TNI 101

Last updated: September 29, 2015

9/11 USA

The September 11, 2001, attacks in the USA were masterminded and executed by US and Israeli government officials and operatives. The Twin Towers and buildings WTC 6 and 7 were professionally demolished and not due to any airplanes crashing into them. The Pentagon was never hit by any airplane.

This highly sophisticated operation took several years of planning, with the results being what they are – including a false official narrative.

3/11 Japan

The March 11, 2011, events in Japan were also a set of highly sophisticated attacks on the nation and its people, involving US and Israeli operatives and spies. It is well-documented that the strongest earthquake was indeed an earthquake on land and not a sea quake. The USGS forged its own modified mercalli scale in the process after sending out false alerts through ShakeCast, on which all official narratives have been based ever since.

Several local witness accounts exist that unknowingly and unintentionally confirm the fraud. And a Science Zero episode (Japan) was “shelved” for unknown reasons after it also (likely) unintentionally exposed a major fraud concerning the signatures of the quakes.


The zionist agenda for world domination is real and has manifested itself in many ways already. 9/11 and 3/11 may surely be perceived as such manifestations. The zionist will to dominate includes full control over the internet, which was admitted by Netanyahu, although not in such explicit wording. The “6 million jews died in world war 2” narrative (a cornerstone of zionism) is a false narrative and prominent newspaper publications more than a decade prior to WW2 prove this.

Through perversion of society, with the US as the global but hostile police force, the zionist agenda is being fulfilled.

Climate Change

It is real and has always been, long before mankind ever emerged there were ice ages and interglacials.

Real pollution and destruction of the environment are indeed serious issues but must not be confused with ecco-terror and geoengineering.

No tax system – including a CO2 ponzi scheme – nor any global government will ever honestly avoid the Earth from warming up or cooling down.

Until “scientists” incorporate the results of deliberate, past and present military-grade weather manipulation programs into their models, methods, reports and studies any and all official positions taken by any scientists, governments or their representatives are inconsistent at best and fraudulent at worst.

Earlier, Ann Bressington nicely described parts of the origins and the targets of the ‘green climate cult.’


Is a real agenda item for the United Nations and it is written in their own papers, it is also written in stone – i.e. in the Georgia Guide Stones.

Medical warfare on the public is a crucial segment of this agenda item and manifests itself in various ways, including through deliberately tainted vaccines and the 2014 ebola fraud.

ISIS Terror

The ISIS terror campaigns, both in written words and actual deeds, are orchestrated by the UNEI terror alliance – being the US, NATO, the EU and Israel. However, also Saudi Arabia as a financier does play a key role in the from the Amman Joint Operation Room orchestrated violence and deception.

Iran is, through the ISIS cult, the prime and eventual target of the UNEI terror alliance. Occasionally Russia and China seem to actively oppose the UNEI alliance on these matters but only to secure their own interests in the region and in Africa, not to ultimately free the world from tyranny and deception since they have allowed everything that has happened so far all the while they have had the means necessary to sabotage such “spontaneous ISIS terror” events. On top of that, those two nations have yet to officially state in the UN Security Council and for the rest of the world that 9/11 was an inside job, which originated in the minds of zionist America.

In addition, the by now ISIS collective may as well be perceived as an “Anonymous” 2.0. Both collectives have more in common than most people are aware of or even dare to admit.

Although originally ISIS does actually exist as a local, Middle Eastern, force that opposes foreign invasion by the UNEI terror alliance and does actively fight against both local regimes and foreign invading armies, the ISIS cult is largely a hoax by now – in the sense that the online propaganda (as distributed by Rita Katz) such as the fake beheading and execution videos allegedly (NOT) coming from ISIS are dominant and dwarfing the real Islamic State a.k.a. Daesh.

The “Truth Movement”

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a collective “truth movement.” What does exist, though, are pockets of activists of which the larger part has successfully been co-opted and is now being used as useful idiots, bold words but a reality nonetheless.

That larger part is increasingly and demonstrably being deployed to actively combat and undermine the true hardcore resistance, of which TNI is a key component. Currently, every day that passes this hardcore resistance is getting smaller and smaller while the co-opted pockets see their numbers increase exponentially.

However, for this reason and due to continuing and popular demand TNI was relaunched to properly serve the needs of those who are still on our side. Even though the hardcore resistance is having a hard time to stay alive our own website traffic analytics show us that the demand for facts, truth and hardcore rebellion is still present, and in our own case is even increasing. A trend that may be indicating that more people are finally finding their way to the hardcore resistance, likely after having enough of all the willful mixing of facts with pure fabrications at the numerous so-called alternative media websites and radio shows they once trusted their minds and money to.