Reality Check: Here’s the Cancer in “Activism”


Here’s why no real BIG resistance will ever emerge on the face of this planet. Not only do we have the press lying to us in 75% of the cases, we also have a BIG cancer that is still spreading in what may wrongly be called “activism” around the world.

Take this Watson idiot punk for example, who seriously needs to be bitch slapped and I’m applying for that task. On one hand you have him fronting for the fake “tip of the spear” Infowars and its fat-ass zionist puppet Alex Jones. Both pretending to be on your side. The filth they are…

But it’s the same Watson who is making sure that the zionists their agenda is advancing and that the so-called but former truth movement is co-opted, away from any usefulness. Of course deliberately. That’s how zionists and their sock puppets like Jones and Watson operate. It is why they walk on this planet.

If you want to get disgusted about “activism” then “The Truth About Islam” by Paul Joseph Watson is something you need to consider, success guaranteed. Even if you are just the slightest bit aware of the zionist agenda and their propaganda then you’ll immediately recognize what is being attempted in this disgusting and subverting video message.

Man, this punk needs a good old ass whooping. Well, it is to say though, there are others that I’ve heard and they go even further than that and suggest he gets a bullet in the head for being a zionist bitch. Who can blame them for taking such a stance?

But the problem is growing. This cancer has been growing for a while now.

I’ve been holding back on calling the names and targeting this trash and their scams because we should rather silence them to death in stead of getting violent. The problem is though that their big zionist mouths aren’t being shut. So eventually, someone will have to do that. Someone will have to stand up and address these assholes appropriately. No need to fear them, all they can really do – at worst – is make fake ISIS videos just like Rita Katz – andl they already did that. Remember that charade??!!

And then, here we have WhatReallyHappened promoting a Watson video, “Russian Jet Shoot Down: What They’re Not Telling You,” just the other day. Know that Rivero is publicly extremely opposed to Alex Jones and his outfit, allegedly for being zionist puppets.

Note that Watson comfortably forgets mentioning Israel’s hand in ALL of this. How he helps to whitewash the false flag attacks in Paris and how he basically continues his previous dark and co-opting message to brainwash his idiot followers into hating islam and muslims. Exactly what one would expect from a real-life zionist whore.

I’m telling you again in case you missed it before. The whole thing is rigged. There will not be nor will there ever rise a real powerful resistance that is bigger than what we have now – that is a few loose activists doing there thing.

Will the real resistance please stand up!? NOW!