bankster-drug-lord-funded CIA and NSA, will do.

After all, we already knew that governments and corporations spy on the people in any possible way [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7] and that corruption reaches the highest levels in society. We don’t need Assange and Snowden to tell us about that. Their leaked data is not so classified as many people would believe.

In fact, the “leaking” of data, as provided by Assange and Snowden, can be seen as a next step of the agenda to introduce more surveillance systems and policies. Just like the 9/11 setup, leaking “secret” data also provides governments and their puppet masters, who have orchestrated both 9/11 and the leaks, with the right climate in society to allow that more “security measures” can be implemented. It is therefore not unthinkable that Snowden and Assange were enabled to leak information. They were allowed to access the data, whether they realize it themselves or not.

When the world can be fooled to believe that 9/11 was not an inside job, then it’s child’s play to make some guys believe that they hit the motherload.

We the truth movement have the obligation to be able to think like those who commit the most heinous crimes against humanity. Reading works like Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars can contribute to understanding how the puppet masters think and operate.

It’s a truth war that is being waged and more people need to be on the same level as the competition, at least, if we want to have a chance at winning that war.

For numerous people it’s already clear what the game is and how it’s being played. Showing that we are aware might be a warning to the corrupt maniacs and scrooges in power to back off and let the world be in peace. Although the final battle is yet to come.

Hold Your Horses, You’ve Just Been “Snowdened” and “Assanged”

At times you may think that by now you’ve probably heard and seen it all. But then all of a sudden something unexpected pops up and another piece of the puzzle falls perfectly in to place.

You see, when you start as an amateur in the truth movement you don’t know how the game is being played, you have to count on others to explain the rules to you. Unfortunately there are very few honest mentors who are great at what they do and who actually tell you how to survive and what to look for.

But when you do find that someone who will teach you the tricks, someone like Jim Stone, you will know exactly when it’s the right time to put up a RED FLAG and call B.S.

And so it happened today… once again.

The red flag has been raised and the call on the B.S. is out in the open, ENJOY IT!


You’ve Been “Snowdened” and “Assanged”

The world has already been introduced to Julian Assange a few years ago, the Wikileaks guy who continues his charade on the international scene by “leaking” classified documents and data to the general public and the mainstream media. Acting like he’s Anonymous’ favorite hero.

Earlier this year, the world was introduced to Edward Snowden, the NSA “whistleblower,” who is informing the world that the governments are spying on the citizens. Not that that is really news in fact, a person with a little bit of a brain already knew that that was the case for many years.

Now back to today, when it became crystal clear that both these guys have something in common that the mainstream media, who is giving both men a prime time audience, is not telling you. AGAIN.

So what do Snowden and Assange have in common?

They both lie about 9/11 (September 11, 2001), and it can be proven!

According to Assange the truth about 9/11 is not so important and it was not a true inside job or conspiracy:

  • “I’m constantly annoyed that people are distracted by false conspiracies such as 9/11, when all around we provide evidence of real conspiracies, for war or mass financial fraud.” – Belfast Telegraph, July 19, 2010 (911blogger)

And what about Snowden?

Well, if 9/11 was a conspiracy or not, according to Snowden, remains unclear. But here is where it gets very interesting for the truth movement. The Washington Post and Examiner reported that Snowden leaked documents about the 2011 raid on Osama bin Laden. A raid that was FAKE in every meaning of the word.

Why? Well…

  • Pictures have been photoshopped:

osama bin laden

  • Osama died in 2001: MSNBC hit piece unwittingly reveals corroboration for Dr. Steve R. Pieczenik’s assertion.Global Research, May 13, 2011.


And so the curtain falls. The Snowden and Assange show is over. It lasted for a while, longer than expected though, but it’s FINISHED for ever. All credibility for both CIA/NSA fronts has disappeared, molten like SNOW in the blistering rays of the truth.

You don’t have to mourn them, they’re still alive, I guess, but they better find a rock that is big enough for both to crawl under.

Don’t worry, there’s still a real truth movement operational. One that is not a front for a government agency and where no controlled opposition  operates. The proof of that is the article that you’ve just read.

Spread it far!

Good luck to all!