If You Are a REAL Rebel then THIS Message is for YOU!


Lets get a few things straight, shall we?

Russia – Turkey

The whole episode with Russia and Turkey (alleged downing of the bomber near Syrian-Turkish border) serves to:

  1. Pave the way for REGIME CHANGE IN… TURKEY, since Erdogan is in many ways not on the same page as NATO and the UNEI terror alliance (and don’t give me the “but Erdogan supports ISIS” rehashing – it’s worn out by now and the fact that both the mainstream media and their “alternative” counterpart travel this road proves the point all by itself!)
  2. Set an example for what happens when an assumed loyal nation or regime (to the UNEI terror alliance) tries to get creative and get their act together by not signing on to new IMF shark loans for example.
  3. Further the zionist agenda of deconstructing the Middle East and especially the muslim communities there (this does not necessarily include all the Arabs – for now – for they provide great wealth that can be and is being deployed to further the agenda of the David sect). Although the Arabs will be double-crossed eventually, what did you honestly expect would happen??

Remember that ISRAEL is right in between of all of this. They have control over the “hot line” between Russia and the U.S. (NATO) so THEY are more than likely also to be blamed (at least) for the recent incident between Russia and Turkey [1, 2].

“A US official told Reuters news agency that US-Israeli coordination allowed the allies to share classified technologies for identifying Russian aircraft over Syria: “We know how to spot them clearly and quickly,” the official said.” – Al Jazeera

On the sidelines of this you also, conveniently, have that the so-called but former truth movement is intentionally being absorbed by the mainstream crowd, their belief and narrative – that Turkey is an ISIS ally and that Erdogan is one of their masters. A point that doesn’t prove anything really because ALL western(-ized) nations support the anti-Assad movements and favorably the most violent ones first.

In fact for most folks out there who claim to be “truthers,” you have to thank your favorite “alternative” news outlet for the fact that we have landed at this stage, where the mainstream narrative has become the alternative’s and where the “truthers” are now favorable to their government’s war propaganda. Completely opposing and contradicting reality, willingly and knowingly. Just like they did with the Paris attacks, both media blocks pushing the lie that ISIS did it. Which it didn’t – as I have extensively documented on this website.


WhatReallyHappened (Rivero the Infowars/Watson supporter):

“I am starting to suspect that the whole Edward Snowden story is a gigantic hoax, to scare us all into silence by selling the myth that the NSA is watching everything that we do. The Nazis did the exact same thing to the people of Germany, intentionally promoting the image of the Gestapo as seeing and hearing everything. I think the Snowden story is a a repeat, and thankfully, it is not working with the American people anywhere near as it did with the German people.”

Really? You have finally found the light? I must be a prophet then for telling the world about this exact psyop reality since 2013. To have you come to this conclusion only now, as supposedly one of the biggest alternative names out there, is remarkable in the sense that my analyses are, thus, years ahead of yours and many other so-called alternative heroes theirs.

Yet, your judgement is still very foggy and infantile, Rivero. The people DID FALL and HAVE WIDELY FALLEN for the scam and globally that is. That was the whole intention of it. It was the intention to push harder government policies and stricter (harsher) spying. The only difference now is that everything is perfectly legal and more in the open (where it was more secret in the past) – all leading parties and puppets have voted IN FAVOR of MORE police state in practically every nation on this planet. As can be seen in France also where the government is now waltzing over the people as if they are no match. And they aren’t!! Obviously, since they get away with what they are doing and they have the full support of all leading politicians and intergovernmental bodies like NATO, the EU and the UN. Hell, they can now even violate accepted human rights – perfectly legal but for all the wrong reasons nonetheless.

You wanna be a real rebel and not an exposed faker?


But it’s gonna take much more than reading some trash at Drudge and feeling honored when Infowhores, Before it’s News or WhatReallyHappened repost you.

As a matter of fact, it will require you to fully expose the scammers and frauds on your own for what they are. Because they are worse than the bankers and the corporate zionists. Fake truthers and false alternative heroes are no better than rats. With the real criminals like Netanyahu you at least know what they want and what they try to accomplish. They’re quite honest about it, very often, when you can read between the lines. With the backstabbing rats that the fake truthers are you are never sure which side they are on. But one thing you do know, they are not on your side when you are a hardcore rebel. They hate you and they would love to see you fail in your missions and to see you locked up for life. It’s the worst kind of people that walk this planet, they’re cockroaches that need to be crushed permanently!


The 108 Facts You Should Always Remember About 9/11


Today – as the people and their governments around the world remember what happened 13 years ago in the USA on September 11, 2001 – is a perfect day to put all the spotlights on the following 108 facts that should have been common knowledge already by now for the entire global population.

However, somehow your government and your favorite establishment news outlet has hardly or not informed you about:


Body Count: UNEI’s 1.5 Million Deaths in the “War on Terror” Since 2001

The so-called “war on terror” that was launched in 2001 by the US, NATO, the EU and Israel (UNEI) is in fact, simply put, a war on everyone who refuses to submit to the alliance’s dominance and imperialism. This war has little to do with terrorists as it is defined by the UNEI alliance because it is a fact that under their own definition of ‘terrorism’ they themselves are the biggest terrorist organization that the world has ever seen. Their terrorism has claimed more lives than any extremist since world war 2 and most of those deaths are innocent citizens that the UNEI alliance calls ‘collateral damage.’ It comes with the job and territory, according to UNEI.

To no surprise of course, the available data on the real death toll since the launch of the “war on terror” – since the official declaration of war on the truth and reality – is heavily distorted and in many cases that data is not made available at all to the public on purpose by those who benefit the most from withholding information and fabricated casualty numbers. This is being done to deceive the public opinion, both nationally and abroad, to allow the continuation of the UNEI’s propaganda and deceptive global regime.

Lets have a look on how many people have died already at the hands of the UNEI alliance and due to their conquest of the world.

The listed death counts for every country and for every year are to be perceived as very conservative estimates only because the available data is scarce.


USA: 4,000+ Deaths on 9/11 and in the Aftermath

According to some sources the number of 9/11 health-related deaths may however be much higher and may be more than 10,000. Official sources will of course deny this as they continue to parrot the false narratives [1].


Iraq: 713,000+ to 1,000,000+ Deaths Since and Due to the Invasion and Occupation of Iraq by the US-led Alliance

  • 650,000+ deaths (between 2003 and 2006) [1, 2, 3]
  • 30,000+ deaths (between 2006 and 2007) [1]
  • 7,000+ deaths (in 2008) [1]
  • 5,000+ deaths (in 2009) [1]
  • 4,000+ deaths (in 2010) [1]
  • 4,000+ deaths (in 2011) [1]

“The US Departure from Iraq is an Illusion”

Although the US-led alliance officially pulled out of Iraq in 2011, 17,000+ personnel remain(ed) in Iraq.

  • 4,500+ deaths (in 2012) [1]
  • 8,500+ deaths (in 2013) [1]


Afghanistan: 33,000+ to 100,000+ Deaths Since and Due to the 2001 US-led Invasion and War

  • 33,000+ deaths (between 2001 and 2011) [1, 2]


Pakistan: 52,000+ to 100,000+ Deaths Since and Due to US-led Military Interventions

  • 52,000+ deaths (between 2001-2003 and 2013) [1, 2]


Yemen: 4,000+ to 10,000+ Deaths Since and Due to US-led Military Interventions and Destabilization

  • 2,000+ deaths (between 2002 and 2013) [1, 2]
  • 2,000+ deaths (between 2011 and 2012) [1]


Somalia: 2,000+ to 5,000+ Deaths Since and Due to US-led Military Interventions

  • 2,000+ deaths (between 2002 and 2013) [1]


Libya: 30,000+ to 100,000+ Deaths Since and Due to US/NATO-led Invasion

  • 30,000+ deaths (in 2011) [1]
  • 100,000+ deaths (in 2011) [1]


Syria: 160,000+ Deaths Since and Due to US-led Invasion and Military Interventions

  • 160,000+ (deaths since 2011) [1]


Egypt: 1,700+ to 3,000+ Deaths Since and Due to US-led Destabilization

  • 900+ to 1,700+ (in 2011) [1, 2]


Palestine: 8,000+ to 15,000+ Deaths Since UNEI War on Terror

  • 8,000+ (between 2001 and 2014) [1]


TOTAL: 1,497,000+ Deaths (using maximum, conservative, average estimated numbers)


Thus, a very conservative estimate provides us with a number of nearly 1.5 million people who have died since 2001, since the infamous new world order – a term proudly used by several politicians and governments – decided to officially take over the world, under the false pretext of “war on terror.” This is hardly an exaggeration because it is documented that the US alone is unfolding an agenda of taking over the African continent by deploying their troops in 35 African nations [1, 2], aside from the numerous other foreign nations – like France, the UK and Belgium – that are stationed in Africa. NATO too is increasingly pushing to be involved in African “peace missions.” As for the UN, we already know how peaceful their troops are, we already know that according to the UN their acts and crimes like pedophilia, human trafficking and forced prostitution are to be considered acts of humanitarianism.

It is appropriate to assume that the actual death toll is more than double, highly likely to be well over 3 million deaths of which most are innocent citizens who never were involved in any military activity, except to be regarded as collateral damage.

The false reasons constantly being given for military interventions in foreign nations by the UNEI alliance are always the same: to bring democracy, for regime change, to fight terror and for peace building. Who with their hearts in the right place can actually still believe that the UNEI is not a gang of thugs?

Imagine what would happen when China or Russia invades the US or the EU to bring regime change and real democracy, all hell would break loose in a matter of days. Yet when the UNEI does this, anywhere in the world, the press calls it humanitarian missions. “Hypocrisy” hardly describes it…

In conclusion, but equally important as the number of people that have already died in the fabled war on terror, we must also point out, again, how exactly the UNEI alliance tries to justify their war. They do this predominantly by staging terrorist attacks themselves that they then blame on muslim extremists or any other useful patsies that comes along, even the climate and natural forces are blamed for causing terrorism. In the article “17 Signature ‘Terrorist’ Attacks on the 11th Day” a brief summary is provided of attacks that have been staged or initiated by the UNEI alliance. Among others, these attacks include 9/11 (USA, 2001), 3/11 (Spain, 2004), 7/7 (UK, 2005), 12/11 (Sweden, 2010) and 3/11 (Japan, 2011). In “The Financial ‘Crisis’ and the September 11 Signature… in 2007 and 2008” the same pattern is described, albeit in relation to financial terrorism, that can also be directly linked to the UNEI alliance.

UN: “Peacekeepers Should Use Force More Often”

According to the United Nations’ Office of Internal Oversight Services the UN “peacekeepers”should use force more frequently [1, 2, 3]. When this sounds odd to anyone, they’re right. After all, alleged “peacekeepers” of the most corrupt and pedophilia-and-abuse-ridden institution on this planet have no business in sovereign nations. They shouldn’t be there in the first place.

All legitimacy that the UN once had has already been flushed down the drain a long time ago. Currently there are more than 50 criminal cases in which the UN and their “peacekeepers” are involved. Ranging from pedophilia, human trafficking, corruption, psychological warfare against peaceful populations, whitewashing of incriminating evidence and forced prostitution to anti-human vaccination programs and out-right murder and genocide.

The UN continues to aid in upholding false narratives concerning what really happened on 9/11 in the US, on 3/11 in Japan, about man made global warming and agenda 21 and about the financial crisis. The UN also approved the illegal invasion of Libya and the murder of Muammar Gaddafi, to allow the western alliance of brigand nations, the EU and US, to plunder the sovereign nation at will.

Of course the UN’s own words in its report, “peacekeepers should use force more often,” don’t come as a surprise, it happens quite frequently that a psychopath institution like the UN, a breeding ground for world domination thugs and their policies, shows its real identity and real face behind the peaceful and humanitarian corporate mask.

The UN was never meant to be a peaceful institution, ever since it was established. Those who believe the opposite are either being used by the UN as cannon fodder or are deployed as “grassroots” propaganda legions, often referred to as useful idiots, totally unaware of who they are really serving.

The United Nations is protected by diplomatic/political immunity, therefore it can not be brought to justice for its crimes in more than 50 known cases. This number is obviously much higher because not every crime of the UN is public knowledge. The UN knows all too well that should their immunity be lifted a flood of claims for justice and a massive number of court cases would be initiated against them for all their corruption, murders and other crimes against humanity and citizens individually. Since their immunity will not be lifted it is obvious who the UN really serves and why corrupt politicians and all governments will do everything to assure that the UN can continue its crusade for world domination.

Terror Trinity: The 15 “Countries with Greatest Risk of Terrorism” and the Saudi, US and Israeli Connections

By Jacobs K. for Truth News International and ReblDyne

countries, risk of terror

In one of Ria Novosti’s articles about the December 29-30 (2013) bombings in Volgograd, Russia, we find the above image about countries where there’s ‘a great risk of terrorism.’ The reason why we want to expand on this is because yesterday (December 30) Infowars published an article titled “Volgograd Bombings Follow Saudi Threat to Attack Russia” and Ria Novosti published the “US Slams Volgograd Terror Attacks, Offers Sochi Help” article. At first sight these two articles only have the Volgograd bombings in common but as we will document the above ‘terrorism map’ is also something that can be linked to the two articles.

In their article, Infowars points to the fact that the “twin blasts targeting a train station and a trolley bus in the city of Volgograd follow a threat by Saudi Arabia to attack Russia using Chechen terrorists if Moscow did not withdraw its support for President Assad in Syria.”

According to Infowars, the following warning was issued by Saudi Prince Bandar bin Sultan back in August:

  • “I can give you a guarantee to protect the Winter Olympics next year. The Chechen groups that threaten the security of the games are controlled by us.”

Bandar also said that he was speaking with the full backing of the US government, wrote Infowars.

The fact that Saudi Arabia is not mentioned on the ‘terror map’ but has repeatedly [1, 2, 3, 4] been proven to support, arm and fund terrorism in the Middle East is odd to say the least. One should expect to see Saudi Arabia listed on the map as well, given the fact that they’ve created a lot of enemies with their sponsoring of terror abroad. Since they are not on that map it can indeed confirm that Saudi Arabia controls a big chunk of the terrorist organizations around the world. But the same can be said about Israel and the US for that matter.

Then in their article, Ria Novosti writes about how the US government looks forward to playing a role in the security of the Winter Olympics. Actually an obvious hint that they seek more influence in Russia. Just like they did in the Philippines after typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda.

But it’s getting even more interesting, certainly for those who have not yet discovered the true nature of society. As you will see, every single country that is listed on the ‘terror map’ happens to be a place where the US government is (c)overtly operating, all too often through their CIA agents and fronts and in cooperation with the US-sponsored and blackmailing state of Israel who on their turn are not shy as well to sponsor and even orchestrate terrorism. Again, the same can be said about Saudi Arabia.

The following is a list of links to articles and facts that confirm and support the claims that the US government, Israel and Saudi Arabia are in fact the main reasons why the 15 countries on the ‘terror map’ are mentioned there in the first place, and why the war on terror is a big fat lie that was invented by the ultimate terror trinity.


  • Israel’s Massacre in Jenin, part 1 and 2












  • Did a Microwave Pulse Cause Typhoon Haiyan? [1, 2]



Black Friday USA 2013: Madness, Violence and Brain Damage

Yesterday, November 29, was the most anticipated sales day of the year for millions of people in the United States of America. Black Friday.

Every year the crowds grow bigger and more violent, the people who are waiting in line on Black Friday are really starting to show a lot of symptoms of brain damage. Too much TV will indeed brainwash people into programmed mindless cattle.

Think we’re exaggerating?

See for yourself, you be the judge…

People get kicked, beaten, pushed around and stepped on. In the end they pay a bill at the counters for junk they hardly need.

Sure, Black Friday was once again awesome… as a spectator.

It makes you wonder how these people would feel about themselves when they see their own attitudes and behavior. Well, they probably think it’s pretty damn cool!

Have fun:

Video link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-xL8rE9DT4g

Video link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dFFqUdToBGc

Video link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n_adgG8Ba2Q